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The idea for this page came as i was thinking of answers for 10 questions sent my way via an internet chat room forum.  It is important to stay away from rationalizations, pat answers, the party line as non-believers are looking for something real and not just the 'business as usual' mentality.  What these pages are for is to help you find answers for those who ask these questions.  This page will start with an original 10 and as time goes by more will be added until the total reaches 100.  There is no hurry to reach that goal as answers take time and we are looking to provide real and honest responses which actually provide the right answer and does not evade the issue.

1. Why won't God heal amputees?

This is a tough question as it does seem strange that all amputees seem to have their requests denied.  We know of one instance in the Gospels where Jesus healed the ear of the servant of the high priest, Luke 22:49-51, so we know it is possible. 

Yet there seems to be a shortage of such healings in this day and age.  There are many reasons we can look to such as, the severed limb is lost, it is too damaged to re-attach, the body is not designed to regrow severed parts but many of these reasons could be looked upon as excuses when they are not. We know nothing is impossible with God thus re-attaching a limb or body part is an easy task for Him.

God does not promise that every request will be granted as He sees the heart of the individual and knows what their motivation is in asking for the severed limb to be restored.  This is the key, what is it that lies behind the request?  Is it pure selfishness or is it purely for vain reasons that a person wants to have their limb restored?  Are the afflicted doing it so they can just be normal and fit in with their friends and society?

What would such a healing do to a person's or an observer's faith?  We know that God is not going to do an action that will destroy what He says pleases Him.  Also would He get the glory or would the event be taken for granted?  We do not know. God is free to heal or not to heal and i doubt He would want to be seen as some sort of magician who can place body parts back on a body to please His creation. He is not here to please us but we are here to find His will and see His wisdom.

One example of that wisdom can be seen through the construction of the human body.  Why weren't humans designed with re-growable limbs?  For the simple fact too many people would cut their limbs off just to watch them grow back.  Such people would be so distracted or use such regeneration as a side show that no real work for Christ would be done.

God has given us a body which does not regenerate and rarely do we see amputations replaced and the only other reason I can see is that we are to be responsible with what we are given and learn to take care of that body for it is the temple of God, being watchful over it.  Yes, accidents happen and we lose a body part but instead of trying to return to a physical normality we must learn what God wants to teach us and be prepared to face life handicapped.  Not everyone is lucky to have a normal body for any amount of years and we must be ready to meet their needs through our own handicaps.

2. Why are there so many starving people in the world?

God can meet all the physical needs of the world; He has the power and the resources to get everyone to a point of satisfaction and contentment.  Yet God has chosen to work through His followers and allow them the joy and benefit that comes from helping others.  Unfortunately for the poor of the world, many of those followers have allowed themselves to be swayed by non-Christ teachings which hinder their ability to listen to God and meet many of the needs.

Also you must remember there is evil in the world and they work hard to keep God's creation trapped, helpless and bitter when it comes to these situations.  Evil fights those who follow God and influences, or deceives those who do not believe into stopping such efforts.  Corruption, not God, is one of the major causes for why people are starving today. 

There are many reasons why people are starving but God is not one of them.  He has provided the world with what they need to know and with enough food so that all can be fed but we still have to contend with the devil until that time he is finally bound for all eternity.  People are too quick to blame God for all that is wrong in the world.

3.  Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in the Bible?

God doesn't.  The secular definition of innocent is in contrast to God's definition and if you look closely the people being sentenced to death are not innocent, they have violated a rule/law of God.  Lawbreakers get punished, even in God's kingdom and it is unrealistic to demand of God what they themselves would not grant to others. To the secular world, such violations may seem trivial but in God's eyes they are not as He knows who He is and what He requires for someone to be with Him for eternity.  The world has the physical world in its sites while God has eternity in His.

4. Why does the Bible contain so much anti-scientific knowledge?

It doesn't.  It is the lack of faith of those who look to secular science for their answers and explanations which dictate such thought.  By making secular science the final authority of what took place, the unbeliever, and sometimes believer, has replaced God with a god.  Science is very limited and cannot see back into the past.  What information it gathers is so sparse that it is ludicrous to think that science could even attempt to decide what did or didn't take place in the past.

For example, let's look at Noah’s flood. We can use any significant event but this one will suffice.  Scientists look at the flood evidence that we have from the past and because water damage is the same throughout the ages they have no way of telling which came from a local flood and which came from Noah's deluge.  Thus they could be looking at the results of Noah's time but credit the evidence to some later local flood.

Or scientists look at the physical evidence and compose some wild, fantastic theory which has no hope of ever being proven true.  Conclusions are being made by the secular scientific community based upon incomplete evidence, data and information while any gaps are filled in with conjecture and wishful thinking.  It isn't the Bible that contains anti-scientific knowledge; it is the secular scientific world that lacks Biblical knowledge and faith.

5. Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery?

God isn't, this idea comes from the mis-understanding and mis-interpretation what God has spoken about in the Bible. We do know that the word translated as 'slave' in the old testament can be translated in other ways and cannot be construed as referring to the modern definition of the word 'slavery' as exampled by the American people of the 17th to 19th centuries.

Too often non-believers put their own definitions to certain Biblical words and refuse to accept the proper meanings, labeling them as rationalizations or excuses to get God off 'the hook'.

6. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Again we see a state of denial concerning the devil and his minions.  All people are subject to his evil deeds and though believers have Christ to protect them, it doesn't mean they can't be lured away from that protection and be hurt. Being good does not make one immune to the natural events of life, the results of people's gift of free choice and others evil desires.  Also, God has lessons for His followers to learn thus He allows certain events to take place in a person's life for their benefit and His glory.  As we read in the gospels where Jesus disciples asked Him what was the reason for the man's blindness and the response they got was--For the Glory of God. 

There are events in people's lives which are expressly done so that all will see God at work and from the result of that involvement praise God for what He has done.  People need to see that God is God alone and that there is none above Him and that He alone is in charge.

7. Why didn't any of Jesus' miracles leave behind any evidence?

They did.  Though the questioner is looking for longer lasting physical evidence, what was left behind was the testimony of others who witnessed the miracles.  If one looks at the miracles themselves, you would see all fit into the context of how God made the world.  When Jesus calmed the seas, it was not for all time but for the immediate need at hand--safe crossing of the sea.  Even the people that Jesus raised from the dead were not granted eternal physical life, but eventually died a second time.

Plus, given the example of Lazarus and the rich man, we can see that unbelievers would not be swayed form 2,000 year old remnants of the past workings of Christ but would be demanding modern miracles to cause them to believe.  We know from the field of archaeology that people do not believe simply because of an artifact they have dug up which proves event true, so 2,000 year old evidence from Jesus' healing ministry would be dismissed and discarded as well.  People see the evidence of modern miracles today and still do not believe so there was no need to have evidence remains from Jesus' life.

8. How do we explain the fact Jesus never appeared to you?

Very simple, faith.  Jesus appearing to anyone in person would destroy any faith and undermine what Jesus told Thomas after His resurrection, 'blessed are they who have not seen and believed.' We go to Jesus as our Savior by faith, by faith we are healed, by faith we receive things and so on.  Jesus works within the limits set forth by God.

9. Why would Jesus want you to eat his body & his blood?

He doesn't, He wants us to remember His work and sacrifice when He was on earth.  The idea that it is the real body and blood of Jesus comes from false doctrine and teaching.  At no time does Jesus want us to be cannibals or cannibalistic. 

10. Why do Christians get divorced at the same rate as non-Christians?

This is a sad trend in the church as we see people who claim to be Christians, follow the world's thinking in these matters. Christians have long placed the Bible, God's word, under the interpretation of culture which opens the door for sinful thinking to enter and destroy God's teaching on marriage. 

Christians also have not experienced the saving work of Christ in their lives thus they think along different lines and follow what they desire instead of humbly following after God.  God's way is not easy and people want the easy route thus they look for alternatives to what scripture teaches despite what their actions say to the world.

Divorce is easy, a real marriage is not and that difficultness wears people down.  Also the devil tempts many Christians and being fallible people who err and make mistakes, marriages crumble and divorce takes place. It is not the will of God but people have the ability to freely choose in all situations and this is one of those situations where people can choose to follow God's ways or their own.   That is why we have grace, so that we can repent from such errors, not make the same mistake again and be redeemed back to normal in spite of our unfaithfulness to God's directions and commands.

11.  Does God Exist?

Yes.  The Bible tells us that God has placed a desire to know Him in our hearts which explains why man has this longing to find a supreme being.  If evolution were true we would not have this desire nor would we have even the concept of what a god or God would be.  Evolution is totally void of any idea of the spiritual realm and does not contain in its framework, any mention or evidence for a spiritual world.  In fact the process itself is described as a non-thinking, non-comprehending, non-emotional, non-possessing process which is robotic in function and nature.

With this 'father' of all that exists there is no room for this desire to know God and it cannot explain why this desire exists.  There is the excuse that man wants more than what he sees in this world and they want some sort of hope.  Yet if evolution is absent of and has no concept of hope, how could it instill such feelings into what it evolves?  It can't.  There is no possible way that evolution could impart to its 'offspring' what it itself does not possess nor can conceive.

An example, man has always wanted to fly like the birds and history plus mythology are filled with tales of each attempt to master the art of flying, more without success than otherwise.  In the last century man was finally able to invent and construct airplanes yet if there had been no birds to give man the concept of flying, then there would be no planes or helicopters today. 

Since evolution is described as a non-thinking, non-feeling, non-comprehending process it is impossible for it to for it to 'create' anything we see today or even know which abilities or characteristics would be needed for each individual animal.  How would it know to evolve the camel to survive in the desert?  It couldn't, for it wouldn't even know that deserts existed or would exist.  How would it know what changes to make and be able to make those changes in time before the species became extinct?  It couldn't without foresight, planning, comprehension; understanding of how things work it is i possible for evolution to do anything it is credited with doing. How do we know God exists?  By the very fact of creation and the impossibility of alternatives.

12. Is Evolution True?

No.  One of the fatal flaws that evolutionists face is that everything they say evolution did is only attributed to it, scientists have no evidence nor proof that: 1. evolution is responsible, or 2. that that the process actually exists.  The whole theory has come from the fertile imagination of a man who is a self-confessed non-believer and who felt his original belief in God never took.  Thus it is safe to say that this theory is a product of a deceived man who could not provide any proof other than theory or conjecture.

Even the advocates of this theory who accept Darwin's premise can do no better.  At best they can only do what they criticize Christians of doing and that is trying to prove a pre-conceived idea. In a lecture given by an evolutionary scientist (details have been forgotten) it was stated by the lecturer that in one experiment, 'if evolution were true, such and such would take place.  It did and evolution must be true..."  The problem with this statement is that it is very mis-leading for the scientist ignored the fact that he was trying to prove a pre-conceived idea and that he did not include the fact that alternatives to evolution could produce the same result.

Such ideas are conveniently omitted and the manipulation of the facts produce a false conclusion and show that objectivity is not in the evolutionary laboratory.  This kind of trickery is what confuses the unaware believer.  The evolutionist uses his credentials as a scientist to create a sense of authority to justify his/her experiments and to convince legal pundits to their validity while laying false charges against the Christian scientist and his/her work.

Another fatal flaw in the evolutionary mindset is Genesis 2:1 which states: "1 thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array."  There is no ongoing creation at work, just like Jesus' work on the cross, when He said 'It is finished', God's work at creation was finished on the 6th day.  What takes place today are the results of God's designing abilities and the result of the fall of man when Adam sinned.  There is no evolutionary process in action or at work trying to continue what God said was completed.

As stated earlier, evolution is the product of a fertile mind of a deceived man and its origination undermines any claims of its validity.  There are many questions which the evolutionist nor theistic evolutionist cannot answer, such as; 'why did God wait till the 19th century to reveal the rest of the truth?  or Why did God use a non-believing man to reveal more truth?, then there is, if there is no God why did this knowledge come in the 19th century and what do we do with it if there is no hope?  All we have is despair.

These type of questions show why evolution is not true, the theory does not provide any answers nor any hope.  Its inability to provide any neither proof nor credible evidence without hype, conjecture, inference and hypothesis along with an unrealistic time frame for development clearly demonstrates its falsehood and exposes its true purpose of trying to deceive God's creation. Be careful and do not let the secular idea that science is the final authority fool you.  It isn't and it is too limited to provide people with the truth as creation is outside of its scope and boundaries.  It is merely a tool and wielded wrongly, it will provide the wrong results, just like any other tool we use today.

#13. If a person is to take the Bible by faith why are Christians always trying to prove the Bible true?

Dr. Bryant Wood in a lecture on Jericho and the Bible Critics (ABR) said it best when he said:  ‘We are not trying to prove the Bible true but we are trying to disprove the critics. ‘This is very important because not all believers have the time or the inclination to investigate and properly research into an opinion or conclusion. 

It is also too easy to hear the word ‘expert’ and automatically shut one’s mind off and blindly accept what the person is saying even though he or she may be presenting a theory contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

Jesus is the Truth and believers must make sure they are getting the truth or they are in danger of being led astray and relating a lie to Him.  The Bible lays out the criteria to determine who is or isn’t a false teacher and the believer needs to compare those requirements to the speaker and his or her message.  This is not judging but keeping the wolves from entering into the chicken coop.

#14. Why would the Dalai Lama and other 'good' people go to hell?

Being good is not an automatic ticket to heaven, anyone can be good but it takes a strong person to turn their back on the world and its ideas, rewards and pleasures.  Following Christ is not accepting the world and Him which a good person can and does do. Instead salvation depends upon a simple choice and action, accept Christ as your savior and repent from your sins.

Good people, like the Dalai Lama, do not do either.  They may acknowledge Christ as historical or as a good teacher but they do not always see that they need to repent or that they are need of a savior.  The Bible is very clear here as we look at John 3:16 which says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that WHOEVER BELIEVES in him shall have eternal life.

Thus the criteria for salvation and entrance into heaven is not being good but believing in Jesus Christ.  This does not mean that after one believes they get to live life the way they

#15. Is homosexuality sin?

The short answer is yes with an explanation. It is not because of the familiar saying that most evangelicals recite, 'God created Adam 7 Eve, not Adam and Steve'.  Such frivolities do more harm than good.  Homosexuality is sin because God finds it an abomination and it mocks what he did at creation.  he did create man (anthropos) in two forms, male and female and gave them a command, 'Be fruitful and multiply...' such a command would be useless if God created homosexuality as there is no chance of multiplying with same sex partners. 

Also, since sin entered into the world at the fall of man, we can see that homosexuality was a part of that corruption that entered into God's creation at that time because homosexuality goes against all that God created and perverts His intended purpose of the union between male and female.  There is no command or comment in the Bible that directs a follower of God to cleave to a same sex partner but we do see comments that 'a man and a woman will leave their parents and join together...' Thus homosexuality is outside the will of God and disobeys God which makes it sin.

#16. Why do homosexuals appeal to the love of God?

As far as i can tell, homosexuals focus on the love of God and cite it often in their arguments for several reasons. 1. They practice an abnormal sexual preference and are thus rejected by all those who do not.  This rejection makes the person who practices homosexuality loved starved and they are looking for some sort of not sexual affection to fill a need they cannot have filled.  2. The think that the love of God will overlook their choice of sexual preference and give them a pass into heaven because they claim to believe in Jesus Christ.  3.  The appeal to the love of God because it is the compassion they seek and they hope that in that compassion they will find justification for practicing their sexual preference even though God has said He has rejected such practices.

What the homosexual does not realize is that to be a believer in Jesus, be accepted by Him and others and make into heaven, they must repent of their sexual preference and follow what God have said in the Bible.  They cannot have it both ways and like everyone else they have to choose--eternal life or sin.  This DOES NOT mean that they have to find a woman, get married and have children, if they choose salvation. NOT in the least, they can remain single and serve God to their fullest.  There is no command in the Bible that a person has to be married to be a Christian but they do have to give up practicing their homosexual preference.

#17. Is speaking against homosexuality a hate crime?

For many years now, the homosexual community has lobbied to be called a minority but that would be a lie to label them as such.  Since homosexuality is a sexual preference and not a race of people it would be impossible to classify them as a minority.  Such acts sound like this community is looking for a safe haven in which to feel accepted by others and to be able to find retribution for the rejection by the heterosexual crowd.

Speaking against homosexuality is not a hate crime because one is not attacking the person per se (bashing these people physically is not the issue here) but in reality it is pointing out that that particular sexual preference is a sin, like lying, stealing, murder, and so on. One needs to repent of practicing it if they want to experience salvation and see heaven.  Now there are some who do attack these people out of hatred BUT that is not what the Christian is doing or supposed to do. The believer is to preach against the sin and its practice while demonstrating God's love to the person.  If anyone expects the homosexual to change then they need to experience God's love via His instruments, His followers.  It is not enough to just preach homosexuality is wrong, they need to see and realize the difference between what they have and what Christ offers.

Bringing salvation to someone, pointing out a sin, declaring what is sin IS NOT a hate crime but an act of compassion by one who wants to see more people saved from destruction and hell. This is quite within the will of God if done with God and through His ways.

#18 Is Christianity exclusive?

The charge of being exclusive is a common one made by those who cannot agree with Christ's position or God's rules.  They find that not being able to find salvation their own way offensive and falsely accuse God of leaving people out in the cold.  This false accusation is far from the truth and the reality and is a good justification to ignore what God has said and excuse or allow one to practice their own form of the faith. 

Christianity is not exclusive as any person, no matter what race, gender, age or color can come to Christ, repent, believe and receive forgiveness along with salvation.  No one who does it Christ's way is excluded and God does wish 'that none should perish'.  WHAT IS EXCLUDED is sin and the doing it your own way.  God is offering salvation and He gets to make the rules, not His creation, if people are unwilling to humble themselves and accept that fact then they will have trouble with salvation and will arrive at the false conclusion that God, Christianity is exclusive.  In reality, it is the human that has rejected God and excluded Him from their lives not the other way around.

#19. Are Mormons Christian?

The short answer is --no. The simple reason for this answer is that they do not, despite what they claim, practice the teachings of Jesus as found solely in the Bible.  The have turned to the books and words of a man whose claims could not and cannot be verified (see the Mormon page on this site).  They have actually developed contradictory scriptures, with the Bible saying one thing and the Book of Mormon (and other Mormon scriptures), saying the exact opposite.  The mere fact that the Mormons have additional scriptures, not given by God, alone disqualifies them from any part of Christianity.  Their secrecy, their additional doctrines which are not found in the Bible AND the fact that these additional books were given approx. 1800 years AFTER the Bible tells us that they are not part of the Christian faith.

What we know of God from the Bible is that he is fair, honest, just and all that is destroyed if the Joseph Smith was right and that he got new revelations long after the resurrection of Christ. How?  That 1800 year gap has billions of people missing out on the words of this new revelation and that is not honest, it is not fair and it is not just and it is not how God works.   God has always provided a testimony for His creation so that they would know the truth and such examples are: Enoch, Noah, Melchezidek, Jesus, he Apostles and so on.  At no time has God left a gap where people could not here the truth and be saved if they so choose.

We know that the Mormon faith is not of Christ and this gap helps provide the simple evidence to prove their declaration false.

#20 How do we deal with Jehovah's Witnesses?

The Jehovah's Witness, (hereafter j.w.s), Organization is a cult whose members thrive on being abused and rejected.  Such harsh treatment is a badge of honor for them as they feel they are being persecuted for their faith.  It is best to be polite, close the door softly on them, and let them go their way.  Now one should NOT invite them in to their homes for discussion as the Bible tells us not to do so nor should you have dinner with them or whatever.  Evil walks with them and by opening the door into your home and life you are opening the door to the evil that comes with them. 

Now this does not mean that when you see them in trouble or in need of help that you ignore their pleas or plight, on the contrary, one must act according to what Jesus taught and be a friend to them.  We are 'to do good to those who do evil...' we are just not allowed to open the door to their evil ways.  It is best to look for God's guidance when dealing with this or any other cult member.

#21 Are we allowed to say who is a false teacher or prophet?

Yes.  The Bible warns us that many will come in Jesus name and say they preach the truth and that they follow Christ, yet what they preach is not of God nor of the Bible and that we should be wary of all those who preach the gospel.  The Bible then gives us many different criteria with which we can tell the difference; 'by their fruits ye shall know them...' is one such criterion. Another is if they are 'preaching another gospel...' Such regulations, for lack of a better word, help us to discern who is telling the truth and who is 'a wolf disguised in sheep's clothing...'

Also, if we know someone is preaching a lie then we have the duty to warn all fellow true believers of the false prophet so that they can be prepared and avoid being deceived.  We need to watch out for each other as all Christians are not as strong as others and can easily be tempted to go astray.  This is how we can say that there are cults and that they do not belong to Christ.  The Mormons are a good example.  They put up a good exterior and live their lives quite Christian-like but once you get past that illusion and see what they are really teaching then you can see the difference between their words and Christ's and then be able to reject their advances avoiding falling into a snare of the devil.

This is important as we all have the responsibility to care for God's followers and make sure that they are not drawn away back into sin.  We do not shoot our wounded but lovingly dress their wounds, care for them until they can fend for themselves and with stand such deception and then continue to salvation. But when we make such declarations that someone is a false teacher or prophet, we better be sure and do not let paranoia, fear, false conclusions, assumptions dictate our warnings.  Seek God's word and be sure before crying wolf.

21.  Does homosexual marriage threaten the institution?

I have thought about this and have come to the conclusion that NO it does not threaten heterosexual marriages or the institution of marriage.  The recent California Supreme Court decision does not outlaw heterosexual unions, nor does it force people to only marry within the same sex.  Heterosexuals are still allowed to get married have families and stay within God's will.  This decision does not change the fact that homosexuality is still sin and still wrong, it only allows for same sex couples to think they are normal and get to obtain benefits for their partners.  Christians cannot condone such an act but we must act with compassion  also and seek to do what Christ wants which is make sure His creation (and homosexuals are still part of His creation-the people not the sin) is looked after and we should not withhold what Christ has given to us from them.  They need to experience the true nature of Christ so that they can realize the errors of their way and repent from their sinful lifestyle.

22. Does the California Supreme Court decision affirm the homosexual lifestyle?

NO, it does not.  Human courts, while having some authority on earth, do not have the right or the power to over-rule God and what He has declared sin.  This decision does not legitimize homosexuality and does not make it right or normal.  Sin is still sin no matter what form it takes.  The secular world will follow after their own evil desires and openly accept what God has rejected and we must not confuse this act with an act of God.  God's word is still supreme and is the final authority on all matters even if people reject what He is saying.  What Christians need to do is 1). pray to find what God would have them do, 2) implement what God tells them with forgiveness, compassion, love, discernment and other tools God has told us to use, 3).  be prepared for spiritual warfare.  This is not an issue to be solved with the secular courts, there is more to this issue than a legal one, it is a spiritual battle and only God's ways will win out. Let the world deceive itself, preach the truth with love, be a light unto the world with compassion and do not be discouraged by this decision, it does not threaten Christ or His followers, nor His institutions.  People have freedom of choice to choose sin and those who choose Christ must make sure they follow what Christ wants in all areas of life.  There is no permission to attack homosexuals in a violent or non-Christian manner, this issue must use God's directions and those are found throughout the New Testament.

23. Is smoking wrong?

The Bible does not directly say 'thou shalt not smoke...'  BUT it does talk about the body being the temple of God and it tells us to keep that temple pure. (1 Cor. 3:16-17; 6:19-20; 2 Cor. 6:16ff).  Cigarettes have been proven to be a defiler of the body, depositing harmful chemicals and other pollutants into the system which disqualifies it from being an acceptable habit to practice.  It pollutes what God wants to keep pure thus smoking, any kind of smoking, is wrong and should be avoided by believers.  If you are looking for a verse similar to 'be ye not drunk with wine...' concerning smoking, you will not find it but these verses and God's directions concerning the old testament temple are very clear about how God wants a believer to treat their bodies and smoking is not an accepted practice..

24. Why do teenagers and children die?

This is one of the hardest things for people, especially parents, to understand.  Many regard such deaths as unjust or unfair or the loss of an innocent person yet if one looks at God and His word that is not the case.  No one is innocent or we would not have need of Christ as our savior and the book of Romans deals with this quite well. We are all guilty no matter our age and we all need to accept Jesus as our savior to avoid eternal punishment. 

But why do people die young?  God said in Hebrews 9:27, 'as man is destined to die once...NIV, all of mankind must face death.  There is no promise of longevity for anyone as God does not promise long and fruitful earthly lives to people, thus each day should be lived wisely but not in fear.

Is this fair?  Yes, for all of man is under the same rule, even Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, still had to die again; no one has any guarantees concerning a long life and though we may not fully understand the whys of young death we must take refuge in the knowledge that God is true to His word.  Being true to His word means that those who believe in His son can have confidence they will receive eternal life, the promise He gives us all; and that those who don't will end up apart from Him in Hell, a warning against living a life of sin.

Each day is a gift and we should seek God how to live our lives so that when death does come we will have no regrets or anger of being robbed.  We have no control over when we will die thus we need trust in God and that He knows what He is doing or we may end up like the unsaved, bitter and angry over the loss of a child.  God is love but love does not mean we all get to see the age of 100 or that children get to grow up. That isn't the purpose of life.  The purpose of life is to serve God and bring Him glory and even a child's death will do that if we let it.

25. Why does God use Faith as the criteria for bible?

For the simple reason that 'faith ' is the most fair and just way for God to use for all generations of people.  Since people are born thousands of years apart, in different cultures, societies, languages and each have developed differently not everyone has access to the same discoveries, the same knowledge, the same information and thus it would be unfair to require something that many could not possess nor hope to have access.

We know from history that knowledge rises and falls, it depends on the Age as well.  Many ancient civilizations were quite advanced and had access to the Pythagorum Theorum 2000 years before Pythagoras 'discovered' it and many modern societies never advanced beyond the stone age thus to require anything else than ‘faith' would be cruel and unjust.  God is neither cruel nor unjust and He has made the criteria the same for all, despite their knowledge, their nationality or their access to information.

All have the same chance and the same opportunity, all they have to do is hear the word and make a decision, accept the gospel by faith or reject it and that does not take an Oxford trained mind to do.  We all have the ability to make decisions; we all have the ability to exercise 'faith' if we want to believe.  It is not difficult to do and everyone from every civilization throughout the ages had/have such abilities given to them by God , so that they all can join Him in heaven if they so choose. It is simple, fair, just and easy one just has to take that first step and then their lives are changed forever.

26. Can women be ministers or preachers?

Recently, the news published a story concerning the R.C.C.'s latest remarks concerning women and the priesthood, http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/pope_women_dc , and in reading the article one can find the following quote:

"Proponents of women's ordination say Christ was only acting according to the social norms of his time"

This same argument is used by the protestant church as well (see the article on Culture in another section on this website) and it is troubling.  For this idea, presented above, brings with it many dangers which are damaging to the church and the work of Christ.

One such danger is that the idea in the quoted words tells the world that it is okay to disobey God and that is not so.  If the church disobeys, then how can they expect the world to follow Him?  They can't. Another danger here is that it is telling the world and church members that it is okay to change what God says because culture demands it. That also is wrong for the church is not instructed to follow culture but God's word.

One last danger to be looked at is that this idea is saying that Jesus submitted Himself to culture's ways and changed what he wanted to fit the times.  That is basically accusing Jesus of lying and deceiving and that is just out of the question.  Jesus taught exactly how He wanted the church to be run and did not say one thing for one culture while meaning another for a different culture.  That would be unfair, unjust and hypocritical, all things that are not of God.

Yes it is done to 'fit in' with the secular world more but that is one of the problems, for the church is not to 'fit in' with the world but are to 'be the light' so the world knows which way is the correct direction to follow.

The church tends to get creative in bending the rules and getting around the criteria God laid out for the church to obey.  They create interesting titles such as; minister of Christian education or minister to children, thus they are not technically pastors but in reality they are and women are given positions God did not intend.

God is very consistent in all His ways and we see that throughout the Old Testament and into the New that God does NOT break His own rules nor does He allow culture to dictate how He teaches His people what to do.  Jesus was not acting in accordance with the 'cultural norms' but was teaching the way His church is to be run. Which means that the example set by Him and the criteria given through Paul are the way things are to be.

Many cite Jesus treatment of women as an excuse to elevate them beyond what they are to be.  That is wrong as Jesus was showing His followers that women are not to be excluded and have an important role in His church, they just do not have the right to be appointed an overseer, pastor or elder.  That is not their calling and the church CANNOT use culture as an excuse to disobey God and ignore Jesus' example.

The church is not here to please the world and be accepted by it, they are to please God and to do so must follow what God has said to do. Does this mean that women are to be ignored and excluded from the church's activities?  NO, Jesus showed that women do have a role in the church and that they are to be included in His work.  They are not second class citizens of the kingdom of God but equal partakers but that does not disqualify the rules that God set forth.

This is the mistake that many churches make as they consider women who want to be ministers So the answer to the question is-- NO, they can't be pastors or ministers but they do have a role which Jesus has called them to and by sticking to following God's ways they will find out that role and aid the church.

The church needs to remember that God does not break is own rules nor does He bend them, He allows things to take place even though some actions are against His wishes but it is the church that suffers as their impact is far less than it should be and their reaping is far smaller than it could be.

God said, 'It is far better to obey than to sacrifice' and that is the key even in this issue.  The church needs to obey ALL of God's ways, not just the ones that are culturally acceptable and in so doing they will please God and the world WILL see how it is to be done. As it stands, the unchurched world can ignore Christ's words, message and conviction because the church does and the church should not be providing excuses or justification for the world to continue sinning.

#27.  Why doesn’t the Bible mention __________?

This question is a part of one of the more common arguments  many people use who defend their scientific methods which contradict what the Bible has said. The argument is usually used to justify or excuse sinful behavior as well.

God is a God of practicality and if He mentioned every little thing He did, at creation, at the flood or even what all the main characters (for lack of a better word) did and said, then the Bible would be too big to pick up, let alone read.

In the Gospel of John we read how if ‘all of Jesus’ works and words were recorded, there would not be enough books to contain those acts and comments.’ Plus no one would be able to afford to purchase such a large book and that would defeat its purpose in having it written.

God wants people to own the Bible and read it or they will not hear the good news or grow strong in Him. Such omissions do not mean that the Bible is wrong, it just means that the omission of the extra details do not change the overall truth of the words or that God did everything through His power.

#28.  What about mutations and disease?

Many evolutionists or unbelievers (even theistic evolutionists) use these little facts to prove that the process of evolution exists. Sometimes it is called, ‘micro-evolution’.  Those that do, forget one very little but important detail that happened after creation.

God created all things and they were good (perfect, very good etc.). There was not a blemish or corruption on or in anything until that day in the garden when Adam and Eve sinned.  At that point corruption and the effects of sin entered into the world and started to have its effect on what God has created.

When people observe and study these mutations or diseases, all they are seeing in action is the result of the fall of man, not evolution at work.  Then when a germ or bacteria becomes impervious to measures designed to kill them, they are not developing  super bug status via the evolutionary process, they are just becoming IMMUNE to the drugs or chemicals.

Just like humans who become immune to certain childhood diseases.  These people are not said to be evolving, they just cannot get sick by those germs anymore.  The same it  is with germs and bacteria, they cannot be hurt by the drugs or chemicals anymore. 

#29. How old is the Earth?

This is a question that goes back to the Babylonian times and I would not be surprised if the Sumerians did not discuss this question as well.  No one knows for it was created outside of human time thus it cannot be measured by human standards that are accepted by today’s scientists and evolutionists. 

It just won’t work, because the human dating systems are looking for natural answers not  the correct ones and the present dating systems are not calibrated for the difference.  Yes these dating systems can find the approximate age of many things that came into existence after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden since human time but it cannot hope to discover what God has hidden.

All the Bible says about the age of the earth is ‘IN the beginning…’; in other words there is no age that we can determine at this time.  God did not tell us and we will never find out while here on earth because it isn’t germane to the issue.  The issue is GOD created everything and that is what is needed to be focused on, not how old the earth is.

#30. Can we use secular scientific models or methods to study creation?

The quick answer is NO.  Why?  Because creation was a SUPERNATURAL act and secular science is designed to seek out NATURAL answers.  Not only is secular science looking in the wrong place, it is not even attempting to look for the right answers.

Creation does not fit any secular scientific mold either as it was not done via secular science.  This is a point that people ignore, science was/is a creation of God and unbelieving people have taken the field over and allowed the devil to corrupt its work enabling him to lead many, many astray to destruction.

Science is not science and all science is not good science.  It is fallible, corruptible, easily manipulated, subject to people’s beliefs, or lack of them and so on.  Science was not given a pass on the effects of the fall thus one cannot blindly accept its conclusions or theories nor can they conclude that just because the person is a scientist they are automatically correct.  THEY ARE NOT. 

The world wants to elevate science to the status of ‘Final Authority’ for the secular world is looking for an alternative to God and the Bible in hopes of escaping the coming punishment for those who do not accept Christ as their Savior.  They do not want or need the Bible to be true so they will do anything they can to find fault with its words. If we want to study the creative act then we must do it under supernatural rules not the natural ones.

#31. Why are there so many denominations in the Christian world?

First, people cannot accept Christianity as laid out in the Bible and must have it their own way according to their own beliefs. So when their interpretation contradicts the Bible or another denomination, they either split and start their own church or are kicked out and still start their own sect. Not all denominations or sects are Christian and one must be careful comparing the beliefs of a church with what the Bible says it is to be.

Second, not everyone who calls themselves a Christian, is one.  Do not be fooled because a person refers to themselves as Christian, they do so because they want to believe that they can find their own way to salvation and go to heaven on their own terms. This people just can’t bring themselves to accept God’s way to salvation.

#32.  Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married?

This is a constant question that has been raised over the decades and the last few have seen many books published on the idea.  It is safe to say that the books are wrong and the two were never married.  This is so for several reasons: 1. The devil uses the idea to try and ruin Christ's message and deceive people away from salvation; 2. Jesus had too many enemies and they would have uncovered any conspiracy eventually and told the whole world.  In fact there is no ancient expose published or any other record saying the resurrection was false; 3 There were too many eye-witnesses to Jesus resurrection and ascension, believers know where Jesus went.

We know that Jesus was tempted 'every way' {Heb. 4:14-16} and romance would have been one of those temptations.  Mary M. could very well have been that person who was used to tempt Jesus and see if He would depart from His purpose?  Since He was not selfish, and suffered on the cross, we know that when we face temptation for the wrong romantic interest we can gain strength and courage from Him for He understands those situations.

#33. Should Christians advocate the Death Penalty?

To the physical world and its inhabitants, this sentence seems like the fair thing to apply to those who have taken a life and in the Old Testament we have God setting the criteria for its use.  BUT this does not mean that we blindly apply it or that we do so because it is the popular idea and will win friends among the secular world, nor does it mean we get to use it for revenge, vengeance or any other unjust attitude that may arise in a person.

Here is 1verse a believer needs to consider when facing this issue. Micah 6:8 "He has showed you, o man, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

Here we see that justice needs to apply to all, no matter how vile one considers the crime, then to be merciful to all, no matter the crime.  No one is left out, there are no 'excepts' here and finally one needs to walk with God and with that walk one will be able to see clearly what they are to do when death penalty advocates raise this question.

#34 Are children really innocent?

The secular world has been harping on this more and more recently. They feel that because children do not or have not experienced life like adults have that they are immune to its temptations and desires.  They keep say how children as victims are innocent as if adult victims were guilty of something so they deserved their attack.  In crimes, most victims are innocent whether a child or an adult and there is no difference between the two.

Yet in the spiritual world, children are not immune to the effects of the Fall of Man and are under the same curse until they choose Christ's salvation. They are not innocent as they lie, steal, cheat, kill and commit other immoral acts.  We know from Romans 3:23 and 6:23 that there are no exemptions for children, they are included in the 'for all...' or 'there is none...' they do not get a free pass from God's judgment because of their age or innocence.

We know this to be true because NOT ONE child responded to Noah's preaching and went upon the ark for safety and they perished with their families when the flood waters came. The way of salvation is the same for all.

#35 Were the books of the Old Testament copied from other sources?

Minimalists or those who do not accept the Bible as true have put this idea forth for some time now yet not one of them can produce one shred of evidence that that is so. We as believers know it isn't true for we accept God's word that all of scripture was inspired by God and the Holy Spirit aided the human authors.  There was no copying of other texts or other religion's sacred works, for if there was then God would not be God and He would have sinned in producing the Bible then saying He did it all.

Most likely, the scribes of the false religions saw something in the Bible that they liked and they copied for their own purposes.  We know that the ancient Babylonians were great copyists (Mesopotamia and the Bible, ed. by Chavalas and younger) and that the Israelites did not have that reputation at all.    Secular people are always looking for some sort of an excuse to dismiss the Bible but they fail each time because they are not looking for the truth but an escape from it.

#36 When non-believers bring up the Salem witch trials and the Inquisition and attack Christ, what can i say in answer to them?

This is a common point that is raised by those who do not believe as they look to charge Christ and Christians with sinful behavior and  to undermine the claims of believers. The answer to these accusations are several: 1. Why accuse Jesus for the acts of those who do not understand or mis-apply His words. A separation must be made here to show that what Christ taught and what people who claim to follow Him do.  Not everyone who claims to be a Christian follows Christ's teaching but their own version of it.  2. This is a part of history which no one can change, it happened and can't be changed. They are a good example of what takes place when people do not follow Christ but their own desires. 3. Modern Christians did not participate and are not responsible for the actions of others, especially those of the long dead. A believer should then place the eyes of the unbeliever off the human failure and place them upon Christ.  For a person is to follow Christ and His words NOT humans. 4. Jesus did not command or give instructions for such injustices and these events go contrary to what He taught. Jesus is not responsible for the choices people make or the actions that they commit. Such responsibilities lie with the individual since Jesus already gave His instructions on how to act  2,000 years ago and it is up to the believer to choose to follow them.  If they do not choose to do so, then sin abounds. 5. Such accusations are merely an attempt to justify the accuser's own choices to follow sin and not Jesus. They look for excuses to remain in their unsaved lifestyle and  a believer has to point out that the actions of others is not a justifiable excuse for one's own disobedience and that they are being called to follow Christ not other people.

#37 How can we know that the Gnostic writings are false?

Since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi manuscripts (mss.), many people think these are the lost writings of the ancient Christians.  Not so and one main reason is God's promise to preserve His word.  We have over 5,000 complete and fragmentary mss. copies of the New Testament where as we only have minimal fragments {and not many copies} of the Gnostic writings.  Having incomplete work is NOT keeping His promise nor is having part of His word discovered after centuries of inaccessibility by people. God is fair and honest which means we can be sure all people had access to all His words and teachings throughout history or God would not be fair, honest, just and sin by being deceitful and failing to keep His promise. Thus we can be sure that the Nag Hammadi library is not part of the inspired words of God.  There is a reason they were buried for 1800 years or so.

Also, in his lecture Archaeology & the Extra-Canonical Gospels, Dr. Craig Evans points out that archaeological discoveries (he lists the important archaeologists who made the discoveries) all support the 4 gospels held  in the New Testament and not one supports the gospel of Thomas or any other extra-gospel.  This is important as too many people make claims that these extra writings shed light on early Christianity but there is no proof for their arguments.

One has to get the complete story of the discovery and history of the extra-biblical works and see how their claims do NOT line up with the message of the Bible. Most supporters for the extra-biblical texts rely on hearsay, conjecture, theory and have nothing with which to support their perspective. 

#38 Why do some churches ignore the social aspects of Christ's teachings?

To be fair, most churches do not do so, they just place a higher priority on preaching or evangelizing than helping others out of tough situations but still have departments which provide aid quietly to those in need.  They feel that there are other Christian and secular organizations who focus on those problems and that they need to focus on preaching the word.  Realistically, all believers should be aware that not everyone is an evangelist and not everyone can preach thus planting the seeds through good works is just as important as presenting the four spiritual laws. Many, Many non-Christians have been preached to and preached to and know the Bible better than most Christians BUT their heart has not been 'primed' to receive the good news.  Sometimes it takes acts of kindness, the experience of the love of God through believers before those seeds take root.  God works in many different ways as He knows the hearts of those who do not believe thus the believer cannot restrict themselves to just one method of reaching the lost.  They must be in tune with God and listen for His direction while doing good works.  Matthew 5:16 tells us to do good deeds and let men see it for God's glory not our own.  Thus aiding people is not a part time evangelistic tool but a part of everyday Christian life.

People are NOT always open to preaching  but they will become open if they see Christians doing what Christ tells us to do and that is good deeds all the time. Remember Christ STOPPED preaching to 1. heal the sick, 2, feed the crowds, 3. raise the dead, 4. talk to others, 4. receive children,  and so on.  Preaching is only 1 part of winning souls and one must be listening to God for the right time to do that while good works are to be done all the time.

#39 Does not believing in Genesis 1 affect my standing with God or my salvation?

Let's deal with the latter part first.  Does it affect one's salvation?  I do not know for who enters into heaven is His choice alone and He has left a way to make one confident and sure of their salvation if they follow that  path.  The former is easier as if one says they are a Christian yet decide not to believe God's word then what do you think? Yes it will affect your standing with God as you are calling God a liar when you say creation did not take place as He said it did.

How can you expect to have fellowship with someone you have declared has mis-stated the truth and sided with those who do not believe in God at all?  It is very difficult and practically impossible.  one cannot claim to be a servant of God then turn around and dismiss what their master has said as fairy tales.  Nor can one add into what was recorded because again you are doing the exact same thing, saying that God hid the truth from some of the people and only let a few in on the whole truth.  That tells the world that God is unjust, unfair and plays games, all of which He cannot do.

How can one have fellowship with God when they have called him a sinner? One's fellowship, standing and possibly salvation are affected by not believing any part of the Bible, {though that does not mean one has to be an extreme literalist, it does mean you accept it all as God 's word and it is not wrong or over-ruled). One's testimony is ruined as well as it tells the unchurched world that they do not have to believe God or His word either.  The ramifications are immense when one dismisses any part of the Bible.

#40  If there is only one God, why does the Bible mention more than 1?

The Bible is very clear that there is only one God and that is the God of the Bible but that does not mean that given the right to free choice and the devil's influence that sinful man will not create their own gods. These gods are those which cannot hear, see, talk and so on and are not real Gods, they are inventions of man as they follow the deception of the devil and his minions.

In the Old Testament, we read how the Israelites followed after other gods yet what did it get them?  They did not receive any rewards or a luxurious lifestyle, they received punishment for their disobedience.  The Egyptian gods were shown to be worthless by God during the plagues that set the stage for the exodus.  God showed all who will listen that He alone is God and that there is no other.

The same lesson is learnt with the Philistines as their statue of their god, was thrown down when the ark of the covenant was placed in the same room, telling us that there is no one higher than God.  The Bible has to mention other gods to show that the ways of secular man are folly and a waste of time and if one joins their unbelief then what they can expect to receive is punishment not reward.

At no time does the Bible state that any of these other gods had power, control or supremacy nor are they cited as being equal to God or that they participated in any supernatural act.  The Bible is not mentioning other gods, but exposing false beliefs which lead to nowhere. The fact that these gods have names is inconsequential, as names do not change the reality that these gods do not exist.

#41 Why is Christianity so divisive?

This was a question from one person who thought that Christianity should work together with all the other religions and achieve some common ground or consensus.  He/she did not realize that the other religions are false and are meant to deceive people while leading them away from God.  Christ came to earth to free men from the power of sin NOT to keep them enslaved to it which is why Christianity cannot work with other religions.

Jesus said that 'he came not to bring peace but a sword...and that families will be divided...' This is not to be taken that Christ is going to destroy the family or ruin lives. No, it means that those who truly follow Him will be lead in a different direction have different beliefs, attitudes and so on from other members of their families. God's ways do not compliment the world's or man's and lead people into a new way of life which doesn't fit the understanding or expectations of others.  Thus the believer, if he or she continues with Christ, will find that they will be at odds with their family on many issues.

The world's religions are earth centered and run by human thought which is often deceived and influenced by the devil so their agenda is not the same as God's.  This difference makes Christianity incompatible with the world's alternatives as Christianity is to shed light upon a dark world, leading it to the truth and salvation.

Now the verse referenced above uses the same word 'peace' as does the verses proclaiming Christ's birth but the meanings are not the same.  As in the verse referenced, that word is talking about no conflict, no battles but all live in harmony whereas the word 'peace' used in the angels conversations with the shepherds means 'do not worry', 'let your mind be at rest' and so on.  Quite a difference.

#42 What is the Apocrypha? Why aren't they included in the Protestant Bibles?*

The Apocrypha are extra- Biblical books written by men other than the apostles or appointed Old Testament writers.  Their works contribute very little to the overall message of the Bible and are written in a humanistic style without the leading of the Holy Spirit.  They are not included in the Protestant Bibles for the simple reason they are not divinely inspired or of God.

#43 How could Moses have written the book of Deut. when it contains the account of his death?*

Just because an account of the author's death is included in the book does it disqualify a person from writing the rest of the pages. This is a minor point which unbelievers use to try and discredit the Bible.  It is an unrealistic accusation as it means throwing common sense out the window in hopes of dismissing the words of God.

#44 Most people say that Moses did not write the first 5 books of the Bible. What do you say?*

This is a charge to deny the claims of the Bible.  Those who disagree with Mosaic authorship have no evidence to support their theories on who did.  Many claim the Bible was copied from Babylonian myths, yet they cannot prove it so and this idea flies in the face of reality as the Babylonians had the reputation for being copyists not the Israelites.   There is no credible evidence to show a late authorship by scribes who could not possibly know the exact terms, prices, and other daily details supplied by the author of the Pentateuch. Plus, there is no evidence for the imaginary Documentary Hypothesis either.  critics of the Bible make all sorts of fantastic charges yet always fail to provide the same proof they demand of the supporters of the Bible.

We will go with tradition on this one and say it was Moses who wrote the first five books BUT it must be realized that the author is NOT as important as the words, the message and the acts of God.

#45 How can you believe a Bible that is full of contradictions?*

When people make the accusation that the Bible is full of contradictions, they do so based upon a surface reading and the ignoring of the fact that different men were the authors.  If a skeptic did a close investigation and honest research, they would find that the supposed contradictions are not that way at all but are describing different details.  If the Bible was exactly the same, and written the exact same way with the exact same words then its words would be open to charges that there was only 1 human author of all the books who could not possibly be an eye witness to everything that took place  and all its words are meaningless for it would be a fabrication.

One cannot expect to find the exact words, style and format for each book.  They were written at different times by different people who had different educations which emphasized different writing styles and ideas.  It is ridiculous to expect every author to record the same events in the exact same manner.

#46 Hasn't the New Testament changed since it has been copied and recopied throughout history?*

This would presume that God was incapable of keeping His promise of preserving His word until the end of time.  It would also presume that God lied about being able to protect His word and it would remove all hope for those who believe the Bible.

People throughout history have tried to change the canon, or even the text of the books, {the Jehovah Witness translation is a modern example}  but their erroneous ways have been uncovered by careful scholarship and their works discarded.  God keeps His word and the New Testament has not changed and we can trust its words but one must be careful and not just accept any new translation or paraphrase for the simple fact a 'Christian' or 'expert' produced their own version. {the Message and the Source are two such examples}. Stick with the quality translations like the KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV and now the ESB and you will be okay.

#47 How can anyone believe the N.T. account of the life of Jesus since it was written so long after His death?*

Actually if you do some careful study you will find that the accounts of Jesus were written within 30-40 years of his death.  Not a large gap when you compare that most ancient mss. we have date to 400 to 1000 {or more} years AFTER the death of the supposed author.  Books to read on this subject are: The N.T. Documents: are they reliable? by F.F.Bruce; The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, there are other good works out there that explain in better detail how close the writings are to Jesus life.

#48 Why is Jesus the only way to God?*

The best answer is to ask another question.  What better way is there to demonstrate one's love for one's creation? Wouldn't you want to send the clearest message to those you loved so there would be no misunderstanding and one's motives very clear?

To make Jesus the ONLY way to God demonstrates how deep the love of God is for His creation and also tells Him that people who reject His only Son are being just as clear in their decision.  They do not want any part of God.

#49 Where did God come from?*

This is a common question as people want to understand origins and they cannot comprehend that someone always existed. Because they had a beginning, the world had a beginning and the universe had a beginning, they conclude that God had to have a beginning.  Yet that is not the way it is with God, He has no beginning and no end. He has always been.  

#50 What was God doing before He created the universe?*

We do not know.  The Bible does not give us any information on that as it has nothing to do with our existence, God's plan of salvation and our lives.  This is one of those topics that are good for intellectual exercise but that is about it.  Such a question serves no purpose for there is no answer till we get to heaven and talk with God.

#51 Isn't the God of the O.T. a God of hate while the God of the N.T. is a God of love?*

No.  They are both one and the same.  God hates sin and disciplines it and He carries that discipline out in the New Testament as evidenced by the deaths of Ananias and Sappharia.  We see in the Old Testament many examples of what God will do to those who disobey and if we did not have those examples we would not take the final judgment seriously.  In the Old Testament God carried out His judgment where people could see it and learn from it but in the New Testament people are provided with grace so that they can have sins forgiven and continue in the Christian life.

We see by Abraham's requests for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah that God had mercy in the Old Testament and was willing to spare the people from destruction IF there were a minimum amount of righteous people found in the cities. What people do is focus on the results of the judgment and overlook or ignore the other characteristics God has.

#52 Do you really believe the story of Jonah and the whale?*

Yes!  If that story is false then how could we believe the story of salvation and heaven? Every word has to be true or God sinned and He would not be God and if that were so then there would be no hope for everyone as salvation and Jesus sacrifice could be a lie.  We wouldn't be able to trust God or His word if Jonah was false.

#53 How could all the animals fit onto the ark?*

First, Noah was NOT commanded to take every species onto the ark.  With the way genetics works, he did not have to.  Second, God would have directed him to take the younger animals because their purpose would be to have offspring to replenish the animal kingdom.  Younger animals would be smaller and consume less food.

#54 Where do dinosaurs and other extinct animals fit into the Biblical story?*

Animals die off or are hunted to extinction thus the dinosaurs and other ancient animals would suffer the same fate. The rules do not change from the ancient world to the modern one.  They were all creations of God and man, through fear, hunger, greed etc. over-killed, just like today.  The animals mentioned in the question above, were NOT pre-species who lived millions of years ago but were part of God's 7/ 24 hour creation.  When dealing with the secular world and their ideas, one must consider the source for non-believers do not follow God but the devil and they concoct some weird ideas to undermine the teachings of the Bible.

#55 Does the Bible allow for the theory of evolution?*

In one word--NO!  The theory of evolution is the product of secular man who wants alternatives to the Biblical accounts and there is not one verse or passage of scripture which alludes, refers, implies or even hints that evolution was responsible.  In fact, EVERY passage that talks about creation are very clear and specific that GOD created through His word and power .  There is NO room for evolution in the Bible or the life of the Christian.

#56 But doesn't the Bible contain statements that are at variance with science?*

First, science is not an authority nor is it the final word on what takes place in the world. Second, it is designed to look for natural answers NOT supernatural ones thus it is looking in the wrong places and the wrong direction. Third, science is too limited to provide any answer that is far outside of its scope or given to it by God.

Fourth, one must consider the source.  If the people are using secular science then their ideas will be far from what God as they have no concern nor motivation to prove the Bible true. Fifth, science is NOT infallible and it is subject to all the corruption and sin that entered the world at the fall of Adam. The Bible is the only infallible book and what it says is true even though it does not go into all the details man would want.  Too many details would bore the reader, and God gave enough information so we can know what is the truth and what is error.

#57 Don't all religions teach the same things?*

Again in a word--No.  Only Christianity teaches the life, death and resurrection of Christ and only the Bible has the acts of God recorded in it.  Other religions try to copy the Bible but they all make changes to fit what they want to see in its pages and not what really took place or will take place.

One big difference is the Sabbath day rest.  This was not taught in any ancient religion and is unique to the Bible. All one has to do is compare the words of the Bible to the words of the teachings of other religions to see the difference.  Even reading the other religions one can feel the difference between their words and God's.

Many cults will adapt the Bible to fit their beliefs but they aren't really following the Bible but the words of their founder. They need the Bible to 'legitimize' their beliefs in the eyes of other humans but if one is cautious they will not be lead astray by such trickery.

#58 Is Christianity a crutch?*

No,  it is a recognition that we cannot do life on our own and in our own strength or understanding.  We recognize that we need help from the One who sees and knows all and has the power to protect and guide. Christianity is also a changing of life, going from the worldly kingdoms and joining God's. This is an act of bravery not cowardice as we put our trust, by faith, in Someone who we cannot see and only have His word. Plus we give up so much and separate ourselves from the world, families along with facing persecutions, hatred, and even martyrdom to follow Jesus. A crutch cannot help you do all that all that. It is not an easy life as we face temptations as well and a crutch cannot provide the strength and courage we need to overcome such things.

#59 Why should I become a Christian? The worst hypocrites are in the church.*

You are not joining the church or being asked to follow other Christians. You are being called to join Christ and follow His ways.  Your eyes are to be on Christ not other 'Christians' and you are forgetting that Jesus even said there would be bad people in the church until He returned, so allowing hypocrites to influence your eternal destiny would be foolish. 

Also by pointing out the hypocrites in the church one is merely looking for excuses to justify their desire to stay with their sinful life.

#60 If Christianity is so great, why are there so few Christians?*

The Bible says it best--'men love darkness rather than light'. it is easier, more fun to be a sinner and follow the world than to turn away from all the world offers and go in the opposite direction of one's friends, co-workers and sometimes family.  It is not an easy life as Jesus said, 'pick up your cross and follow me' and it calls for courage, commitment and dedication, with the help of Jesus, to make it through to the end.

Not many people want to live life that way.  they want friends, good times, and to do what they want.  They do not want to live by God's rules or ways. In other words people like to rule their own lives, or so they think.

All questions marked with an * are taken from: McDowell, J., & Stewart, D. D. 1993. Answers to tough questions. Originally published: San Bernardino, Calif. : Here's Life Publishers, c1980. T. Nelson Publishers: Nashville The answers were not quoted from this book, they are solely the product of archiesarena.com.

61. Was Jonah Swallowed by a whale? @

We read in Jonah 1:17 that 'God prepared a great fish' and in Mat. 17:40 that Jesus said 'Jonah was in the belly of the whale.' We do know that a whale is a great fish so there is no contradiction here but is it possible for a whale to swallow a man whole and for that man to live for 3 days?

In the book 'Difficulties in the Bible' by R.A. Torrey that the 'cachalot had a 15 foot shark in its belly' and that ' a sperm whale when dying will eject the contents of its stomach.' Thus it is very plausible that a whale or large fish swallowed Jonah.  We cannot forget God's involvement in the event . Since he is powerful enough to cause a 'great fish' to swallow Jonah, He is powerful enough to stay the gastric juices from doing their normal duty and allow Jonah to live inside the fish.

62. Did the sun stand still when Joshua commanded it?@

We find this account in Joshua 10:12-14 and is it possible.  Of course for we read in the New Testament that 'nothing is impossible for God.' So if we believe that scripture then it is not difficult to believe the passage about the sun standing still. God can do it.  What proof is there that this actually took place? 

According to the book 'Difficulties in the Bible' by R.A. Torrey, there are extra-biblical records which make reference to this event: Herodotus, the great Greek historian, tells us that the priests of Egypt showed him a record of a long day. The Chinese writings state that there was such a day in the reign of their emperor Yeo, who is supposed to have been a contemporary of Joshua. The Mexicans also have a record that the sun stood still for one entire day in the year which is supposed to correspond with the exact year in which Joshua was warring in Palestine. There is nothing of real weight to prove that there was no such day. So, upon careful examination, this which is asserted to be “the most striking incident of Scripture and science being at variance” is found to be in no sense whatever an incident of Scripture and science, or Scripture and history, being at variance.

(Torrey, R. 1998, c1996. Difficulties in the Bible : Alleged errors and contradictions. Woodlawn Electronic Publishing: Willow Grove)

What about nature? Wouldn't it 'upset the whole course of nature? (ibid). No, for if God is strong enough to hold the sun still, He is strong enough to sustain all of nature through that time period allowing for no disruption or catastrophic occurrence. God would be well aware of what would be needed long before Joshua made his plea and nature would be protected.

 63. Is God a psychotic serial killer ?

This accusation is laid at many a Christians feet by non-believers who cannot grasp that a loving God would command His people to put to death men, women, and children of those who belonged to heathen nations. They usually like how God is portrayed in the New Testament but revile the how He is depicted in the Old.  They consider the Old Testament version as some sick despot who is thoroughly blood thirsty.

What non-believers forget is that love disciplines and punish those who are bad.  It does not allow people to do what they want when, they want that would not be love but spoiling a person.  Then what they do not realize is that the God of the New Testament is going to do what He has done in the Old; He is going to punish those who do not belong to Him. Revelation 20:15 tells us that 'those whose names were not found in the book of life were thrown into the lake of fire.'

God is not a mass murderer, He is not a blood thirsty despot, He is not cruel what He is doing is being consistent with His word and who He is. If Cain was punished for his sin of murdering his brother, then God will punish other people for their sins and God has done so throughout the ages.  The flood, the death of David and Bathsheba’s first child, those who rebelled against Moses' leadership, and so on.

God punishes people for their sins but non-believers ignore the fact that God has given people much time to repent and change their ways. The Epistle of Peter tells us that Noah preached for 120 years and did not get one person to repent and join him and his family on the ark.  The Old Testament had Melchezidek and prophets, plus Israel's reputation of having God on their side,(many times the heathen nations mention that fact) yet they do not repent of their evil ways thus God punished them.

Even children get punished if they do not repent, sin is sin no matter who commits it and if they do not repent then God's judgment comes. God would not be just nor God, if He allowed people to escape punishment without following His rules. The rules apply to all and all have the ability to freely choose which path they will follow.

Thus God is not some wicked ruler who relishes in punishment of His creation, He has provided all opportunities for people to turn from their sins and follow Him yet people reject those overtures so God must punish.  The secular world doesn't want a God who is just and fair, they want a god who let them do what they want and then give them the rewards as well. That is not right and it won't happen with God, God will punish whether the secular world likes the method used or the person being punished or not.

The Old Testament punishment is also an example, a lesson for those who follow, warning the of what will come if they do not change their lives. Unfortunately, most people do not heed the warnings and continue to sin.

64. Does God Repent?@

We read in Gen 6:6 'and it repenteth the Lord that He made man' and it is easy to be confused if one is not a believer. The problem that comes with people who read the Bible is that they attach the most common definition to every usage of the same word, they attach their own definition to the biblical words or they just do not know that words have many meanings attached to them and one must do some research to discover the correct meaning of the word used.

Often, the word 'repent' means to turn from sin and embrace Jesus and receive salvation but if we attach such a meaning to this passage or many others which speak of God 'repenting' then we would be saying that God sinned and was in need of a savior, demoting Him from being God and throwing out His message to the world.

But if we look up the word 'repent' we will see that one of the definitions is: feel or express remorse (Oxford English Mini Dict.).  God certainly can feel remorse and not sin and it does not mean that He sinned when he created man or that He shouldn't have done it or that He erred in creating man BUT simply it means that He was remorseful, sad that He did so because man rejected Him for other pleasures.

God does not repent because He committed a sin, He becomes sad because what He loves ignores Him and turns to things inferior to Him and His rewards.

65. Why do the Subscriptions on the cross differ in all the gospels? Is this not a contradiction?

In Mat. 27:37, Mk. 15:26, Lk. 23:38 & Jn. 19:19 The gospel writers have recorded what was on the parchment Pilate wrote to be placed above Jesus on the cross.  The quotes are not 100% the same and opponents use this to claim that the Bible makes mistakes as it contradicts itself.  Yet upon closer scrutiny, the Bible does not contradict itself as the following shows the many similarities between the accounts:  1. Pilate wrote the words, 2. There was a subscription, 3. It was placed on the cross, 4. It referred to Jesus, 5. It was placed over Him, 6. They all contained the words 'King of the Jews'

With this many similarities it is impossible to call the accounts contradictions. A contradiction would be if Mat. said there was a subscription placed on the cross with those words and Luke said there was not. Why do the quotes vary in reference? First, if all four contained the exact same words, the opponents of the Bible would accuse the Biblical writers of editing, collusion, copying and that only 1 person probably wrote the Bible.

Second, this proves that 4 different men wrote the 4 different books and they quoted what they felt was relevant to their narrative. We know that different authors throughout history using the same sources will differ in their quotes, even if they are quoting the same text. Why, it all depends upon their point of view, their focus, how it fits to their narrative and we see no charges of contradictions placed upon these men. It is a double standard that leads many opponents of the Bible to make such ridiculous charges against the Biblical writers.

66. Why did God command Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?@

Simply it was a test of Abraham's faith and as God said in Gen22:12 '...Now I know you fear God because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.' Many people do lip service to God, even in the Old Testament times and they say they fear, follow, obey God yet when the time comes to prove it, they vanish or find some excuse to not prove their words.

Abraham proved his words by going to the point of raising the knife in obedience to God's command and in so doing, God rewarded him many times over. We do not obey God for the rewards but we do as Abraham did, we obey because God commanded it without questioning Him or complaining but use the same faith Abraham used.

67.Did Jephthah really sacrifice his daughter?@

We read in Judges 11:30 that Jephthah made a vow to the Lord and we know from the New Testament that God takes vows very seriously and warns us to 'not make a vow if one cannot keep it' (from memory).  If anything the example this story gives us is that we need to be careful of the words we say and the promises we make.  One should not be hasty and say things in hopes of escaping the promise after one receives what they want. Too often , as above, people only pay lip service to God and this story should also be used as a warning that God will hold people to their words no matter how precious the item is that they offer up to God.

Now some people will argue that the Bible doesn't say he actually burnt her but that is looking for an escape for the girl as the Bible clearly states in 11:39 '...and he did as he vowed...' What is important here is not that the girl was burnt BUT that Jephthah kept his word to God, something all people should do.

68. Did the Bible err in recording Stephen's words? @

Many critics of the Bible use Stephen’s reference to Abraham's Sepulcher as proof that the Bible erred or made a huge mistake.  Yet was it really an error by the Bible or by Stephen?  The Bible records many things, evil thoughts, plans, deception (Delilah comes to mind here) yet are those sinful things made holy and right simply because they are recorded in the Bible?

No, of course not. The Bible is infallible and what is recorded does not mean the sinful acts are purified and correct but that what was said, what took place and what was conceived was recorded perfectly and actually took place. The recording does not justify the sin, it just lets us know what took place and that we can have confidence in the Bible that it is giving us the true account of what took place.

Thus if in Stephen's speech he made an error, it does not change what Abraham did or that the Bible contradicts itself, it simply means that those were the actual words Stephen used. R.A Torrey, in the same book quoted above, states : 

But even allowing for the moment that Stephen was mistaken in this case, it would prove nothing whatever against the divine origin of the Bible or its absolute inerrancy, for Stephen is not one of the authors of the Bible. He was not a prophet or an apostle. It is true he was a Spirit-filled man, but he was not the writer of a book in the Bible. The inspired author of the Acts of the Apostles records that Stephen said these words, and if these words that Stephen uttered had been mistaken, the record that he said them would still be correct. It would be God’s Word that Stephen said this, but what Stephen said would not be God’s word. The one who contends for the divine origin of the Bible and its absolute accuracy is under no obligation whatever to prove the accuracy of every statement that every speaker in the Bible, even every Spirit-filled speaker, is recorded as saying.

Torrey, R. 1998, c1996. Difficulties in the Bible : Alleged errors and contradictions. Woodlawn Electronic Publishing: Willow Grove

69. How can we deal with the difficulties of the Bible?@

In his book 'Difficulties in the Bible? R.A. Torrey asks this question and provides a very good answer with 7 points. I will not reproduce all the specifics here but simply provide the 7 points. If you want the details please buy his book.

He states that when one faces these difficulties one should tend to them; 1. with honesty, 2. humbly, 3. determinedly, 4. fearlessly, 5. patiently, 6. scripturally, and 7. prayerfully. 

By doing so and investigating  carefully, one will, with God's help, find the solutions to the problems.  One should be careful not to be satisfied with the glib answers or the word plays that are found in Mr. Torrey's book but to look to God to help them find the correct answer and that it will satisfy both you and the those who may ask you about them.

70. How old is man? @

Secular scientists claim that man is millions of years old which is in direct contradiction to what the Bible says.  They base their claims upon fallible dating systems and other methods which are far from perfect and easily corrupted, manipulated and vulnerable to nefarious schemes. None are based upon anything solid or of God.

Even those who study the Bible do not always base their findings on accurate methods or ideas, but like the secular world use assumptions or leaps to conclusions to guide their work. Bishop Ussher is a prime example of this as he assumed the genealogies were consistently father to son.

The Bible does NOT give us an exact date when man was first created. it is not germane nor important, what is important and German is that God created man and it was not done through some secular person's idea of a process.

What would we gain by knowing the exact date of man's creation? Will it change any events? Our future? Our sinful natures and need of a savior? no, of course not and we are wasting our time trying to figure out something we are not to know.  For some reason God has hidden that piece of information from us and the devil is using it as a distraction from what we really need to be worried about--our salvation and the salvation of others. There is no answer to that question so take your minds off that issue and turn to what God wants you to do.

{questions marked with an @ indicate that they have been inspired, quoted or similar to questions found in R.A.Torrey's book, 'Difficulties in the Bible'. Unless otherwise stated, all answers are the product of Archiesarena.com with quotes from the same book, any similarities is not proof of plagiarism but that the truth is the same and more than one person has the same answer.}

71. What if there is no God? +

Then there would not be life as we know it.  Anarchy would reign and be rampant as men would do what they considered right  regardless of what other men thought for all ideas of morality and right and wrong would not be greater than another. Which means that there would be no concept of right and wrong and men could do as they please without worry of punishment, discipline or imprisonment.

By removing God and His Higher standard of morality, His definition of right and wrong there is no ideal to meet or be judged by plus there would be no moral legal code to produce the proper punishment for those who 'violate' another person's rules.  it would truly be, 'the survival of the fittest'.

72. What if there were many gods? +

There would be no real right or wrong, the gods would be at war with each other, they would actually be more like humans than gods as they strived to make their views, their ways dominate over the others.  Humans would be confused and would not know which god had the correct way and would either hedge their bets by accepting more than one god's rules or just ignore the lot and live as they please.

If they were to actually get together and agree, who would be the supreme god to make sure all the rest stayed with their word? Whose ideas and rules would be followed?  Would they have one objective or many?  There are too many questions that arise with this idea and how could humans be secure knowing that at any time a god would rebel and change the rules?

Soon the coalition would break down or the humans would fight amongst themselves as to who was greater and so on.  We would not have the world we know today if there was more than 1 god.

73. Does their have to be so much evil?+

No, but that is a choice that God has left up to His creation.  They can choose to repent from evil, stop practicing sin, stop pursuing their own desires and from allowing greed and the other deadly sins from controlling their lives and choose to follow God's ways.  If that took place there would be less evil in the world, unfortunately, as the Bible says, 'man loves darkness more than light.' which means that evil abounds because men (and women) prefer it over God's ways.

74. Are miracles possible, credible, scientific & historical?+

For possible- Yes as Jesus promised believers would do greater works and we have the gifts of the Spirit to help us. 

For credible- Of course they are credible as long as they are done within the rules set by God and for His glory.

For scientific- Under the current rules of secular science, they are NOT scientific and science cannot nor is equipped to explain them.  Secular scientists are continually baffled by the works of God and His miracles and tend to dismiss them because they cannot study a miracle.

For historical- Yes they are as the Bible is true and part of history. What Jesus and the disciples did actually took place and was part of the historical record.  Miracles performed by God's followers throughout the subsequent ages are also part of history as they did take place during man's sojourn on earth.

75. How was the Bible written? +

As the Bible states the Biblical authors were inspired by God and they penned the words given them by Him. With the prophets of old we read the words ' and the words of the Lord came upon him...' or something similar and it is made very clear that that the words spoken have their origin in God not the men who are His servants.  Peter makes this clear as well when he said 'we do not follow clever fables...'

The words of the Bible came from God who used different men to record them in the fashion He wanted on the materials He wanted. Since we do not have electronic recordings of these events, we cannot have imposters duplicating the style and deceiving people. God has also given us criteria on how to spot the phony prophets and false teachers, which would be made more difficult if they knew of the exact way God had done it with His legitimate writers.

76. How was the Bible put together? +

We are not sure how the Old testament canon was compiled. We have no record of the process taking place but we must rely on the fact that God had people in place to safeguard His words so that they would not be lost during all the upheavals of that took place over the generations.

For the New Testament we have record of which books were recognized and accepted by the true churches in existence at the time.  The many councils that followed which produced the modern canon were not a great conspiracy to thwart other people's works from being including or to keep 'the truth' from being known but were merely putting together an official canon  of books that were already considered scripture.

It should be noted that the real works were so well known that not one false gospel, gnostic work or other heresy were nominated for inclusion. We also have to remember God's word that He would not let His word pass away till all was fulfilled.  We must have confidence and faith in God to keep His word and make sure that His word was kept pure, whether it be the Old or the New Testament.

77. Does archaeology confirm the Old and New Testaments? +

This is a difficult question but the main answer is yes it can.  Can it prove all the events of Abraham took place not really but it can show that the bible is consistent with the times it was writing about and we have records of names used in Abraham's time are the same as the Bible used them. We know that the price quoted in the Bible for selling Joseph into slavery was the going price at the time.

There has not been 1 archaeological discovery which has shown the Bible to be false or having erred.  There are a great many secular archaeologists who use conjecture, theory, hypothesis to claim the Bible has erred but when closely examined, it is the archaeologist who is in error not the Bible.

78. How reliable are our modern Bibles? +

For the most part our modern Bibles are very accurate.  Many years ago Gabriel Barkay discovered on one of his archaeological sites a small silver scroll and stamped on it was a verse from the book of Numbers.  The scrolls date to about the 6th or 7th centuries B.C. and when compared to the accepted modern Christian versions the verse was identical.

I say, 'accepted modern Christian versions' because, like in the disciples time and after, many people today write their own versions or paraphrases and they are not lead by God to do so nor are they inspired by God to make any changes to His word or even write the translation.  Most false works tend to side with the agenda, views or beliefs of the translator or cult doing the translations.

These people may be respected scholars but the key is found in their work and their beliefs and the evidence of their false work is found in the verses themselves as they continue to change controversial passages or passages they do not like to fit their own sensibilities.

Recently 2 such works have gained fame, not for their accuracy but for whom did the work.  The problem with these works is that they were done solo, with no independent oversight, and contributions from those scholars. They also relied upon their choices for the definitions of words, often opposing the accepted meanings done by more qualified men over the years.

Another clue to knowing which works are false, not one false translation claims to be lead of God to do the work or that God was part of the process. We know that the fairness, the justice of God and the fact that God does not change rules out the idea that God would make changes 2,000 years later and not sooner--if there were errors done by His writers or other translators.

79. Is truth knowable? +

Simply put--Yes.  Jesus tells us very clearly that ' we will know the truth and it shall set us free.' We do not need an intellectual discussion on this issue, the simplest of minds can read and grasp what Jesus said, all people can know the truth and with that knowledge we can have confidence in God and the Bible and that they are telling us the truth.

80. Can the Bible be wrong?+

No and for the simple reason if the Bible is ever wrong, we would not be able to trust any part of it, have no peace of mind, and would wonder if God was fooling us with His plan of salvation. If there was an error in God's word then God would not be God, He would not be perfect and we would be left with no hope.

People love to cite the idea that there are errors found in the Bible but they just do not see the ramifications of such accusations.  These people are deceived by the devil and are telling lies so that the devil can cause doubt and then do his destructive work on God's creation, getting them to turn from God and end up in hell.

One has to have faith in God that His word is true, without error then they have to live their lives trusting what He has told them to do.  Faith is the key and God has given us enough evidence to strengthen our faith but not enough to destroy it, all we have to do is stand with God and accept His word as completely true and never depart from that decision.

81. Is tithe for today?

The simple answer is, of course, yes and that is for many reasons.  One, if a believer is selfish with God then how can they expect to be generous to those in need?  Two, Jesus stated clearly that we are to give to God's what is His and three, Jesus did not revoke the giving of tithe. In fact, nowhere in the New Testament do we read that the giving of tithe was revoked. Jesus does say that God loveth a cheerful giver and we see in acts people giving of their own wealth to help the less fortunate. One does not have to give all of their possessions away for they still have to provide for their families but one does not ignore the needs of others.

The book Twelve Voices for the Truth has this to say: "Malachi’s criticism of abuses and religions indifference is still valid today"  And Hayford's Bible Handbook adds: "Tithing as a New Testament practice is even further verified in the Book of Romans. We are specifically admonished to walk “in the steps of faith which our father Abraham” walked (Rom. 4:12). " Along with a much more compelling argument. Vine's Complete Exp. Dict. Topic Finder says:  The giving of possessions (alms; boon; bounty; collection; contribution; supply; tithe) and of hospitality (host) is a vital part of Christian worship and witness. Sacrificial giving is pleasing (odor; savor) to God. Givers are to be cheerful, giving freely (liberality) of their own accord and not grudgingly, in recognition of the fact that human beings are stewards of what belongs to God and will one day give account of that stewardship.

The book, When Critics Ask: A Pop. Handbook of Bible Difficulties provides a guideline when it says: The Bible does not command us to give away all our money to God and others. The OT laid down the tithe as the minimum all should give (cf. Mal. 3:8), and proportionally blessed those who brought more offerings (cf. 1 Cor. 16:2; 2 Cor. 8:14–15). In addition to this, we should help those in need, especially our own family and other believers (1 Tim. 5:8).

Again one must reiterate that the New Testament, Jesus and the disciples did not revoke the giving of tithes and offerings thus it is safe to conclude that all believers need to tithe today and take the warning/command found in Malachi 4:8-10 seriously: "Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me! But you say, 'in what way have we robbed you?' In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse. For you have robbed me, even this nation. Bring all the tithes into the storehouse. That there may be food in my house..."

82. Must Christians attend church?

Once again, we do not see a direct command in the New Testament for believers to attend weekly services at the local organized church and one can conclude that mandatory church services is a form of legalism not devotion. If one wants to show devotion to God then keep His commandments. Anyone can attend church and claim to be devoted to God but it is a different matter altogether to live the Christian life as God wants and commands.

The Bible does say, 'forsake not the gathering together...' but that is not a command to attend church weekly, daily or otherwise. God loves a cheerful giver and that includes their time as well as their money thus one attends church because they want to be strong in God and worship Him not because they have to go each time there is a service. A good Christian is not one who attends church every day or week, but one who obeys God.  Do not use the Bible to justify one's failure to obey.

83. Should Christians judge the teachings of their leaders?

If by the word judge one means to: "To try; to examine and pass sentence on. " (Webster's Dict.) then no, we should not do that BUT if one means: To compare facts or ideas, and perceive their agreement or disagreement, and thus to distinguish truth from falsehood. (Webster's Dict.) then yes we can do the latter or how else will we know if we are being led astray into some false teaching?  Believers are not to sit blindly lapping up what their leaders say for they too must be watchful to make sure that their leaders do not get enticed to a wrong doctrine or idea.

Believers are not to be brained dead people but are to be educated, wise, full of wisdom, understanding and so much more. All the Biblical passages apply to them as well and are not the domain of the church leader to use as a hammer to force the congregation to follow or do things against God or His commands.  But a word of warning, the believer must make sure they are right and are following God's leading when they contradict their leaders. They must do so scripturally as well so that God may be glorified and that evil does not get an open door to come in and wreak havoc in the church.

84. Why do Christians worship on Sunday rather than the Sabbath day?

The day was changed from Saturday because the ancient believers saw a lot of God's acts take place on Sunday and not Saturday and they started calling Sunday, 'The Lord's Day' because of this. Answers.com has this to say, and they quote someone else: The "Lord's Day" is one of the traditional Christian names for Sunday, the first day of the Judaeo-Christian seven-day week, observed by most Christians as the memorial of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is said in the four canonical gospels of the New Testament to have taken place early on the first day of the week. Very early in the history of Christianity, the tradition of Christ's Sunday morning resurrection gave rise to the Christian custom, later to become an obligation, of gathering every Sunday morning to worship the Christian Lord, Jesus — hence the name "Lord's Day".

Now I like what Spurgeon had to say on this topic because it is very close to what i think about this topic: D. L. Moody (1837-1899) made the following appeal in regard to the Sabbath:

"I honestly believe that this commandment is just as binding today as it ever was. I have talked with men who have said that it has been abrogated, but they have never been able to point to any place in the Bible where God repealed it. When Christ was on earth, He did nothing to set it aside; He freed it from the traces under which the scribes and Pharisees had put it, and gave it its true place. 'The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.'  It is just as practicable and as necessary for men today as it ever was-in fact, more than ever, because we live in such an intense age.

The Sabbath was binding in Eden, and it has been in force ever since. The fourth commandment begins with the word remember, showing that the Sabbath already existed when God wrote this law on the tables of stone at Sinai. How can men claim that this one commandment has been done away with when they will admit that the other nine are still binding? (http://lordsday.org/)

It must be remembered that God remains consistent with His own word and does not hypocrisize Himself and we must ask if raising Jesus on the Sabbath would be an violation of His commandment found in Ex. 31:14 'Observe the Sabbath because it is holy to you. Anyone who desecrates it must be put to death; whoever does any work on that day must be cut off from his people...'

The Sabbath day was not originally given at Sinai, back in Genesis 2:2-3, we find the establishment of the

Sabbath at creation thus it is not a legalistic matter if one observes the Sabbath day, it is a matter of obedience. I agree with Spurgeon when he said that he found nothing in the Bible or Jesus' words that repealed that day and believers today should carefully seek God about when they should rest and worship.

85. Is creation consistent with the Christian worldview?

The short answer is- yes.  The Christian 'worldview', (which i do not believe we should have) is one of being a servant of God and doing His will. We are to be the lights unto the world thus we preach, speak, write what God has said in a manner that is easily understood, in line with God and His word and is not hindered by ulterior motives or pet theories etc.

Throughout the bible, from Genesis to Revelation, God has said He created the world thus that is where the Christian stands forsaking all alternatives, even those that marry secular scientific ideas with Biblical thinking. A Christian cannot be effective (or a light unto the world) and say they believe God if they are saying something different than what God said. A Christian’s 'worldview' must include creation as God described it or the Christian is not speaking the truth.

It must be remembered that the believer is not here to talk about continued existence in this world but have a duty to bring the gospel to all as our mission is eternity with God not continued living in this world. I do not believe a Christian can have a world view and that such an idea is of secular origin meant to distract the believer from their purpose, duties and position in God.

86. Can human cloning be harmonized with a Christian worldview?

This is a wrong question as I do not believe a Christian can have a worldview. It should be changed to- is human cloning possible and scriptural?  At that point a believer can answer the question. The Christian is not supposed to deal in 'worldviews' but right and wrong, God's morality and stay in line with God's message to the world. I do not think it is possible for scientists to clone humans for they are missing a vital ingredient-the breath of life from God but then we shall see if God allows it to happen or not.

87. Is euthanasia ever permissible?

God said: "Thou shalt not kill" and there is no exemption for euthanasia.  God did not grant the believer, or anyone, the right to choose who gets to live or die, that choice remains in God's hands alone. Yes people kill every day and the believer can disobey and practice euthanasia if they want to  but it would be sin.

If one cannot bear to see a loved one suffer then they need to honestly pray to God to deal with the problem and let Him remain in charge of life and death. Implore Him to heal or take the person or relieve the suffering but do not sin to help another person no matter how humane it sounds. Believers serve and obey God and this area is no exception.

88. How could Jesus be tempted?

How is not the question here for we do not know all the details about Jesus' body and personality. he was both God and man at the same time thus it stands to reason that He would be vulnerable to temptation and we do see in the Gospels how Jesus was tempted. Now some people say that Jesus was tempted basically to thwart His purpose in coming to earth and that may be a part of it but in Hebrews 2:18 we find these words:  'For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.' If Jesus was not tempted, and He did not overcome such temptation how could He understand what we are going through when we face the temptations hurled at us each day? How could we have confidence in His help if He was not successful in defeating each and every temptation that came his way? Who could we turn to if Jesus was not tempted, and who defeated each attempt to get Him to sin?  We would feel alone, thinking we have nowhere to turn.

But since Jesus was tempted, since He was successful, we now have someone who understands, who has been through it all and has shown how such attacks can be defeated. All we have to do is look to Him for the right words, the right actions and lean on His strength to see us through. Knowing that His power is greater than the temptation we face gives us hope, courage and perseverance to make it through.

The real question, is not how could He be tempted, but why was He? The answer is simple, to provide strength to His followers so they can be victorious, be happy and at peace.

89. How should Christians respond to Halloween?

They should keep it within Jesus' and God's commands. Festivals have been around since nearly the beginning of time and the unsaved will celebrate something but Christians need to make sure their words, actions and reactions are in line with the Bible and not condemn those who participate in such festivals. They should pray against evil and protect themselves and their families spiritually because sometimes people mistake their desires with God's leading and get themselves into a lot of trouble because they made a mistake in discernment.

Follow Jesus and the Bible in this matter and use the following to help guide you: 1. Is this spiritually uplifting and strengthening?; 2. Would God approve?; 3. Is this bringing glory to God?; 4 is this in line with what Jesus and the disciples taught? and so on.

The key is not to condemn the secular world for their activities and be all self-righteous but treat the unbeliever as you would want to be treated. I see no harm in handing out candy to children or even lighting off fireworks but again, it should all be done in a context that brings people towards Christ, not turn them away.

90. Who made God?

No one. He has always existed.

91. Are images of Jesus idolatrous?

In Exodus 20:4 it says: 'You shall not make for yourselves an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on earth beneath or in the waters below...' Making an image of Jesus is basically making an idol as 1. we do not know what Jesus looked like thus any image would not display His correct likeness and 2. one would be praying to that image, not Jesus. Thus the short answer is 'yes, it would be idolatrous.'  We also find in that

passage no exceptions for images of Christ or God which means that we have no exemptions for manmade objects depicting the artist's conception of what Jesus looked like.

We are to follow Christ's and God's instructions when it comes to communicating with them and those are found throughout the Bible and at no time do we find permission to disobey the  commandment given in Exodus 20. it is best for the believer to  avoid owning, using, borrowing any image of Christ.

92. Did demons have sexual relations with women in Genesis 6:4?

First off, there is no mention of demons in that passage and second, the bodies of demons are not the same as humans and there is no word that they have the same ability to reproduce as humans do.  Jesus needed a human body to interact in this terrestrial world, to eat, to feel, to do the same as any human and it would be the same for demons as well as angels. Keil & Delitzsch have this to say on the topic: Now if, according to the simple meaning of the passage, the Nephilim were in existence at the very time when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, the appearance of the Nephilim cannot afford the slightest evidence that the “sons of God” were angels, by whom a family of monsters were begotten, whether demigods, daemons, or angel-men (Vol. Genesis pg. 91)

In other words 'no they did not.' People get confused by the terms sons of God and daughters of man and think they refer to spiritual beings when they do not. Basically and most likely those terms refer to the same situation we have today--Christians look at the beauty of non-Christians and disobey God by marrying them.

93. Is religion the root of all evil?

No, for the Bible has never declared that to be the case. Religion is full of misguided people, fanatics, ill-informed adherents, and so on and one cannot blame Christianity for the evil men and women commit in its name or the name of Christ/God. One must put the blame where it really belongs on the sin nature in all people and the evil that influences people to do bad things to others.

1 Timothy 6:10 says, 'For the love of money is a root* of all kinds of evil...' and more harm and evil has been done to people concerning money and greed than all the acts of evil done by religious people. Unfortunately, the love of money has driven many a believer to do evil as well, they are not exempt here. People need to be sophisticated and the unbeliever, especially the atheist, is not for they lump all religious people into one category and blame Christ, God, and Christians for things they did not do nor granted permission to be done. This is just wrong and demonstrates the unjust nature of the unbeliever and their unwillingness to differentiate between those who do follow God and His word from those who claim to be Christian yet do not follow God or His Son. Their condemning and punishing the innocent provides the reason to the believer on why they should not follow the unbelieving words and ideas--they are contrary to God's way.

* Only the KJV says: The love of money is the root of all evil, which would indicate that religion plays a small part in the evil that men do.

94. Should abortion be permitted in cases of rape or incest?

In a word, 'NO'. There is a verse in the Old testament where God instructs the Israelites on whom to punish for the crimes committed and He is very clear that the parents are not to be punished for the crimes/sins of their children and the children should not be punished for the crimes/sins of their parents and abortion would be violating that command. The child is innocent of the criminal act and ending its life is making it pay for a crime it did not commit nor even knew about and that is wrong.

Most Christians who allow this exemption in abortion cases do so to gain favor with the unbelieving world and that is a compromise and is also wrong. Believers must stand by God's word and proclaim it so that all will know the correct way to go, even if they do not choose that path. Christians need to remember that they have freely chosen to follow God's path and they must allow the unbeliever the same freedom of choice, even if it is not the one a believer wants to see made and since the unbeliever does not accept God's ways and violate His instructions and commands, that in no way releases the Christian from following the morality they have chosen (God's way) and they must deal with this issue in the way that God wants, not in the way their emotions or desires dictate. For they no longer serve themselves but are now God's servants who are to do His will not their own.

Thus the believer cannot allow this compromise to enter into their thinking for though the act is horrendous, the child did not sin, nor commit the crime and there are better options available to remove the child from the woman who was violated and keep it alive but again, the believer can only follow God's way in implementing those alternatives and remember that the mother/father have free choice to decide what they will do and cannot be forced, manipulated, abused etc., into choosing the 'Christian' way.

95. Is the New Testament anti-Semitic?

No, but people get this idea because the New Testament does speak against a lot of the actions committed by Jewish people.  It must be remembered that the NT was written by all Jewish men and nothing in its pages speaks against the Jews (God's chosen people) in a racist or anti-Semitic way. It talks about how grace has come upon the earth, how physical sacrifices of animals are no longer required and it speaks on how people should live, which frees up their lives, and so on, but nothing in its pages can be construed as being anti-Semitic.

96. Is the New Testament authoritative or authoritarian?

I like to quote Dr. Metzger, who said in an interview with Lee Strobel: 'You have to understand that the canon was not the result of a series of contests involving church politics. The canon is rather the separation that came about because of the intuitive insight of Christian believers...When pronouncement was made about the canon, it merely ratified what the general sensitivity of the church had already determined...These documents didn't derive their authority from being selected; each one was authoritative before anyone gathered them together." (The Case for Christ, pg. 69)

No, the NT is not authoritarian for one is not being made to follow its words, that is done be free choice by those who want to escape the clutches of the devil and sin and follow what is the authority and the right way to go for salvation and freedom from sin. Both the OT & the NT are books that come with authority, an authority that no other work possesses and when one chooses to follow their words, they are in obedience freely, not mandatorily.

97. Should Christians support a ban on embryonic stem cell research?

The Christian needs to put Christ's words into action: 1. do unto others...; 2. pray for those who do evil...; 3. do good to those who do evil...; and so on. Supporting a ban is not the Christian thing to do unless God clearly instructs one to do so.  The believer is to preach what is right or wrong and allow others the right of free choice just as they are allowed to exercise their free choice to obey God or not. In this preaching right or wrong, the believer must also treat others who do not follow God in the manner that Jesus showed and instructed.

98. Is Intelligent Design really science?

It is possible that they do some science within their boundaries but then I do not believe that evolutionary science is science because it does not provide any truth and seeks to lead people away from God to false alternatives. One must make up their own minds on this issue and use the Bible to help them come to the right determination. God is very clear about how He created the word and science in its present form does not allow for the miraculous to be considered and that is just wrong thus if I.D. does the same then they are not practicing true science.

Science is subject to the Bible, not vice versa, thus if any scientific experiment disagrees with the Bible then the experiment, not the Bible, is wrong no matter who conducts it.

99. Is the Big Bang Biblical?

In the secular form the answer is 'no', for it removes God from the picture and contradicts Him on how all things originated. it was not by chance that the world and the universe came into existence. it was not by chance that the details we see each day came into existence, they all originated because God wanted to create us and the universe, providing us with the comfort that we are wanted even if our human relatives reject us.

The big bang theory and other secular alternatives deprive and rob people of the truth about why we are here and they cannot be accepted in any form for they destroy hope, love and other things we need to survive.  Now it is known that astronomers have seen scars in the fabric of the universe which gives them the idea that the Big bang took place* but they are misguided and ignore the option that those scars are the results of God speaking and the universe and the world came into being. (*see Hawkins book 'A brief History of Time')

100. Is suicide an unforgivable sin?

On this issue i do not know, for the Bible does not give us details about what is the unforgivable sin and it is best that we do not know or we may be tempted to commit it and be destroyed for no reason other than we are weak or wanted to fool around with God and His word. It is best to stay as far away from sin as possible and not open the doors to being destroyed forever because curiosity got the best of us.

Suicide is sin for it violates the commandment, though shalt not kill, but as to being unforgivable, one cannot say for we are not God and He set the limit not humans. If you are having or you know of someone who is having suicidal thoughts get or get them help because this is an issue one does not want to play with for one cannot change their minds and undo the act once they are successful.