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This has been a problem for people for thousands of years.  Those, in every generation, who decide for Christ are looking to find God’s will so that they will be obedient and serve Christ.  Unfortunately there are those who become misguided or misinterpret what that will is and end up doing more damage, raising more stumbling blocks and turn more people off of Christ than anyone else.

In all decades there are and have been those who wonder if they should be a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker (or its modern equivalent).  They worry about the specific job they are supposed to be doing and forget that God’s will is made quite clear throughout scripture.  These verses do not tell one to go get a particular job but they do tell a person how they and their character should be.

What follows below is a partial list that clearly and with no interpretation needed reveals God’s will.  The verses printed in part or titled here are in no particular order or importance:

  1. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”
  2. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”
  3.  “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart…”
  4.  “He has told the what is required…love mercy, do justice and…walk with God”
  5.  “Go ye into all the world…”
  6.  “The beatitudes”
  7.  “Make thy own calling and election sure…”
  8.  “Be ye in the world but not of it…”
  9.  “Why do ye call me Lord, Lord but do not do the things I say?’”
  10.  “Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding…”
  11.  “Husbands love your wives…”
  12.  “Wives submit to your husbands…”
  13.  “Children obey your parents…”
  14.  “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…”
  15.  “Without faith you can’t please God…’
  16.  “Pray without ceasing…”
  17.  “Rid yourself of all malice, deceit hypocrisy, envy…”
  18.  “Desire pure spiritual milk…that you may grow…”
  19.  “Walk in the light as he is in the light…”
  20.  “Continue in Him…”
  21.  “Teach what is in accord with sound doctrine…”
  22.  “Flee the evil desires…pursue righteousness…”
  23.  “Be ye holy for I am Holy…”
  24.  “Do everything without complaining or arguing…’
  25.  “In humility consider others better than yourselves…”

This is but a short list but it provides an idea what God’s will is for His followers.  There are a lot more instructions than just these verses but if we start here, then the specifics of what one is to do will become clear as one’s communication with God is open and unobstructed.

The followers of Christ are called to a different path and if they continue to do what the world is doing, then what do they have to offer?  Nothing and why would an unbeliever change if they can do the same thing as they normally do?  They wouldn’t and the believer must realize this as they seek to win others for Christ.

Revival begins with oneself, not with finger pointing.

What is best for the children...?

This is a statement heard far too often in the western world as the secular world seeks to continue their attacks on God's institutions by focusing their energies on a small part of society.  It is called a divide and conquers mentality and the secular world looks to control the family by using children as the bait.  Far too often we hear of family being split up by judges, children services and other groups, merely because they do not like the way parents are raising their children.

Sometimes they are right but the majority of times they are not and these people do far more damage to the family than anyone else could do and this is where the church needs to step in and show the world that there is a better way to handle domestic problems.  It cannot shift the responsibility to the unsaved for the unsaved does not have God's interests in mind just their own.

Nor can the church support programs created by the secular world for such ways are not bringing glory to God nor will have God's ways or goals as part of the equation.  God does not share glory and His ways are not the world's and the church needs to start finding and implementing what He wants instead of referring people to the secular alternatives.  How can the church bring salvation to the world when it turns people away and refers them to the exact same philosophies many are trying to escape?

The church cannot afford to work hand in hand with the secular world as partnership with the world is not what God says to do.  He calls people OUT of the world to His ways, His life, His rules and to turn around and ignore that gesture shows that the church is ignoring what God wants while showing they prefer the world's strategies. The church is in 'competition' with the world as souls are at stake and to fail to provide God's solution tells the unsaved that there is nothing for them in the church.

How much money has been lost to the banks in interest and principle payments on over-extravagant constructed buildings, which could have been used to set up God based programs to help those in need?  The building fad that has been going on for the past 3 decades shows that the church favors the wrong ideas in attracting people to its message, just like the church jumping on the 'what is best for the children' bandwagon.

That is the world's idea but the church already knows what is best for the children--focusing on the family. Keeping the family intact and focused on God is what is best for the children.  Parents are charged with raising, educating, looking after their children, etc. and the church needs to support that plan not undermine it by going to the world's ways.  The church needs to present God's viewpoint all the time and they need to show that God cares for if they don't, NO ONE ELSE WILL.

So the secular world has its programs but the church needs to do it better and within God’s plans so the world will see God in action and experience the love and forgiveness He has.  The only way for the world to experience the God is through those who say they follow Him. Not everyone will get a Damascus road experience like Paul, non-believers need to experience from other people, those who say they believe in Jesus.

What is best for the children?  The church who helps the parents maintain their families and they (the church) do it God's way.  How else will the world know if the church does not do it?

Who are we?

Since this website is mostly for Christian workers, pastors and missionaries, this article will focus on their position in the kingdom of God.  Over the years I have encountered many different people in those positions and they all have different ideas of who they are as believers or Christian workers. 

First, one of the things that help all Christian workers (I am not going to list all 3 separate categories so the first one will suffice for all three) is that we are all members of the kingdom of God.  Now conversion immediate puts us at odds with the world.  We are no longer a part of their ways, their thinking or their ruling ideas.  Though we have to obey certain laws, we have joined another kingdom which we owe our allegiance and dedication along with patriotism.

Does this mean we can't be good citizen of the worldly country in which we were born?  No, it just means that we have to watch what we say in terms of things like pledges and vows. Upon conversion, we now represent the kingdom of God and we cannot compromise that position no matter how attractive the compromise may be. One cannot pledge allegiance to a flag when they have given their lives over to God, as the Bible says, 'one cannot serve 2 masters' and we need to be careful on how we participate within the secular realms so as not to cross up our duties or testimonies as members of God's kingdom.

Second, our actions must be inline with God's words and when the secular government requires contrary acts to what God has said then we must be prepared to stand up and exclude ourselves from participating in such acts no matter the cost. God's ways must be clear and God's people must be true to God not the government.  People will not know right or wrong, or what truly is of God if His people meekly follow the crowd and do the same deeds as the unbeliever.

Once a believer has compromised, they have lost and God has never compromised with evil so His followers should not either. The impact a person wants to make depends upon how they conduct themselves as we see by the example of Daniel and others.  We do not live for this world thus its loss should not bring fear nor regret but joy as we serve Him who has a purpose for our lives.

Third, this is the crucial issue.  Too often I have heard many Christian workers say things like: "this is my church...', 'this is my congregation...' or 'what I want to do...' and so on.  You get the idea and some do not mean it in the way that it sounds, yet it happens and many Christian workers take ownership of their appointed place.  This cannot happen as servants of God, we Christian workers, do not own anything in the kingdom, it is all God's.  It is Church, His sheep, His creation and this fact should temper any thoughts which lead one to assume they have a right to possess their area of work.

The Christian worker is 'promoted' or called by God to lead others and this elevation should be humbling leading the worker to lean and rely on God for all things.  This calling is not to be 'the taskmaster' over others, commanding and controlling the parishioners lives but to lead the way in how the Christian life should be done right.  They are directed by God and achievements or objectives do not come from themselves or what is the current fad in the Christian world but from God's orders. 

God knows what He wants to accomplish and He knows how He wants it done and it takes good servants to put down their own desires, their own way of getting things done and listen, while being ready to fulfill those directives from the Master.  Too often we see too many Christian workers seeing what others are doing and get it in their heads that they must do the same, and then ruin what God wants done in that particular community.

God knows the hearts of all people and He knows how He wants to reach them thus the good servant must put down the popular ideas, the secular strategies or philosophies and pick up God's strategies and way of doing things.  In God's kingdom one way is not greater than another. If God directs two different workers to do two different things then the two ways are on the same level and will produce what God wants them to produce. It is up to the Christian worker to be obedient and humble when following God's instructions.

The Christian worker is not greater than God and they must follow all of God's directives as found in the Bible so that they will not miss out on what God would have them to do nor miss out on reaping the harvest that God wants.  Not everything makes sense but then the servant is not privy to the master's thoughts nor sees the logic in every command thus humility plays a big part in being a member of God's kingdom.

Fourth, the Christian worker is given responsibilities to carry out.  They must discipline scripturally, guide the flock into the ways of god and away from destruction, they must warn about things of the world even if those things look harmless or are fun.  They must also feed the flock honestly, removing their own personal ideas or pet peeves substituting them with what God says He wants them to know, so that the believers can grow strong and be able to withstand the attacks or deception of the devil.

The Christian worker cannot be with his charges 24/7 so they must teach and instruct completely so when the believer faces a challenge or temptation at work they will know what to do.  They must also be confident that if they fail they can come to the Christian worker and find compassion, understanding, and instruction, and not rejection, insults and so on. God's kingdom does not shoot its wounded but its members are prepared to help one another, guard their dignity, and defend those weaker than themselves.  This kingdom is not like the secular ones where it is usually every man for themselves.  No, it is a community where all look out for each other especially in times of need or hurt.

Finally, who are the Christian workers of the kingdom of God?  They are the people who have been given a special job by God because he has endowed them with gifts and talents which enable them to lead others.  It is not an elevation to being superior to those they lead, but a call to be true servants who learn and implement what God has said in the Bible and to them.  They set aside their human understanding and replace it with God's thinking, they set aside their own goals and wants while leading others BUT they do not sacrifice their own families.  At no time has God said that their own families must suffer or sacrifice unjustly.  The Christian worker must balance their family with their duties as their families have needs and are in need of them. 

God has said that a Christian worker must rule their own houses well but that does not mean that position is a dictatorship or one is a tyrant.  No, they must implement God's teaching and wisdom towards their own as well as the congregation they guide. The Christian worker's family is important as it is the example for the flock to see how well the Christian worker can serve God.

How the Unsaved Views the Church

This page is by no means definitive and only contains some of the viewpoints the unbeliever has of the church.  We as believers know that not all who say they are Christian are really Christian yet the unbeliever is not that sophisticated and sometimes does not care that their are frauds.  In their eyes, all of Christians are frauds or they are all the same thus they lump cultists, Catholics and Protestants into one bunch.

It is hard for them to grasp the differences or that it really matters because their minds are not regenerated by Jesus nor have they the skills to figure out why believers say one person is a Christian and another not. If a Mormon says he is a Christian then the unbeliever accepts their claims as they do not know that the Mormons practice doctrines and teachings contrary to the Bible and that their faith is dangerous to their souls.

This is only one perspective and the Christian must be aware of this fact so they know what to do when the situation arises and one is confronted with this confusion.  The difference must be explained and it is simple, so one does not have to go into a long detailed explanation making the unbeliever sorry he asked.

Another viewpoint held by the unsaved is one that shows the church in a very negative light and it is sad that such a view exists in the world.  This view is one where the unbeliever sees the church with its hand out.  To them it is an organization that only wants money and once given money, it is never returned.

All too often churches have been caught in business deals where they over-inflate the value of an item they wish to sell, or they continually ask for money for the building project or the other special project they are emphasizing.  The unchurched and many believers are tired of this as it is never ceasing.

A common sentence that is heard is, 'the church? oh all they want is money..' it is sad, as all too often the pastor preaches another sermon on stewardship and giving, and the parishioner is weary of being told what they already know as God has made His will quite clear in scripture concerning money, tithing and stewardship.

The final perspective that will be looked at is the push to convert everyone through preaching at them. One of the most common sentences I have heard on this subject is, 'the Christian just wants another notch on their gun.  They do not care about me as a person or anything.'

Sadly this is all too true as congregations follow their denomination's lead and have a salvation message and alter calls every week in both services.  Or the Christian just becomes friends with someone to convert them.  This ulterior motive is easily spotted and can be mis-interpretated when the truth comes out with the fallout making things a lot worse for the believer to win people to Christ.

Yes we are to preach the gospel, yes we are to save souls but that is NOT the only part of Jesus' message or instructions to us.  There is a lot more to saving someone than saying a prayer or following the latest evangelistic fad to hit the church doorstep.  People have needs and to win souls one must be ready to meet those needs, not blindly where one gives everything away but wisely, following God's leading as He knows what and how much is needed at the time.

Patience must play a part in this as well as reaping does not come immediately upon planting the seed, sometimes the seed needs to take root and it will be some time before the sinner realizes what he/she needs to do. The time in between can be of more value and aid the decision if the believer sees the unbeliever as a person who has needs, pain, desires problems and ministers to those as God sees fit.

This is not the social gospel but part of the Jesus' gospel.  He did not solely preach and save souls, then leave people in need. NO! He met their physical needs first on more occasions than not, then He preached the salvation message.  Sometimes the church is too anxious to please God and goes straight for the 'slam bam thank you ma'am 'approach which only ends up in disaster and with barriers raised by the unbeliever.

In putting the physical needs last the church does not do its work properly as the unsaved person is hardened more because their needs have gone untended while they have been forced to endure salvation messages before they get help.  By meeting physical needs first, the church may find it easier to harvest souls when the time is right.

The final view I want to look at is that the unchurched world sees the Christian as different than themselves.  They have an idea in their heads that Christians are perfect and do no wrong, and then when a Christian does some sin, they write off the whole church and Jesus because their illusion has been shattered. The unsaved do not know or realize that Christians face temptation and other pressures which make life more difficult and with this partial information they draw conclusions that should not be reached.

Since the majority of them reject the devil or evil, they cannot comprehend what role he plays in the life of the Christian or their own.  This omission also brings the sinner to the wrong conclusions and Jesus ends up being punished for the choices of His followers.  He is rejected based upon the observation, experience or even hearsay evidence the sinner receives, this is not fair to Jesus or His message as he is wrongfully rejected because of those who do not practice what Jesus taught.

The unchurched world knows more about the Bible than Christians do or even realize.  They have an idea on how Christians should act and believers should not be naive about this fact.  It is hard for the believers to realize that the unsaved has read the Bible over and over (many not all) and have a working knowledge of what it says but do not comprehend it all because God has not entered into their lives  and lifted the veil of confusion.

The Christian, knowing how the unsaved view them, can now know how to act and respond when questions arise from the unbeliever's confusion concerning some Christian’s behavior or words.  We know we are sinners set free by Jesus but that does not mean the sinner understands this or that we make mistakes.  They have little conception of what it means to be a believer or that all who say they are a Christian truly are. So when a cultist goes bad, it is all Christians who suffer because of the unsophistication and misunderstandings.

It can't be helped, it will happen but the Christian must be 'ready to give an answer' when the time comes.

Knowing God's Will -2

Here is another list of verses to help one find God's will for their lives.  This is not a strategy on how to find the right city, the right employment but how to find the place to start in one's own life.  The first page and this one is directing people to stop worrying about  where they are supposed to be and focus on what things they need to do first, which is implementing God's ways in ones life.  By starting with God's word and putting God's will there first, the person will get to the point where they will learn where God wants them and which job they should be in and so on.

Too often people want to run first and get the right job, the right location, the right friends and what they need to do is slow down and start with themselves so they are ready when God wants them to move or change.  To do before one is ready means a less impact for God than if one had prepared themselves first.

There is no particular order for this list:

26. Test the spirits (1 John 4:1)

27. Accept God's words, turn your ears to wisdom (prov. 2:1-2, 5)

28. Test yourselves (2 Cor. 13:5)

29. Do not conform to this world (Rom. 12:2)

30. Do not use your freedom for evil (1 Pet. 2:16-17)

31. Do what the Lord has commanded you (Deut. 5:32)

32. Ask for wisdom (James 1:5, 17)

33. Fear the Lord (Is. 50:10)

34. Put on the whole armor of God (Eph. 6:17)

35. Meditate on the Bible (Josh. 1:8)

36. Let the word of Christ dwell in you (Col. 3:16)

37. Train yourself to be godly (1 Tim. 4:7-8)

38. Encourage one another (Heb. 3:13)

39. Honor one another above yourselves (Rom. 12:10)

40. Confess your sins and pray for one another (James 5:16)

41. Be humble, gentle, patient... (Eph. 4:1-3)

42. Do NOT judge (Rom. 14:10)

43. Use one's spiritual gifts (1Pet. 4:10)

44. Do not weary in doing good (Gal. 6:9)

45.  Praise and glorify the Lord (Ps. 34:1)

46. Do not be anxious (Phil. 4:6)

47. Do everything without complaining or arguing (Phil. 2:14-16)

48. Do not store treasures on earth (Mt. 6:19-21)

49. Be the light to the world (Mt. 5:13-14)

50. Be Holy (1 Pet. 1:13)

Making a Christian Impact

"Be ye in the world not of it" is an old familiar verse yet it is one that is ignored by many believers today as they look to the world to provide them with ideas, strategies and direction. A quick look at a concordance shows us that God spoke clearly about not looking to the world to do His work.  There are many, many passages that clearly provide this instruction.

Yet, the modern Christian world has chosen to not abide by those words and have compromised their position, their faith and their testimony because they have opted for ideas that are far from holy. Then they have the audacity to wonder or complain about why they do not reap a good harvest.  The explanation is simple; they have chosen to do things according to their own understanding, their own desires, and their own will.

They should not be amazed by the lack of results, nor should they excuse their failure by placing all the responsibility upon the unbeliever when they are the ones who have failed to give the secular world a clear option to choose.  When the church acts like the secular world, speaks like them or employ non-spiritual thinking to their goals then why would the unbeliever choose to go to church? There is nothing different or better in the church.

This lack of using God's ways permeates the entire Christian world, from serious issues like abortion to simple things such as feeding the poor. We see God put on the sideline and asked to bless our efforts instead of looking to Him as the quarterback and waiting for Him to give the instructions.

It is no wonder that non-believers do not decide for Christ, as they can see that those who claim to follow Jesus do not believe Him nor put His words into action. And it is clear why the believer does not make an impact on his or her area of life.  The compromise is great as the church struggles to find human ways to put people in the pews.

Some churches or believers have opted to combine evolution with creation or simply ignore God's words and accept secular science's ideas on the origin of life altogether.  One cannot expect to win souls when they are going the wrong way and watering down their message with the 'open-minded' decision to make the church and the Bible look better by adopting lies. The believer has decided to follow Christ and He stated that God created both man and women, which clearly ends the discussion about evolution.

Sadly, too many Christians opt for secular science over the Bible, as they are being deceived and led astray by evil simply because a field less than 200 years old claims expertise and says differently than a book one has chosen to accept.  But it doesn't stop with creation as many abortion protestors stray from God's ways and decide to use sin in combating this horrible practice.

God has never given permission to use sin and that sin in this issue ranges from lying, to fraud, to theft, to destruction of property and all the way up to murder.  One cannot preach repentance of sin then turn around and advocate the use of sin to defeat a sinful practice. It is just wrong and hinders the work of Christ.

Unfortunately, the ignoring of God's instructions do not stop with such serious issues as this bad behavior continues into areas of church life where many hurting Christians or believers who made a mistake are often considered pariah and ostracized.  This miserable treatment of one's own does not advertise to the non-believer anything positive.  Why should they attend a church whose people will turn on them if they stumble in the Christian life?

Or how about the elaborate structures congregations build? They are spending, cumulatively; billions of dollars to create a building that will rival secular corporate headquarters, knowing full well that those buildings will not make it to heaven, all the while people are going hungry, are out of work and can't pay the bills have medical expenses and so on.

We were not commanded to waste such money on temporary structures, but we were commanded to look after God's creation--both Christian and not. The list could go on but you get the picture, and it is not good.  How can the modern Christian make an impact?

They need to change, turn from accepting and following the world's ideas and look to God and follow His.  The Bible is very clear what God wants His people to do and it does not correspond with the current political parties in action today. God's people belong to God's kingdom and they need to implement God's ways if they want to make an impact for Him and on the world.

It is time for the modern church to stop giving lip service to God and get serious about their beliefs, letting God examine their hearts and minds and then asking for His help in removing the wrong things and plant in them the correct thoughts, desires and actions.  If one needs to, they should make a checklist be honest with themselves, and then they need to turn to God and ask His direction and His solution so that their congregation can become true believers and make an impact for Him on their community.

We do not live for the things of this world, they pale in comparison to God, Jesus and heaven thus our attention should not be upon who is the greatest sports star but his/her soul. We live for things eternal and we start with ourselves, allowing God to cut away the distracting, unfruitful items and replacing them with the good so that the unsaved world can see the difference, see that they have a real choice and that there is something better for them.

The time is NOW for the church to change and stop playing their games.

Faith Healing

Recently it was reported in the news that a man was sentenced to prison for following his faith and looking for healing from God for his daughter.  On the internet the story can be found under the title "Praying man let his daughter die"  There are two issues here that need to be discussed and the first one is, do not be surprised when the unbelieving world does not agree with scriptural practices.

The unregenerate world does not grasp nor comprehend the spiritual world or its duties.  The Bible is very clear on this thus doing not expect those charged with public order to sanction such activities blindly or readily.  They do not understand the why's of such decisions; they react according to their own understanding, their own ideas and are under the influence of evil which leads them to attack anything of God.

"Defined broadly, faith healing is the attempt to use religiousor spiritualmeans such as prayerto prevent illness, cure disease, or simply improve health. Proponents claim that prayers, mental practices, spiritual insights, or other techniques can summon divine or supernatural interventions on behalf of the ill. According to the varied beliefs of those who practice it, faith healing may be said to afford gradual relief from pain or sickness or to bring about a sudden "miracle cure", and it may be used in place of, or in tandem with, conventional medical techniques for alleviating or curing diseases. Faith healing has been criticized on the grounds that those who use it may delay seeking potentially curative conventional medical care. This is particularly problematic when parents use faith healing techniques on children" (Faith Healing Psychologywiki)

That is not to say that all 'faith healers' are of God but that those who do practice their beliefs seriously will not be given honor but looked at as criminals.  This also does not mean that every step towards faith healing is the right move and that one must forgo seeing a doctor. There is a comment made by the father that is disturbing as it shows some misguided belief on his part and a failure to understand God and how he acts. He said:

"If I go to the doctor, I am putting the doctor before God," he said. "I am not believing what he said he would do."

Really?  Let's take a closer look at this situation. First, at no time did God, Jesus or the disciples command that doctors be ignored.  There is no verse which says do not go to a doctor but seek faith healing all the time. Asa got in trouble "not because he went to a doctor but because he did not consult God first" (source not found).

Second, we have no evidence that God directed the parents to pray only nor do we have evidence that He told them NOT to go to a doctor. The father would not be 'putting the doctor before God' simply because he did not have instructions to stay away, he would not be disobeying God because he took his sick daughter to a doctor.

Third, there is no disbelief if one takes their child to a doctor unless God specifically said, 'do not go'. It is this misguided faith that gets so many believers in trouble.  They assume something and without careful study of the scriptures and sincere prayer they act foolishly. God has His ways of doing things, and they must be consistent with Him and who He is, a person seeking healing by faith must adhere to God's ways not their own ideas of those ways.

Fourth, going to a doctor is not a lack of faith. If one consults God first and asks what they should do and which doctor they should go to, God will lead them to the right person. Having faith doesn't mean God is limited to one avenue of healing, He has many ways to accomplish answering prayer but they used when He gets the glory and the petitioner realizes it was only God who did it.

Finally, the sad part, be prepared for an answer of 'no'.  Not everyone will be healed, God has said 'it is appointed unto man once to die...' we cannot escape death no matter the age of the person who is ill.  Death happens and it must be accepted, for that is the way of life. God did not guarantee longevity to all people, no one has the promise of long life outside of scriptural parameters and it is not unjust or unfair of God to allow some to die later than others. God has His purpose, His reasons and the servant of God must be ready to accept that fact and that each day is a gift to be used wisely and for Him.

What this man's actions demonstrate is that he does not grasp the Biblical teachings and that his pastor should have been more active (considering the little we now of the situation) in stopping these parents from their actions.  proper instruction from the church leadership is important and it seems that it is lacking here as the parents and those gathered to pray were not fully apprised of how faith works or what was the correct procedure in this case.

it is not wrong to seek healing from God miraculously, it is not wrong to ask God to lead you to the right doctor, it is wrong to not consult God first and see what direction He wants you to use. I do not agree with the judgement of the court because they do not grasp all of the teachings about faith or God. The parents are only guilty of making a mistake. They did not withhold treatment from their daughter, they just chose the wrong one to use for that situation and they paid for it with the death of their daughter.

There is so much we do not know about this case, the strength of the parent's faith, the beliefs they followed, and so much more but we do know what the Bible says, we have the examples of faith healing in both the old testament and the new, we know that Jesus usually required a physical act to demonstrate the petitioner's faith- go to the pool and wash your eyes, show yourself to the priests, rise up and walk, the touching of His garment and so on.  The roman centurion provided his own physical act when He said he was not worthy to have Jesus come to his house but that if Jesus just spoke the words he knew his servant would be healed.

We see no physical demonstration of faith by the parents which showed that they believed without doubt that God would heal their daughter.  Believers when looking to the Bible for direction, need to read all the details, get all of the story to make sure they are acting according to what God said and not assume that if they do something without proper direction they will be granted their request.

There are parameters and criteria that must be met and one must seek God to make sure they know which ones they are to meet before acting. 

For further reading:

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