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The Church and Science

Much has been said about this issue and Christians have a wealth of books with which to choose from if they want to be educated on the topic.  But if the Christian wants to know the truth, if they are serious about using science in their studies, their work or their debates then they need to stop being lazy and start separating the good from the bad.

It is often said that ‘all science is good science’ but that is mere wishful thinking as we all know from history that that idea is just not so.  The Nazi experiments during the 30’s and 40’s are just one horrific example of what happens when the moral boundaries are lifted for the pursuit of scientific curiosity.

One cannot lift God’s rules even from the field of science for then you are basically giving  blank check to evil and letting it do its dirty work and allowing it to freely deceive people.  There is good and bad science, there is right and wrong science and we must keep limits on those who work in the field for who knows what man will come up with when left to their own devices.  Though we have a pretty good idea from the example of Dr. Mengeles and others, who have let evil, be their guide.

Yet this warning does not dismiss science altogether.  It must be remembered that God created that field and its purpose, which is to learn more about God and what He did at creation. This does not mean that we open the door to secular theories for such theories are alternatives to what God said He did and they are wrong.  It means that we can use science properly and benefit from the knowledge we receive.

The church is NOT to stick its head into the sand when new ideas are brought to bear, we are not the religious authorities of the dark and middle ages, where the church was dominating and suppressing scientific thought.  On the contrary, we are the guideline with which to temper these discoveries to make sure that they are NOT deceiving people and leading them astray.

That does not mean we persecute those who opt for the untrue ideas and theories of scientific research rather we present the alternative and stick to it, using science to demonstrate the truthfulness of God’s word.  Such evidence includes the fact that for the past 10,000 years or less everything is done like the Bible said was initiated at creation.  Also, when the Bible says ‘in the beginning....’ then we do not put a date upon creation, for it would be dishonest to do so because we do not know exactly when creation took place.

Along with that, we do not get caught up in arcane thinking that when the Bible states ‘the ends of the earth…’ or ‘the four corners of the world…’ or something similar, that it is teaching the earth is square or flat but that it is using common terminology because people understand what they mean and are still used today. We still talk about adventurers or missionaries going to the ‘ends of the earth’ or that sailors sail to the four corners of the world…’

There is nothing wrong with the Bible using those terms, or the ones that say ‘the sun rises or sets’.  Even though we know that it doesn’t, we still talk like it does.  One has to be careful that when they dismiss science that they do not throw the ‘baby out with the bath water’.  For they will be throwing out a tool God has brought into existence for our benefit.

The church needs to learn to discern between good science and what is called secular science’. Secular science is designed to omit the supernatural and that is wrong.  It is also designed to look in the wrong places for the right answer.  Unfortunately, they usually find the wrong one. 

Not all science is bad, but one must be careful when ignoring or using it as it is subject to the sin and corruption that entered into the world at Adam’s fall, including the scientists who work in its multiple fields.

Science is not the final authority for the devil has his hand in it and in its leadership so a believer must be strong, courageous and look to God to lead them to the right answers, the right methods, and dismissing the theories from the secular side, for the source contaminates the thought.

The Church & Suicide

Recently in this country a ten year old boy killed himself and the reason he gave was that ‘he could no longer live in this world’.  The reporting of this act unleashed another round of unfair bashing of this country but a quick look at the records indicates that children around the world commit suicide regularly, so this country is not abnormal.

People will commit suicide or attempt it because they perceive they have come to the end of the line and the stigma that comes with that act has been around for centuries.  The International Standard Bible Ency. tells us:  

“No special law is found against this crime, for it is included in the prohibition against killing. Contrary to the practice and the philosophy of paganism, the act was held in deep abhorrence by the Hebrews because of the high value placed on human life.”

 Contrary to what Jay Adams says to do, one cannot withhold doing good even if they encounter a hurting person who is not a Christian. To do so would be to commit sin. (James 4:17).

People need help and the church cannot afford to wait till they decide, in the midst of their tribulations and struggles to drop their own personal beliefs and run into the arms of Jesus, especially when they have never encountered God’s love via His followers.  If they have only experienced the judging or condemning attitudes of the Christian church then why would the church members expect people to run to them when they are in trouble? It is an unrealistic thought.

The church needs to stop looking at those who attempt or succeed at suicide as outcasts who are unworthy of anything the church has to offer.  The Bible warns us about treating people who sin badly, as we were once sinners like them and received grace, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. and we should pas what we received onto those who need help, even when the deed offends deeply.

What is the church to do?  They are to do exactly what Jesus would have done and wants to do right now.  Jesus said, in Mat. 11:28 “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Thus the church needs to put that promise into action so the world can see it is true ad that they can come to the church to find rest.

As you can see in the promise, there are NO pre-conditions, no demands to be saved first, no exceptions.  It is for all no matter what they did; Jesus healed all and helped all, even those who failed to return to give thanks (the ten lepers). The church can do no less for if they don’t how will the unsaved know the good side of Christ and God? How can they be convicted of their sins, if they are treated less than Christ would treat them and given attitudes that only reinforce their negative ideas about the church and Christ?

The church cannot impose its own demands; it cannot hold help out there like a carrot on a stick and pull the prize away when the hurting person doesn’t do what they want nor are they to have ulterior motives behind their offer of help.  They should not take advantage of vulnerable people but be straight-forward and honest.

Christians need to remember that Christ made the promise and that He uses them to guide hurting people to healing, solutions and to salvation, it is not their place to withhold help unless Christ directs them to do so and one needs to be very sure before they do.

Unbelievers already know about God’s judgment and punishment side, what they need to experience is the grace, the love and the compassion side that He possesses.  One cannot expect conversion at every opportunity to help but they must be content with planting the seed so God can water it down the road.  The Christian needs to obey, even when they think it will do no good for they are not always privy to God’s plans and disobedience loses more than one opportunity.

The Church and Need

When the late Johnny Carson was still in his prime on his late night talk show, he would spend some time during the Christmas season reading children's letters to Santa Claus.  There were the usual wish lists, the 'I want this', 'I want that' letters but more often than not there were these heart wrenching letters pleading with Santa to give their daddies jobs.

The children asked nothing for themselves and their selfishness would bring tears to the eyes of Mr. Carson and those listening to those simple pleas. It made one wish that they were rich and was able to help the families in need. In spite of that emotional spark questions can arise as one tries to think through the situation and some follow:

1. Why do the children write and ask Santa? No one knows the religious beliefs of those children but why would they see the need to turn to an imaginary figure over Jesus to make their requests? Has the church disappointed too many people that they must now find alternatives to Jesus?

2. Where is the church? Has the impact of the church been so minimal that people refuse to turn to it or Jesus for help? The church has the greatest resource and the wealthiest benefactor available, why is it that they seem to fail to go beyond a temporary assistance when there are options out there?

3. Why does the church rely on the government agencies to provide more help? When the church should be relying on God to help them provide for the needs of His creation. In turning people over to the secular agencies, the church is robbing God of credit and glory, and saying that God is NOT able to meet these needs.

There are other questions but these will start a person on the right track.  Why should a church raise $2 to 100 million dollars for a church sanctuary, when that same money could be put to a more practical purpose?  The lavish church structure is NOT going to make it to heaven so why should the church spend its time and energy going too far with it while ignoring those who need a job, or a helping hand?

There is no law stopping the church from creating jobs or raising money to provide employment for those who have families or themselves to support. Is it because the church's priorities are on more tangible efforts like huge construction projects or other items that will be left behind when this world is over?

Scripture tells us that 'if a man does not work he should not eat' so why not help people find employment or help them get training, so that they can meet God's requirements even though they may not believe.  How much better for the church if they did tangible things like that instead of raising a spectacular building to appear successful to the secular world?

If the church gets involved then God gets the glory and people can see God's love for them then God can now work in their lives as seeds have been planted.  Contrast this with people unemployed, barely able to feed and cloth their families and they see the local congregation spending money upon a structure that contradicts their claims.  What do you think will be their thoughts?  That God and the believer just do not care.

They do not get to experience God's love, they do not get to see God in action and they do not get to take care of their families. Too often the church has adopted secular ideas and applied it to their work for Christ and it just doesn't fit, as God does not look at success like the secular world but has His own standard which the church must meet.

The church needs to forget about the secular world's ideas and implement what God wants as scriptures also says 'to obey is better than to sacrifice'.  One must obey God's word or it is of no value to them or the world they are trying to reach.  The church cannot afford to send people to the secular agencies or governments for that is NOT the purpose of the church, the purpose of the church is to do the will of God and that does not mean sacrificing the physical needs to only evangelize.

The church needs to step up now and listen to God as more and more people are going to be lost during this or the next crisis and that is just not right. There are options for the church to utilize that will help spread God's word, love and message to the world.  The church just has to be willing and listen to God.  Not everyone responds to a Billy Graham type gospel but need more than words to soften their hearts.

People are in need every day and sometimes it doesn't take much to change a life, if the believer follows God's leading.  Forget what the world thinks is successful; focus on what God thinks and look for those simple moments where Jesus can work through you.  Don't be discouraged in doing good or if you do not see immediate results, all contributions are part of God's plan and since God knows the hearts of the unsaved, one has to trust Him to lead the unsaved to the right person for salvation.

One has to be content with their contribution but if one obeys then they will be rewarded, if one disobeys and does nothing, then a soul could be lost and the believer reprimanded.  Look beyond the government for help, look to God and grow in Him as He shows you how He works. Through various methods and means.

The Church and the Hurting

The organized church, especially the evangelical arm, has a bad reputation and it has been known for decades if not generations. Almost everyone knows what it is and that it has to do with the fact that the church is NOT GOOD with those who are hurt or less than productive. 

For some reasons, Christians tend to give a wide berth to those in need, whether they fear such maladies are contagious or that the non-victorious christian has committed some sin and they will be subject to God's wrath if they help out, is unknown.  The church is known for having the worst record in helping others and more and more believers fall by the way side as they are ignored each week and receive little comfort from those who are supposed to lend a hand.

The church forgets that Jesus made a promise to all people, 'come unto me all ye who labor and are in need of rest' and that it is one of the church's duties to minister to those who answer that call.  Even those who struggle within the church walls and are well known by their fellow parishioners.  The church cannot expect for Jesus to automatically make some thing appear out of thin air when the hurting person prays and all they get to do is watch it take place.

No, Jesus and God use their followers to fulfill His will, to minister to others in obedience to them and it is not done out of condescending attitudes or a condemnation or judgmental spirit, but out of compassion for their fellow man because they love Jesus. The passage of scripture that says 'do unto others...' speaks volumes as all the healthy, vibrant victorious Christians would have to do is place themselves in the hurting's situation and think to themselves how they would like to be treated when faced with overwhelming adversity.

How does one help those who are hurting and in pain?  Saying things like 'have faith...' or 'pray about it...' or 'God will do something...' have no meaning or affect upon those who are struggling and in need.  They know that already and probably have been exercising faith, or been praying about it and are looking for God to do something and they have been directed to you by God because you may have the exact resource they need to make it through.

God has given you the ability and the opportunity to serve Him.  Serving Jesus is NOT always about praying about someone's need, singing in the church, or painfully trying to share the gospel with a co-worker. Serving Jesus is rolling up one's sleeves and humbling getting involved as God directs with compassion, not with an air of superiority but with the thought that Jesus reached down and helped you when you needed it and saved you from a life of sin.

The church is NOT here to build lavish buildings, to install state of the art equipment or to demand of the congregant's time so much that the family is splintered apart because they never spend time together.  That IS NOT the purpose of the church at all.  Yes we can meet in buildings, yes we can have specific programs but not at the detriment of the family or the hurting.  Some of the loneliest people can be found inside the church walls.

Nor is the church supposed to make a criterion that a person must sit through a salvation message before receiving help, Jesus made no such rule nor practiced such a thing during His human lifetime. Jesus never spoke against helping someone as when the lady came and washed his feet and poured perfume on them, He didn't rebuke the disciple who admonished the women for not selling the perfume and giving the money to the poor, Jesus rebuked Him for his false piety.  He never said do not help the poor, He never taught that before you help you must preach a gospel sermon, for He knew such opportunities would arise when the needs of the hurting and the poor were met.

Helping those in need was a big part of His ministry and as we look upon the two accounts of feeding the multitudes, you will notice Jesus STOPPED preaching to meet the people's physical needs. What this tells us is that, when we encounter someone in pain or need, we do not need to preach at them for they already know you are a christian and if they don't, a simple answer to their question- why are you helping me?- can be, 'because I follow Christ.'

One has to prepare the soil first before planting the seed and getting a harvest and sometimes all it takes is putting a blanket over a cold person.  One never knows what God will do when they respond in obedience and humbleness that HE is using them to help a hurting person. Even if it is a few minutes to listen to someone and directing them to the right Christian who can help them further, every little good act helps.

Now when one helps, there are rules that need to be followed, for God may not want you to go too far or give money at that moment.  One has to be discerning and listen to the Holy Spirit to help them to know what they are to do when.  As the example of the maidens with the oil lamps tells us, we are not to give all that we have and leave ourselves or our families in a poor position; we must know how much, in what manner and what attitude.

One does not put themselves in the poorhouse for then the problem has not been solved, just transferred to you.  Lending money is not always a good idea for the repayment may place the people in the same position as they were before they received help.  One must listen to God to know how much to do for the person.

Now all needs are not financial and many hurting people have other problems but the rules are the same. One cannot give all their time and the sacrifice of their own children or spouse but need to know when and how much, plus one needs to know when to refer hurting Christians on to the professional who is better equipped to handle the needs. Sometimes, all hurt Christians need is to get their eyes off other Christians before Satan gets to destroy their faith and have them placed back upon Christ.  Discernment is needed, not a degree in counseling thus a Christian walking with God is qualified to lend a hand (to the point God wants).

Getting involved is what hurting Christians need, not glib lines or platitudes, people need God BUT God has chosen to use believers for a His reasons.  We see this in the act of Jesus sending out the 12 to minister without Him and when they returned the joy they felt at being able to do what Christ did as He taught them. Yes Jesus could have healed all those people He could have cast out all the demons, and He could have healed all the sick--but that wasn't His purpose.  His purpose was to teach the right way to live, to prepare a group of leaders, then to provide the way of salvation by dying on the cross and rising again.

The plan all along was to have God's & Jesus' followers carry on the work of Jesus, not only to preach the gospel but to meet physical and emotional needs of other humans. One of the best ways to reach someone is to get another person who has made the decision, who has experienced Christ, to tell them how good it is and let the unbeliever see the changing power of Jesus.  So those who believe should keep an ear out for those times when God tells them here is a person you need to get involved with and see them through a problem.

The hurting need Christians to start listening for too many are being left behind or sacrificed because congregations do not think it is spiritual or holy to reach out and help.  Jesus left the 99 to find the 1, we can do no less.

The Church and Abortion

This article is NOT about the rightness or wrongness of the act of abortion itself.  That has been discussed long and often and nothing new can be said about it here.  What this article is about is what the church should be doing in regards to those who participate on the act.  Too often the church is left with an embarrassing problem as the most visible do some of the most unchristian things and they are the ones who make the evening news. Christians should not let such people determine their reputation nor mar the work of Christ.

The church has guidelines with which to follow and they are found in the Bible and in each of them one will not find any exclusionary clause that allows them to with hold what God has said to do. It doesn't matter how evil one thinks of the act or those who are involved in its performance, God's love is for all and one cannot change if the believer withholds what God has made available to all.

The following will be done in point form with some explanation to give a clear idea of how one should act when combating issues like abortion:

1. Prayer-- Too often believers camp out in public across from an abortion clinic and start to pray for its closure.  Sure some do close but in reality what did they really do--move to another location and just re-opened away from their opponents and continued business.  Nothing was really accomplished except the hardening of hearts of those working in the clinic for they may have lost their jobs and could not feed their families. Or they encountered unexpected expenses for the move.  Any way you slice it, the Christian looks like the enemy and stumbling blocks have been constructed in the hearts of those employees of abortion clinics.

God does not want believers to look like the bad guy or the enemy, for that puts them into the wrong camp and ends their usefulness.  God said to go into one's prayer closet to pray and the believer needs to do that, whether quietly and alone or in a group in a living room or church building and pray there. The believer no longer looks like the enemy and stumbling blocks are erased plus God said he who sees in secret will reward openly thus one does not have to be a public spectacle to achieve one's desire.

2. Picket lines-- This tactic is used far too often and like above, makes the Christian look condemning, judgmental, hate filled, unchristlike and many other negative things.  The only thing that is accomplished with this strategy is that Christians and Christ are hated by those who already know how difficult this decision is.  They do not need to be abused by those who say they follow the God of love.

God does not want believers to undermine their purpose or His work by such actions; Jesus even said to ’remove the beam from one's own eyes before trying to remove the speck in another person's eye.'  A believer cannot do that when they are hurling insults and abuse at a fellow creation of God. Jesus also said 'do not judge....’ among other things and a picket line is allowing one to judge those who do not follow the same path as a believer. The love and caring of Christ cannot be transmitted to those on the pro-abortion side because it is overwhelmed by the hatred being cast against those who are deciding for abortion.  God is not hatred, it is sin and His followers should NOT sin in their work.

3. False abortion Clinics-- Many church groups set up these fake clinics near real abortion facilities and then have people on the street trying to guide abortion seekers into their doors where they are subjected to emotional torture, false imprisonment, and illegal confinement while the anti-abortionists force their ideas upon the vulnerable women and girls.

God does not lie and He does NOT give permission for His followers to sin and this is what is being done-- sin.  The purpose, the ends do NOT justify the means because God did not tell His people to do His will through sinful acts.  No where in the Bible does it say that Christians are to sin to save someone.  In fact sin is punished, even when God's will was done (Achan's sin at Jericho); there is NO excuse for Christians to sin, even in the defense of unborn babies.  God is NOT the author of sin and the believer must avoid all such acts if they want to make an impact for God instead of ruining His work in the lives of the lost.

4. Murder, shootings, bombings-- same as #3.  Such acts only turn people off of Christ and make is work harder to do.  Anyone who advocates this and the previous points need to be dismissed for they are NOT acting within God's will, they are NOT following God's Word, they are not of God.  Christians have chosen to follow God and His ways, sin is not that option and the Christian must realize that they have chosen to serve God not vice versa thus they must make sure they are within God's will and guidance before acting or it will fail.

When participating in the above acts, one does not realize the far reaching impact of their actions.  For such acts are seen not only by those in the immediate area, but those observers tell others what they have seen and today's media age makes sure millions more are witness to these unchristian acts and hear the words that try to justify them.  The purpose, no matter how honorable means nothing when a believer ignores what they say they believe and cross the line and pick up evil methods to do God's work.  Souls are lost or hearts are hardened because these misguided people do NOT follow God but their own understanding.

What can a church do then?  What they are instructed to do by God as found in His word.

First, they pray in accordance to His instructions so that they are kept pure and viable to be used by him when those who are pro-abortion need someone. During this prayer time they seek the guidance of God, binding the evil one from leading them away from what God would want them to do and giving them the strength to-do God's will.

Second, they are to do good to those who do evil.  There is no exception here.  The Bible does not say 'do good to those who do evil except those who kill babies' no, that would be wrong, unjust, minus mercy and not of God.  Even those involved in the abortion practice need to experience the real God, the love of God, His forgiveness and so on. The church needs to listen to God on how they should do good to those people who offend so many by their employment.

Third, The church needs to have God clean out their eyes first, so they can see what they are to do clearly and see who the pro-abortion people really are--God's creation whom God loves and who are being deceived. Once the church sees clearly concerning who they are fighting, and then they will know what they should do or can hear clearly what they are supposed to do.

Fourth, the church should ask God to forgive the participants for their acts and that he will open the doors for the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts.

Fifth, the church should pray that God will supply the resources needed to meet the needs of the mothers, the fathers and their families plus to meet the needs of those who perform the abortions. Meeting the physical needs of those involved goes a long ways for the cause of Christ. The same word of mouth that destroys the work of Christ will enable it as well, preparing souls for the harvest when it comes their way.

The church CANNOT rely on government agencies to meet the needs of people for that would be robbing God of glory and opening the door for the devil to turn many away from Christ.  The church needs to be prepared to fill the void until God makes them able to stand on their own feet.  There is no excuse for passing the hurting on to the secular world for the secular world is what got them in trouble in the first place.

The last thing the church should do is not judge nor condemn.  That is NOT the Christians duty and no matter how vile you may think of the issue or act of abortion, those thoughts do NOT over-rule God's instructions to the believer. The believer has decided to follow Christ Not their own ideas anymore thus they must think like God wants and do away with their own sinful thoughts and have their minds regenerated so they can minister to these people.

The above is but a few ideas and examples of the right and wrongs of the opposition to abortion. To win, the believer must humble themselves and do things God's way, for that is His instruction, His will.  We do not get to justify our own ideas or actions with His words for that is NOT following God but looking to God to bless our own actions.  Such is wrong for God does not get the glory and the world does not get to see God in action.  Nor do they get to experience the reality that He cares for them. As it stands all they see is hatred, condemnation, judgement and rejection, the world needs to see God and it is time for the church to do it God's way.

The Church and Evolution

The church is under attack and it is not from just the outside but from the inside as its own members are persuaded to accept scientific findings over the Biblical accounts.  But this isn't about the church and science, there is an article on that topic already. Instead this is about the church and the evolutionary theory.

2 Timothy 4:3 tells us, 'for the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.'

We see this happening as Christians flee the Genesis account and all the passages of scripture which talk about creation and adhere themselves to men who use science and fancy theories to describe the origin of all things.

These theories come in nice packages titled 'theistic evolution' or 'progressive creationism' in hopes that the spiritual inference is enough to get people to follow what they teach.  Unfortunately, they do get many to follow after their words even though there is not one ounce of evidence or proof for their ideas.

In these ideas is enough truth to confuse the unwary believer as they search for the truth and stay in obedience to God. The reality is, these supporters of these theories rely on the secular world or bad interpretations of Greek and Hebrew words to make their case.  God is not in them nor are they of God.

One must remember that God is very clear about who created the world and how He did it and one must not be swayed by the scientific arguments presented by these 'Christians’. The people of the church need to realize several things.  1. God's work and words are not subject to secular science and their ideas.  There is such a thing as good and bad science, as well as science influenced by the devil... The believer must be careful here not to blindly accept what secular people say.

2. God did not act as secular people describe.  In other words Darwin was a man without faith (see his biography) thus he would not have fellowship with God thus it stands to reason God would not give Him the secrets of creation. The theory of evolution is purely secular and a myth.  It is a house of cards easily brought down with a small breathe.

3. One cannot marry secular ideas with holy ones, they are not compatible nor are the secular ones true. Secular science is designed for natural answers not supernatural thus anything including God is not allowed and immediately rejected.  The Christian cannot join the two together and proclaim that that is how God accomplished creation.  Such an act would be a lie and calls God a liar, The Bible is very clear on how God created and it did not mention, allude, infer or refer to a process of thousands of years.

Thus the church must take a firm stand upon creation as describe by Genesis 1 and reject all attempts to accept or teach alternatives.  It needs to correct its members when they go to alternatives, stating very firmly that there was only one way life originated and the mixture of evolution and Genesis is just not allowed.

The church cannot afford to water-down what the Bible says, it cannot accept science over the Bible for they would just be advertising that they do not believe what they say they do and that is wrong if one wants to follow Christ. Often the question is raised; does my salvation depend upon my believing Gen. 1?  Well Jesus taught that God created not that life evolved, so one must ask themselves how can they have a good relationship with either God or Jesus when they are calling both liars.

Such a relationship doesn't work and no one can say they love both when they accuse them of sinning without having proof (using the secular world as proof is not a wise idea). Since both God and Jesus do not sin, there is no proof and the error would be on the side of those who choose the alternatives.

It doesn't matter how many scientists agree with evolution, it doesn't matter how many theologians agree with a bad interpretation and it doesn't matter if the majority of people side with evolution.  The majority doesn't rule in God's kingdom and God did not say to follow secular scientists or Christian ones, He did not say to follow theologians or the majority.  He did say 'follow me', 'not to walk with the ungodly or listen to them', and He said he who hears My voice...'

In other words, if one loves God then they will believe and accept what He says and that includes Gen. 1 along with 2-10 as well, along with all the other difficult passages that secular man says could not happen. The church needs to reject evolution for it has no part in God's kingdom and it is a lie meant to attract people and get them away from the truth.

For the church, there is no room for the theory of evolution in any form in their thinking, no matter the variety being espoused by 'Christians’.  God did not use any form of evolution, He did not use the scientific method when creating, and He did not take more than 6 24 hour days to create the world. 

 The church must be clear on this so they can avoid confusion in their membership. It needs to make a stand for God and throw evolution out of its presence. If the church follows the world, then the church has nothing to offer anyone and its ministry has been defeated.

The Church and Crisis

Long ago Joseph was placed into a position where he could help those who did not believe in God. The Pharaoh was given a warning he could not understand and Joseph was called upon to translate what was said.  The message contained 2 parts; there would be a time of plenty and then a time of famine. The Pharaoh was being given a chance to prepare for the famine and He did well, appointing Joseph to oversee the work that needed to be done.

The church also has been given a warning of hard times ahead.  It has come through the many different prophecies concerning the end times.  It has been given more than three and a half years to prepare for the hard times coming.  The problem is, it has not done a great job in preparing.  Being distracted by the world's ideas of success, the church has spent its time in raising and spending money on things that do not matter, on things that will be left behind when the world ends.

This is not good as millions, possibly billions, have been poured into physical accomplishments while people suffered and it continues now as we are heading into another more serious crisis. What has the church done to be ready for when people will be hungry because husbands and fathers lost their jobs and there is no food to put on the table? 

What will the church give them, if their shelves are empty and the people come knocking at their door? One cannot eat a church building, or the latest evangelistic strategy.  The people would want something more tangible than that to show their hungry families.

Why hasn't the church learned the lesson of Joseph and the famine? Why haven't they prepared for the coming hard times? There certainly has been enough warning and enough time to gather what is really needed to meet the needs of those who will be without.  Meeting physical needs is the responsibility of all Christians, not a few and we see by every example of Christ that meeting physical needs is as important in reaching souls as is preaching a salvation message.

There is no sin in helping someone out, and one cannot harvest via a salvation message if the seeds have not been planted. One way to plant seeds is to meet people's needs in time of crisis, and then letting God water that seed till it is ready to be harvested.  If there is a time for the church to be the most active it is when crisis raises its head.

One cannot expect to win souls for Christ, if the church is sending everyone to the secular world for their daily needs or by saying, we do not have anything with which to help a person. The church has the advantage over the secular world, it knows these times are coming, the secular world does not or if they do, they do not care what happens to their fellow man as long as they get theirs.

The church needs to care, it has to care and it has to prepare for those times when there is NOT enough for all. One of the things the church needs to do is follow God's leading forgetting the grandiose plans and goals and look to what is really happening and what God really wants them to do. Meeting those needs that will pay off for eternity instead of pursuing those projects that will end when time does.

Joseph had warning, Joseph had time and Joseph had means, so did the church.  It would be nice if the church was as prepared as Joseph was when crisis hit, for salvation happens in many different ways and after many different acts. One can't expect decisions for Christ, when the church ignores the needs of the people and turns them away.

The Church and Sin

The Bible says, 'Ye are the light of the world...' , this is not a command, this is not a 'responsibility' but a statement of fact as Jesus' followers are to example how people should live, throwing light into a dark world where the devil reigns.  Believers are to live their lives in such a manner to show the unchurched that there is a hope, that it is real and not some empty words written on a page from an ancient piece of paper.

Believers are not to live in a way that lords their new found hope and freedom over the unbeliever nor are they to live arrogantly or any other manner that would be considered contrary to the word of God.  They are to live humbly as they have been granted grace and a pardon from their sins. 

It is disturbing to read about how the church members abuse their new found position, justifying their behavior with a few words of out of context scripture or they use a snippet of Jesus' life as their reasoning and it is disturbing how so many followers of God do not practice what they say they believe.

In reading the book, Learning Theology with the Church Fathers' by Christopher Hall, one gets a sense of the depth of depravity that abounds in the church.  Found on pg. 45-6 is this example:

"The first time I read my students' journals I was overcome with surprise and dismay. I quickly learned the level of pain, tragedy and sin that my students had experienced, not infrequently at home or in a church setting, was elevated beyond my unsuspecting expectations. The journals I read spoke of incest, child molestation, rape, abortion, greed materialism and widespread deep-seated spiritual confusion and disillusionment"

This is not the only example as one evangelical denomination has on its website a message for all former missionary kids who were abused in their schools to come forward and share their stories in hopes of helping them over-come their trauma.

There is a reason why God wrote the Bible. It is so His followers would know the right way to live and conduct themselves. They are helped by the Holy Spirit and need to rely on Him and Jesus to meet how one is supposed to live and how one is to treat their families.

In the Bible is also the guideline on how to treat those who do not live the way they should and one cannot stand in judgment or condemnation neither can they turn a blind eye to what is happening to their friends or fellow congregants. One must become involved and if the problem is over one's ability then they need to go to someone trustworthy who can deal with the issue biblically.

Sin ruins the impact of the church, it ruins the church and it ruins people and when it comes at the hand of those who are to be trusted and loved then it is all the more devastating and removes what God intended for that person and robs them of rewards, joy and what life is all about. It creates in them a despair and leaves the impression that nobody cares, which is compounded by the actions of others who do not get involved in the right way.

The church needs to do more than just preach against sin, for the church is not to be the one pointing the finger at anyone, that is the Holy Spirit's duty.  Yes, it needs to state what is or isn't sin, Biblically not personally, but it needs to do so in a manner that is consistent with the compassion that comes from God for people do not need to please the church, they only have to please God.

The church can't point the finger for as we see by the above example, the finger would be constantly pointing back at itself. Sin is rampant within the church and it undermines its purpose, short-circuiting its impact and message while raising stumbling blocks in the unchurched world.  The church needs to deal with its own members, they cannot cover up what is taking place and they need to Biblically step in and get involved.

Saying 'pray about it' is not enough as God uses people to help solve problems and get His followers back on track. Biblical intervention is a necessary action instead of just sitting as observers commenting on the poor child for having to grow up in 'that kind of family'.  Inaction is as wrong as the sin itself, especially when one knows what should be done.  Scripture tells us this very clearly.

Healing the sinful world starts with healing the church world.  One cannot expect to harvest lost souls outside the church when the lost are ignored inside.  Sin is sin no matter who does it and it does not matter the position of the person, the issue must be dealt with. If it isn't then the church is just fooling itself.

Too often pious church members, in hopes of looking spiritual and in being 'accepted' by other pious people, separate themselves from those deemed to be less than Christian.  This is not right, nor is it what Jesus taught.  To be Biblical one must follow Christ's example not the ideas of man, even though those ideas sound scriptural or have a verse or two to support them. One must investigate such reasoning not blindly accept them as gospel and look to God as to what to do.

God grants NO permission to sin, there are no exceptions and when one decides to accept Christ as their savior then they are saying NO to the practice of sin. God is the judge of what is or isn't sin and one must carefully follow what Jesus taught, not use His words to ignore problems or issues which hurt the church. Leaving people so the sin continues is not right.

This does not mean that a believer gets to do a witch-hunt or humiliate someone they do not like; one must be humbly, truthfully following Christ and the leading of the Spirit before doing anything. Plus make sure the devil is not using them to make more of a mess than what is already taking place. Taking care of each other is what the church is supposed to do. The church cannot allow for sin to remain unchecked for that will destroy the church and lives.

The standard has been written by God and the church must adhere to that standard rejecting all secular influences which strive to water down the rules for sin is looking for a foothold to damage the church.  When declaring and battling sin, it is not what people think it is, it is what God says it is and there are no exceptions, no changes due to culture or sensibilities.

There are too many hurting people and if the pain and suffering comes from the church or its members WHERE DO the victims turn to? They have no one and that is more sin. Time for the church to get its act together and deal with the problem within their walls-- sin. The victims and the unchurched world need them to do act biblically, now.

The Church & Heritage

The Roman Catholic Church {R.C.C.} makes many claims about its validity and one such claim is that its heritage means that it is the true church of Christ. What is meant by the word heritage by the R.C.C. is that its roots go all the way back to the disciples of Jesus thus it can make the claims that all other denominations are imposters.

Unfortunately for the R.C.C., and good news for the Christian church, is that God does not make longevity the criteria to distinguish His church from all the rest.  To make the argument that one's ancient origins are all that is needed to be established as the true church opens the door for many of the ancient heresies to make the same claim as the R. C.C.

The modern cults have ancient roots as well and one good example is the Jehovah Witnesses.  Though they may have been re-organized and formed in the 19th century, their beliefs are rooted in a 1st century heresy (see The Kingdom of the Cults by the late Walter Martin pg. 87).  That heresy is called Arianism and it was dangerous 2,000 years ago and it is still dangerous today.

There are other such heresies who have found homes in modern cults who could make the claims the R.C.C. does and one such creature is called Gnosticism.  This false teaching is really a myriad of false teachings which basically denies what the Bible teaches about Christ, salvation and so on.  In fact, a form of Gnosticism has been around longer than Jesus and the disciples which means it is older than the R.C.C. and has a stronger claim to being the true church, if longevity is used as the criteria for determination.

 To stake one's claim to being the true church upon how long one has been around is a dangerous game to play and allows evil to work its deceptive powers to lure unsuspecting people away from the truth. The Christian church should not get caught up in this trap for it is a distraction and takes the believers eyes off of Jesus and the truth.

We know that the R.C.C. was actually formed in the days following Constantine's rule (see The History of Christianity by Kenneth Scott Latourette) and really has no claim to apostolic roots.  Why? Because even though there was a Roman Church that does not mean that was formed later taught the same things as the original Roman congregation or follows Christ.  We know that many unscrupulous men got a hold of a congregation and formed what is now known as the R.C.C. (Ibid.) and took that congregation in a different direction than the one Jesus wanted.

Such history does not secure the claims made by the Pope of today or any pope in history and is simply a power grab and an attempt of the devil to deceive people and rule over them.  There is no validity in the claims of the R.C.C. as being the true church of Christ and that is seen through the following reasons.

To be the true church an organization must:

1. They must teach the same gospel as Jesus and the disciples-- to do differently means that one is not passing on the truth but their own ideas.  We see many such false doctrines and practices in the R.C.C.

2. They must worship in Spirit and Truth-- Not a regulated format, with 'vain repetitions'

3. They must be submissive to God's & Jesus will- this we do not see in the R.C.C. or any of the cults.  What we see is a pursuance of their own human wills and desires.

4. They must be obedient to God's word-- One is not to follow after secular ideas, thoughts or understanding but seek God's ways even when it means reprisals for one's beliefs.

5. They must humble themselves under God's authority-- so that they are resisting implementing their own ways and following God's commands. Cults and false religions love to implement their own rules and appoint themselves as the sole person in charge, using God in name only or as a hammer to beat others down.

6. They must seek God's glory not their own-- not just in name only or for 'looks sake'

There are more and this list is just a start to give an idea the direction the true church must head.  The true church should also separate itself from the trappings of secular man, the ideologies of secular man, and the practices of secular man, allowing their light to shine on the evil deeds of the sinful and show the way to true salvation.

Most churches today, like the R.C.C., compromise in hopes of looking good, appealing and fun to the unchurched world.  Unfortunately for most compromise is also not a criterion for being the true church.  One who wants to be part of the true church must side with God, no matter how it looks to the world and do so with love, mercy, justice and many other characteristics.

The church cannot shine if it is to busy following secular man's ways, nor can it shine if it changes many of the things Jesus said to do.  What hope does secular man have if the church stops following Christ and implements its own ideas and ways?  The R.C.C. is not the true church of God nor does it speak for him.  It preaches too many ideas that are far from what Jesus and the disciples taught and it has followed a different master--money and power.

Sadly, so have many 'christian' churches.  Heritage, longevity or succession has nothing to do with being the true church of God. To be the true church of God one must honestly follow Jesus, implementing His ways into one's life and the life of the congregation. One cannot be distracted by the many ways someone tries to justify their claims instead they need to keep their eyes on Jesus and preach what he wants NOT what the world wants to hear.

The Church and Love

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love...' Is a line from a popular song from the 60's or 70's (I forget which decade) and it came from the observing of what was missing from the world at that time, and is still missing today.

Unfortunately, the author had his or her own version of what love is in mind and was not advocating the love that comes from God.  The hippies of the 50's and 60's (also the 70's) had their idea and they called it 'free love' which meant not the love that ties people to together in unity but the practice of sexual love with a multitude of sexual partners.  Women suffered most because of this thinking.

Many people have a concept of what love is in their minds, some are closer to the real thing than others yet all fail to grasp the standard of what love is simply because they did not experience it in their family, their school or even in their church lives. It is impossible to conceive the true nature of something if one has no conception of what the emotion is really.

Yes the world is missing love but it is not the secular concept of love that is missing, but the love that comes from God and is clearly defined for us throughout scripture.  I Corinthians 13, called the love chapter, clearly spells out what true love is. Spending only a few verses to do it, it is clear, simple and easily understood yet that is not the only passage that speaks about love.

We have Jesus words which state, 'Greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for his friends.' True love, not only believes what a friend or loved one said, it is not only patient and kind, etc., It is also sacrifice as the person gives up their most precious possession, their life, to make sure their friend or loved one remains alive.

This is not all that love is as I John delves deeper into the topic and talks about how 'loving' the world and the things in it means that one does not have the Love of God in them. Love can and is misplaced as believers do not continue to fight the battles they need to ensure that the love of God is within them and that it is spreading to the unchurched world.  The Bible tells us it is easy to love those who loves us back, brother to brother, christian to christian, but it is difficult to love those who do not return the feeling, non-christian to christian, and so on.

How does the unchurched world experience this love? How can they grasp this concept if they never encounter it?  Sadly, the organized church forgets that God has chosen them to be His representatives and if the believer refuses to implement God's ways in their lives, then these people will never know what true love is. The Bible tells us, 'how will they hear if no one goes?...' so we know that God is not going to miraculously send His love upon people for them to experience it and make a choice for Him but is waiting for those who say that they follow Him to take the first step and bring His love to those who are lost.

People need to feel the touch of that love, they need to experience its wonderfulness, they need to see what they are lacking so that they can desire that which is of God but they can't if the church compromises itself, withholds love, mercy, justice from those who are vile and unworthy, nor can they desire God's love if it is applied conditionally (I will give you this, if you do that).  That is not God's love as evidenced by Jesus' and the disciples’ lives and the scripture, '...freely you have received, freely give...’  Notice that in all of God's and Jesus’ commands and instructions, exceptions are rarely made.  God does not say bring justice to all except pedophiles or 'love your neighbor as yourself except your spouse's (child's) murderer, to love mercy except for those who do crimes you do not like.

Exceptions are rarely a part of God's plan and the church needs to grasp hold of this fact and apply it to their lives and ministries.  people are desperate as they know that the secular world's ways are lacking and not giving them what they want, but if the church does the same things as the world, holds the same hatreds, the same views then the church has nothing to offer anyone, especially when they hold the keys to the love of God that the unbeliever is searching for.

The church has to be different, they have to stand with what they believe and what the Bible says and they need to freely give of the love of God because they received it freely from Him. The world will not discover it on their own as its avenue, as designed from God, is for people to share it with other people.

As the last verses in 1 Cor. 13 tell us, one can be the greatest whatever yet lack love, they are just making noise and doing nothing. The church cannot place its own criteria to meet upon unbelievers for that would be contrary to what Jesus said to do and would be considered extortion; even the unsaved world knows that that act is wrong.  The church will be vulnerable emotionally when they act according to God's word but they need to obey, because souls are more important than the next sanctuary or the next sporting event.

Hurting people are all over the world, even within the church walls, and all they are looking for is someone to love them, done as God wants, so that they can over come their problems, turn to Christ, or become fruitful again. The church's responsibility is the person next door, sitting next to them in the pew or in the next country. Freely give and sow the right seeds so the harvest will be plentiful in the next few years.

 The Church and Homosexuals

Several years ago the first openly gay bishop was installed in an Episcopalian church in New Hampshire and started a controversy that has not gone away.  Now another denomination, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, faces the same struggle as their national convention is looking to vote on the issue of allowing homosexuals be ordained to the ministry.

'The Episcopal General convention declared that gays and lesbians in a committed relationship eligible for any ordained ministry'{Lutherans Prepare for Big Decision on Gay Clergy-AP 8-14-09} These acts show that the people who go to church think that they are in charge of God's criteria and rules and that they get to say who is or isn't a bishop, pastor or minister.

They forget that Jesus is the head of the church and that He has given NO special revelation, no new instructions to change God's word, to any of His followers.  Nor has He suspended God's criteria for who can be his shepherds of His people.

People forget that they are the servants of God and never has a servant been given authority to change the Master's directions or instructions when they feel they need to or are influenced by other parties outside of the master's realm.  The servant abides by his masters orders and makes sure that all in the household adhere to them as well.

Unfortunately, in this day and age a rebellion has broken out within the organized church as so called 'tolerance' of those God has called an abomination has gained favor.  This so called tolerance is in reaction to what the secular world perceives as a wrong attitude that God and His followers have towards the homosexual.  They call it 'intolerance.'  Yet the secular world forgets that God gets to have rules which govern His kingdom, His people.

We know that the secular world believes in rules, if they didn't we would have far less laws governing the many nations of the world but the secular world thinks that God is not entitled to determine who can or cannot be His ministers and that they have the right to make that decision.  It seems that many who call themselves Christians agree with the secular world as they fight to allow homosexuals to be promoted to positions God did not intend for them.

There are many problems which arise with this effort to install homosexuals into the position of pastor {bishop etc. the words will be used equally here} and first of all, it is just wrong. The pastor is the leader if God's people and if the pastor is openly continually to practice what God has determined sin, then how can he discipline the flock for their wrong behavior.

He can't. His authority is gone because he defies the very instructions he is supposed to teach his congregation to follow.  The Bishop and the word of God become moot in the eyes of those who sit in the pew. If the pastor can live in sin and do his duties, so can they.

Second, it is a mockery of God's word and pure disobedience.  God has set forth rules in both the Old and New Testaments on who can be a leader of His people, those rules have not changed.  The New Testament rules found in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1, have not been revoked nor has any teaching by Jesus or the apostles left the door open for them to be 'upgraded' as the modern world appeared.

To go against God's rules is disobedience and disobedience is sin.  For a church leader to say otherwise means that they do not believe God, do not follow God and do not know Him as 1 John so clearly teaches.  The believer must also apply the teaching on false teachers and prophets to these people for they are not teaching what Jesus and the apostles taught, they are teaching their own ideas.

Third, church leaders cannot refer to culture to change God's word. Why? Simply because that is putting culture above God's word and making what God has said subject to secular ideals and standards? That also is very wrong for culture is not above God but is defined by Him and His word.  If one infers that cultural ideas 'interpret' God's word, then we might as well throw all of God's word out the window for anyone can take any aspect of culture and rewrite the Bible--including salvation.

Then we might as well prepare for anarchy as the ultimate rule, the ultimate morality is usurped for the subjective views of sinful, fallible humans and anyone's definition of those areas will now be applied.  Culture was NOT established by God as one of the defining elements of His word. In fact, The New Testament tells us that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the truth and guide us. At no time is culture made an approved method to understanding God's word.

Besides, if one culture can change God's word what is stopping all cultures from changing the parts that they do not like?  The result is confusion and God is 'not the author of confusion'.  God has given His word, His instructions so that all of His followers will know what to do, no matter the decade, the generation the century or millennium. God does not change nor does His word.  What was the rule 2,000 years ago is the rule today.

But isn't the church being intolerant if they reject homosexuals from leading churches?  NO!  God has rules and the church must abide by them if they want to be obedient.  Just because the secular world does not like them does it mean that the church is intolerant? It means that the secular world has decided that they do not like those regulations.  Which is a bit hypocritical as the secular world creates many rules in many fields of study which omit Christians, God and the supernatural from taking part, in spite of the protests made by those who believe God.

It is God's church, not the secular world's and God gets to set the rules BUT the church must make a stand with God and not give into the pressure to compromise. Once the compromise has been accepted the church has opened the door to its destruction as it has allowed evil in and let it help dictate policy for God's people. The Episcopalian church is wrong in this issue and so is anyone who allows homosexuals to become ministers of any church or even a church leader.

The church, if it is to be effective, must take a hard line stance on this and other issues which seek to ruin God's organization (for lack of a better word). It can no longer be a viable servant once it has sinned and disobeyed God and His word.  The church, if it wants to get healthy and back to being effective for God, must repent of these sins, put out the homosexuals who are installed and those who advocate their promotion and then seek God's forgiveness and direction.

There are no excuses, no justifications for disobeying God and allowing homosexuals to become ministers.  You (and they do) ask, 'isn't God a god of love?' Yes He is BUT His love does not mean one gets to sin and disobey plus He never gives permission to sin.  A believer and church leader MUST follow GOD"S rules not secular man's ideas if they want to be with God. God's love and grace will provide forgiveness and redemption when the person comes to repent but it also disciplines when people go their own way.

Also God will NOT break His own rules, if He did then He has sinned and is no longer God; thus God is NOT leading homosexuals and other sinners to being bishops or leaders in their church if they practice sin and have not repented.  He wants them to repent, not make a mockery of His word and His church; He wants them NOT to be hypocrites and liars. He wants people to lead His church who have given up the world, the love for the world, given up sin who will stand tall for Him helping others to break free from the hold of sin--not encourage others to continue to deny and disobey His word.

The church must remain firm on this issue.  Homosexuals cannot become ministers or church leaders unless they have repented of their sins, and turned away from homosexuality (and all sin) and put His ways into their lives. This issue is not decided by the secular world, by the sinners of the world it has already been decided by God and the church and those who claim to follow Him must abide by God's decision.

Let the secular world cry foul, let them complain, let them hurl accusations against the church, the church does not have to please them, they have to please and obey God and they must let God's ways shine not the world's.


Recently this newspaper ran an article about an East Indian man who took action against a ***** cab driver for his alleged racism.  Soon after, this paper published another article asking the question ‘_______?’, which has kept westerners busy on their forums and blogs ‘discussing’ this issue.  Most responses were too one-sided, painting the ****** people as racists in a very broad stroke, while making it clear that the foreigners were innocent of any wrong doing.

These contributors to those websites were about as racist (secular definition) as they claimed the ****** were and they did not care if the condemned innocent people, just as long as they looked good and the ****** nation didn’t.  Whenever someone is treated in a manner they disprove of, we always hear the complaints of discrimination, bias, prejudice and so on. 

Racism is always implied because the color of the skin of the participants is different from each other, not because the act was really racist.  Never do we hear how the encounter was a misunderstanding or committed out of preference, it is always the label which draws the largest emotional response from the manipulated onlookers

What truly is racism?  In today’s world where definitions get distorted, or blurred due to the unintelligence or unwillingness of many, it is a proper question to ask, so we actually know what a racist act is. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word as: ‘the unfair treatment of people who belong to another race’ or ‘violent behavior towards them’

But this definition leaves us with a problem.  It is too general and too broad to definitively set any boundaries and leaves the definition open to subjectivism.  What people decide racism is that is what it will be, regardless if they are correct or not. Thus in reality even the shaking of a fist at someone with a different color could be considered racism. 

That is just incorrect because then there is no real standard to apply to determine what is or isn’t a racist act and no judge could punish people for being racist since the standard is a changeable as the people who define it.  So we turn to the Bible for an answer and within its pages we read, “all men have descended from Adam’ which tells us that there are not 4 races as proposed by some but only 1.

With this information we know that there is no such thing as racism because everyone is part of the same human race.  Which makes more sense as the odd of producing one race by chance are astronomical, but to get 4 compatible ones whose only real difference is skin color, is beyond calculation and impossible to achieve.

Surprisingly, secular science is finding out through its research with DNA that the Bible is correct. Here are a few quotes, with their links for further reading on the issue:

1. "Race is a social concept, not a scientific one," said Dr. J. Craig Venter, head of the Celera Genomics Corp. in Rockville, Md.” {http://www.augsburg.edu/education/edc210/race-myth.html}

2. “According to Craig Venter who led the private sector assault on the human genome, 'The Human Genome Project shows there is no such thing as race” {http://www.kenanmalik.com/lectures/race_cheltenham.html}

3. “It's an old-fashioned, even Victorian, sentiment. Who speaks of "racial stocks" anymore? After all, to do so would be to speak of something that many scientists and scholars say does not exist.”  {http://raceandgenomics.ssrc.org/Leroi/}

4. “The billions of pieces of human genetic code sequenced thus far are most notable for what they do not appear to contain—a genetic test to tell one race of people from another. All scientific finds point to the conclusion that race doesn’t exist” {http://www.africanbynature.com/newsletters/raceissocial.html}

This means the Bible is correct and there is no such thing as racism, just hatred for others and that is sin. ***** is not racist and racism is not serious in this country; sin is and that is not limited to the ****** people, for the westerner is as guilty as those they falsely accuse. People create false labels so they can extract their version of how people should live from others and that is wrong.



In my earlier article I used both the Bible and science to prove that there is only one race of humans and that racism does not exist, it is simply hatred for something that is different and that hatred is sin.

But people persist in pursuing the false notion that there are races and racism is in fact alive and well but there is a problem with this ideology.  I briefly alluded to this problem in the last article when I referred to the judge’s inability to pass sentence, how can he, the standard is subjective, changeable and mistake prone. No justice could be delivered and innocent people punished for doing nothing wrong.

This is a big problem, for whose idea of racism is correct?  Once people have removed God and His standard from the picture, we are left without an independent, superior, perfect guide to see where people have fallen short and missed the mark, rendering any sort of criminal judgment moot for the idea of racism is no longer objective.

Whose standard or idea of racism will we use? Shall we use the American one, which allowed white people to buy and sell blacks for hundreds of years and keep them repressed for another 100 or so after being emancipated?  Do we use the South African where a minority ruled a colored majority? Or do we use the Zimbabwe one where the whites had their homes and farms ripped out from underneath them and given to the black citizens?

How about the Communist or Totalitarian definition? Their ideas would be just as correct as democracy’s for there is no ultimate right or wrong anymore since God has been removed from the picture. One cannot say Hitler was wrong without being wrong themselves, for their ideas come from a human source just like Hitler’s and who are they to judge another man’s definition? They are all human, just like everyone else and no one is greater than the other.

Without God’s standard, we are left with a myriad of fallible opinions defining racism and if the people do not see it as racism, then those who were the victims cannot complain, for the ruling or popular standard prevail not the victim’s.  

But what happens if a new leader takes over and then decides they did not like the previous administration’s formula for racism? They then set about changing it, and soon a cycle begins as each new leader implements their own standards. Pretty soon the people just give up, tired of the revolving door and the injustice, and decide the law is useless and start to act as they see fit.  Why shouldn’t they, their leaders are doing it so what is to stop them?

The leaders can’t, for their decisions come from their own standards not from what is right, fair, or just and they can’t say that they have the correct way for every person’s opinion is the same. The dictionary can’t help for it is too general in describing the definition  and leaves too much room for the individual to insert their own opinion; so people are left without a guide and no where to go.

Humans do not have the right to define racism simply because one person’s idea is not better than another’s and soon we will have wars over the definition. People need to return to God’s standard, see that there is no such thing as racism and realize that it is the sin of hatred. Once people come to that point, then we know how to solve the problem.

For a better use of this argument, read Dr. Ravi Zacharias’ book, The End of Reason.