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Of those CHURCHES which are commonly

(though falsly) called ANABAPTISTS.
{This information is taken from the AGES Electronic Library and placed here for educational and edification purposes only}

Presented to the view of all that feare God, to examine by the touchstone of the Word of Truth: As likewise for the taking off those as persions which are frequently both in Pulpit and Print, (although unjustly) cast upon them.

Acts 4:20 Wee cannot but speake the things which we have seene and heard.

Isaiah 8:20 To the Law and to the testimony, if they speake not according to this Rule, it is because there is no light in them.

2 Corinthians 1:9, 10 But wee had the sentence of death in ourselves, that wee should not trust in ourselves, but in the living God, which raiseth the dead; who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver, in whom wee trust that he will yet deliver.

LONDON: Printed by Matthew Simmons in Aldersgate-street. 1644 


The lifting up of the Name of the|LORD JESUS in sinceritie, the poore despi-|sed

Churches of God in London send greeting,|with prayers for their farther

increase in the|knowledge of CHRIST JESUS.

Wee question not but that it will seeme strange to many men,|that such as wee

are frequently termed to be, lying under that|calumny and black brand of

Heretickes, and sowers of di|vision as wee doo, should presume to appear so

publickly as|now wee have done: But yet notwithstanding wee may well ( say,

to give answer to such, what David said to his brother,|when the Lords battell

was a fighting,| (<092903>1 Samuel 29:30). Is there not a cause?|Surely, if ever

people had cause to speake for the vindication of the truth of|Christ in their

hands, wee have, that being indeed the maine wheele at this|time that sets us

aworke; for had any thing by men been transacted against|our persons onely,

wee could quietly have sitters still, and committed our Cause to|him who is a

righteous Judge, who will in the great day judge the secrets of|all mens hearts

by Jesus Christ: But being it is not only us, but the truth pro|fessed by us, wee

cannot, wee dare not but speake; it is no strange thing to any|observing man,

what sad charges are laid, not onely by the world, that know|not God, but

also by those that thinke themselves much wronged, if they be not|looked upon

as the chiefe Worthies of the Church of God, and Watchmen of the|Citie: But

it hath fared with us from them, as from the poor Spouse seeking|her Beloved,

(<220506>Song of Solomon 5:6, 7). They finding us out of that common roadway|

themselves walke, have smote us and taken away our vaile, that so wee

may by|them be recommended odious in the eyes of all that behold us, and in

the hearts|of all that thinke upon us, which they have done both in Pulpit and

Print,|charging us with holding Free-will, Falling away from grace, denying

Origi|nall sinne, disclaiming of Magistracy, denying to assist them either in

persons|or purse in any of their lawfull Commands, doing acts unseemly in

the dispen|sing the Ordinance of Baptism, not to be named amongst

Christians: All|which Charges wee disclaime as notoriously untrue, though by

reason of these|calumnies cast upon us, many that feare God are discouraged

and fore-stalled|in harbouring a good thought, either of us or what wee

professe; and many that|know not God incouraged, if they can finde the place

of our meeting, to get|together in Clusters to stone us, as looking upon us as a

people holding such|things, as that wee are not worthy to live: Wee have

therefore for the cleering|of the truth we professe, that it may be at libertie,

though wee be in bonds,|briefly published a Confession of our Faith, as

desiring all that feare God, seri|ously to consider whether (if they compare

what wee here say and confesse in the|presence of the Lord Jesus and his

Saints) men have not with their tongues in|Pulpit, and pens in Print, both

spoken and written things that are contrary to|truth; but wee know our God in

his owne time will cleere our Cause, and lift|up his Sonne to make him the

chiefe cornerstone, though he has been (or now|should be) rejected of Master

Builders. And be-cause it may be conceived, that|what is here published, may

be but the Judgement of some one particular Con|gregation, more refined

then the rest; We doe therefore here subscribe it, some|of each body in the

name, and by the appointment of seven Congregations,|who though wee be

distinct in respect of our particular bodies, for conveniency|sake, being as

many as can well meete together in one place, yet are all one in|Communion,

holding Jesus Christ to be our head and Lord; under whose go|vernment wee

desire alone to walke, in following the Lambe wheresoever he|goeth; and wee

beleeve the Lord will daily cause truth more to appeare in the|hearts of his

Saints, and make them ashamed of their folly in the Land of|their Nativitie,

that so they may with one shoulder, more studie to lift up the|Name of the

Lord Jesus, and stand for his appointments and Lawes; which|is the desires

and prayers of the contemned Churches of Christ in London|for all Saints.

Subscribed in the Names of seven Churches in London.

William Kiffin.

Thomas Patience.

John Spilsbery.

George Tipping.

Samuel Richardson.

Thomas Skippard.

Thomas Munday.

Thomas Gunne.

John Mabbatt.

John Webb.

Thomas Killcop.

Paul Hobson.

Thomas Goare.

Joseph Phelpes.

Edward Heath.


That GOD as he is in himselfe, cannot|be comprehended of any but himselfe,

(<540616>1 Timothy 6:16. ) dwelling in that inaccessible light, that|no eye can

attaine unto, whom never man|saw, nor can see; that there is but (<540205>1

Timothy 2:5. <490404>Ephesians 4:4, 5, 6; <461204>1 Corinthians 12:4, 5, 6, 13. John 14.

chap. ) one|God, one Christ, one Spirit, one Faith,|one Baptisme; (<540603>1

Timothy 6:3. 13, 14. <480108>Galatians 1:8, 9; <550315>2 Timothy 3:15.) one Rule of

holinesse and obedience (<540603>1 Timothy 6:3. 13, 14. <480108>Galatians 1:8, 9; <550315>2

Timothy 3:15.) for|all Saints, at all times, in all places to be observed.


That God is (<234406>Isaiah 44:67 & 43:11. & 46:9.) of himselfe, that is, neither

from ano-|ther, nor of another, nor by another, nor for another:|(<430424>John 4:24.)

But is a Spirit, who as his being is of himselfe, so he|gives (<020314>Exodus 3:14.)

being, moving, and preservation to all other|things, being in himselfe eternall,

most holy, every way|infinite in (<451106>Romans 11:6. <441728>Acts 17:28) greatnesse,

wisdome, power, justice, goodnesse,|truth, &c. In this God-head, there is the

Father, the|Sonne, and the Spirit; being every one of them one and|the same

God; and therefore not divided, but distingui-|shed one from another by their

severall properties; the|(<460806>1 Corinthians 8:6.) Father being from himselfe, the

(<200822>Proverbs 8:22, 23 <580103>Hebrews 1:3 <430118>John 1:18) Sonne of the

Father|from everlasting, the holy (<431516>John 15:16. <480406>Galatians 4:6:) Spirit

proceeding from the|Father and the Sonne.


That God hath (<234610>Isaiah 46:10 <451134>Romans 11:34, 35, 36. <401029>Matthew 10:29,

30.) decreed in himselfe from everlasting|touching all things, effectually to

work and dispose them|(<490111>Ephesians 1:11.) according to the counsell of his

owne will, to the glory|of his Name; in which decree appeareth his wisdome,

con-|stancy, truth, and faithfulnesse; (<510203>Colossians 2:3.) Wisdome is that

where-|by he contrives all things; (<042319>Numbers 23:19, 20.) Constancy is that

whereby|the decree of God remaines alwayes immutable; (<241010>Jeremiah 10:10.

<450304>Romans 3:4.) Truth|is that whereby he declares that alone which he hath

de-|creed, and though his sayings may seeme to sound some-|times another

thing, yet the sense of them doth alwayes|agree with the decree; (<234410>Isaiah

44:10.) Faithfulnesse is that whereby he|effects that he hath decreed, as he hath

decreed. And|touching his creature man, (Ephesians 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. <550109>2

Timothy 1:9. <441348>Acts 13:48. <450829>Romans 8:29, 30.) God had in Christ

before|the foundation of the world, according to the good plea-|sure of his will,

foreordained some men to eternall life|through Jesus Christ, to the praise and

glory of his|grace, (<650104>Jude 1:4. & 6. <450911>Romans 9:11, 12, 13. <201604>Proverbs

16:4.) leaving the rest in their sinne to their just con-|demnation, to the praise

of his Justice.


(Genesis 1, <510116>Colossians 1:16. <581103>Hebrews 11:3. <234512>Isaiah 45:12.) In the

beginning God made all things very good,|created man after his own

(<010126>Genesis 1:26; <461545>1 Corinthians 15:45, 46. <210703>Ecclesiastes 7:31.) Image

and likenesse, filling|him with all perfection of all naturall excellency and up-

|rightnesse, free from all sinne. (<194920>Psalm 49:20.) But long he abode not in|this

honour, but by the (<010301>Genesis 3:1, 4, 5; <471103>2 Corinthians 11:3.) subtiltie of

the Serpent, which|Satan used as his instrument, himselfe with his

Angels|having sinned before, and not (<610204>2 Peter 2:4. <650106>Jude 1:6. <430844>John

8:44.) kept their first estate, but|left their owne habitation; first (<010301>Genesis

3:1, 2, 6; <540214>1 Timothy 2:14. <210703>Ecclesiastes 7:31. <480322>Galatians 3:22.) Eve,

then Adam being|seduced did wittingly and willingly fall into disobedience|and

transgression of the Commandement of their great|Creator, for the which death

came upon all, and reigned|over all, so that all since the Fall are conceived in

sinne,|and brought forth in iniquitie, and so by nature children|of wrath, and

servants of sinne, subjects of (<450512>Romans 5:12, 18, 19 & 6:23. <490203>Ephesians

2:3. <450512>Romans 5:12.) death, and all other calamities due to sinne in this world

and for ever,|being considered in the state of nature, without relation|to Christ.


All mankind being thus fallen, and become altogether|dead in sinnes and

trespasses, and subject to the eternall|wrath of the great God by transgression;

yet the elect,|which God hath (<243102>Jeremiah 31:2.) loved with an everlasting

love, are (<010315>Genesis 3:15. <490103>Ephesians 1:3, 7. & 2:4, 9; <520509>1 Thessalonians

5:9. <441338>Acts 13:38.) redeemed, quickened, and saved, not by themselves,

neither|by their own workes, lest any man should boast himselfe,|but wholly

and onely by God of (Corinthians 1:30, 31; <470521>2 Corinthians 5:21.

<240923>Jeremiah 9:23, 24.) his free grace and mer-|cie through Jesus Christ, who of

God is made unto us|wisdome, righteousnesse, sanctification and redempti|on,

that as it is written, Hee that rejoyceth, let him re-|joyce in the Lord.


(<431703>John 17:3. <580509>Hebrews 5:9. <242305>Jeremiah 23:5, 6.) This therefore is life

eternall, to know the onely true|God, and whom he hath sent Jesus Christ.

(<530108>2 Thessalonians 1:8. <430336>John 3:36.) And on the|contrary, the Lord will

render vengeance in flaming fire|to them that know not God, and obey not the

Gospel of|our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Rule of this Knowledge, Faith, and Obedience,|concerning the worship

and service of God, and all other|Christian duties, is not mans inventions,

opinions, devi-|ces, lawes, constitutions, or traditions unwritten whatso-|ever,

but onely the word of God contained in the Cano-|nicall Scriptures: <430539>John

5:39; <550315>2 Timothy 3:15:16, 17. Colossians 21:18, 23. <401509>Matthew 15:9.


In this written Word God hath plainly revealed|whatsoever he hath thought

needfull for us to know, be-|leeve, and acknowledge, touching the Nature and

Office|of Christ, in whom all the promises are Yea and Amen|to the praise of

God. <440322>Acts 3:22, 23. <580101>Hebrews 1:1, 2; 2 Timothy 3, 15, 16, 17; <470120>2

Corinthians 1:20.


Touching the Lord Jesus, of whom (<010315>Genesis 3:15 & 22:18 & 49:10.

<270713>Daniel 7:13 & 9:24, 25, 26.) Moses and the|Prophets wrote, and whom the

Apostles preached, is the|(<200823>Proverbs 8:23. <430101>John 1:1, 2, 3. <510101>Colossians

1:1, 15, 16, 17.) Sonne of God the Father, the brightnesse of his glory,|the

ingraven forme of his being, God with him and with|his holy Spirit, by whom

he made the world, by whom|he upholds and governes all the workes hee hath

made,|who also (<480404>Galatians 4:4.) when the fulnesse of time was come, was

made|man of a (<580714>Hebrews 7:14. <660505>Revelation 5:5 with <014909>Genesis 49:9,

10.) woman, of the Tribe of (<450103>Romans 1:3. & 9:5. <400116>Matthew 1:16 with

<420323>Luke 3:23, 26. <580216>Hebrews 2:16.) Judah, of the seed of|Abraham and

David, to wit, of Mary that blessed Vir-|gin, by the holy Spirit comming upon

her, and the power|of the most High overshadowing her, and was also in

(<235303>Isaiah 53:3, 4, 5. <502308>Philippians 2:8.) all|things like unto us, sinne only



Touching his Office, (<550215>2 Timothy 2:15. <580915>Hebrews 9:15. <431406>John 14:6.)

Jesus Christ onely is made the|Mediator of the new Covenant, even the

everlasting Co-|venant of grace between God and Man, to (<580102>Hebrews 1:2. &

3:1, 2 & 7:24. <230906>Isaiah 9:6, 7. <440531>Acts 5:31.) be perfectly|and fully the

Prophet, Priest and King of the Church of|God for evermore.


Unto this Office tree was fore-ordained from everla-|sting, by the (<200823>Proverbs

8:23. <234206>Isaiah 42:6 & 49 1, 5.) authority of the Father, and in respect of|his

Manhood, from the womb, called and separated, and|(<231102>Isaiah 11:2, 3, 4, 5, &

61:1, 2, 3 with <420417>Luke 4:17, 22. <430114>John 1:14, 16. & 3:34.) anointed also

most fully and abundantly with all gifts|necessary, God having without

measure poured the Spir-|it upon him.


In this Call the Scripture holds forth two speciall|things considerable; first, the

call to the Office; secondly,|the Office it self: First, that (<580504>Hebrews 5:4, 5,

6.) none takes this honour but|he that is called of God, as was Aaron, so also

Christ, it|being an action especially of God the Father, whereby a|speciall

covenant being made, hee ordaines his Sonne to|this office: which Covenant is,

that (<235310>Isaiah 53:10.) Christ should be made a Sacrifice for sinne, that hee

shall see his seed, and|prolong his dayes, and the pleasure of the Lord

shall|prosper in his hand; which calling therefore contains in|it selfe (<234213>Isaiah

42:13.) chusing, (<600120>1 Peter 1:20.) fore-ordaining, (<430317>John 3:17 & 9:27 &

10:36. <236101>Isaiah 61:1.) sending: Chusing re-|spects the end, fore-ordaining the

means, sending the ex-|ecution it self, (<430316>John 3:16. <450832>Romans 8:32.) all of

meere grace, without any condition|fore-seen either in men, or in Christ



So that this Office to be Mediator, that is, to be Pro-|phet, Priest, and King of

the Church of God, is so proper|to Christ, as neither in the whole, nor in any

part there-|of, it can be transferred from him to any other. <540205>1 Timothy 2:5.

<580724>Hebrews 7:24. <270514>Daniel 5:14. <440412>Acts 4:12. <420133>Luke 1:33. <431406>John 14:6.


This Office it self to which Christ was called, is three-|fold, of

(<051815>Deuteronomy 18:15 with <440322>Acts 3:22, 23.) a Prophet, of (<19B003>Psalm

110:3. <580301>Hebrews 3:1. & 4:14, 15. & 5, 6.) Priest, of (<190206>Psalm 2:6.) a King:

this num-|ber and order of Offices is shewed; first, by mens necessi-|ties

grievously labouring (<442618>Acts 26:18. Colossians 1 3.) under ignorance, by

reason|whereof they stand in infinit necessity of the Prophetical|office of Christ

to relieve them. Secondly, alienation from|God, wherein they stand in need of

the Priestly Office to|reconcile them: Thirdly, our (<220103>Song of Solomon 1:3.

<180604>Job 6:44.) utter disability to return|to him, by which they stand in need of

the power of Christ|in his Kingly Office to assist and govern them.

<510121>Colossians 1:21. <490212>Ephesians 2:12.


Touching the Prophesie of Christ, it is that whereby|he hath (<430118>John 1:18 &

12:49, 50 & 15 & 17:8. <051815>Deuteronomy 18:15.) perfectly revealed the whole

will of God out of|the bosome of the Father, that is needful for his servants to

know, beleeve, and obey; and therefore is called not|onely a Prophet and

(<402310>Matthew 23:10.) a Doctor, and the (<580301>Hebrews 3:1.) Apostle of our

profession, and the (<390301>Malachi 3:1.) Angel of the Covenant; but also the|very

(<460124>1 Corinthians 1:24. wisdome of God, and (<510203>Colossians 2:3.) the

treasures of wisdome|and understanding.


That he might be such a Prophet as thereby to be every|way compleat, it was

necessary that he should bee (<430118>John 1:18 & 3:13.) God,|and withall also that

he should be man; for unlesse hee|had been God, he could never have perfectly

understood|the will of God, (<460211>1 Corinthians 2:11, 16.) neither had he been

able to reveale it|throughout all ages; and unlesse hee had been man, hee|could

not fitly have unfolded it in his (<440322>Acts 3:22 with <051815>Deuteronomy 18:15.

<580101>Hebrews 1:1.) own person to|man.


Touching his Priesthood, Christ (<431719>John 17:19. <580507>Hebrews 5:7, 8, 9 & 9:26.

<450519>Romans 5:19. <490512>Ephesians 5:12. <510120>Colossians 1:20.) being

consecrated,|hath appeared once to put away sinne by the offering and|sacrifice

of himself, and to this end hath fully performed|and suffered all those things by

which God, through the|blood of that his Crosse in an acceptable

sacrifice,|might reconcile his elect onely; (<490214>Ephesians 2:14, 15, 16.

<450834>Romans 8:34.) and having broken downe the|partition wall, and therewith

finished & removed all those|Rites, Shadowes, and Ceremonies, is now entred

within the|Vaile, into the Holy of Holiest, that is, to the very|Heavens, and

presence of God, where he for ever liveth|and sitteths at the right hand of

Majesty, appearing before|the face of his Father to make intercession for such

as|come to the Throne of Grace by that new and living way;|and not that onely,

but (<600205>1 Peter 2:5. <430423>John 4:23, 24.) makes his people a spirituall|House, an

holy Priesthood, to offer up spirituall sacrifice acceptable to God through him;

neither doth the|Father accept, or Christ offer to the Father any other|worship

or worshippers.


This Priesthood was not legall, or temporary but ac-|cording to the order

(<580717>Hebrews 7:17.) of Melchisedec; (<580716>Hebrews 7:16.) not by a

carnal|commandement, but by the power of an endlesse life;|(<580718>Hebrews

7:18, 19, 20, 21.) not by an order that is weak and lame, but stable and per-|

fect not for a (<580724>Hebrews 7:24, 25.) time, but for ever, admitting no

successor,|but perpetuall and proper to Christ, and of him that ever|liveth.

Christ himselfe was the Priest, Sacrifice and Al-|tar: he was (<580506>Hebrews 5:6.)

Priest according to both natures, hee was a|sacrific most properly according to

his humane nature:|(<581010>Hebrews 10:10; <600118>1 Peter 1:18, 19. <510120>Colossians

1:20, 22. <235310>Isaiah 53:10. <402028>Matthew 20:28.) whence in the Scripture it is

wont to be attributed to his|body, to his blood; yet the chiefe force whereby

this sa-|crifice was made effectuall, did depend upon his (Act 20:28.

<450803>Romans 8:3.) divine|nature namely, that the Sonne of God did offer

himselfe|for us: he was the (<580914>Hebrews 9:14 & 13:10, 12, 15. <402317>Matthew

23:17. John 27:29.) Altar properly ac cording to his di-|vine nature, it

belonging to the Altar to sanctifie that|which is offered upon it, and so it ought

to be of greater|dignity the Sacrifice it selfe.


Touching his Kingdome, (<461504>1 Corinthians 15:4. <600321>1 Peter 3:21, 22.

<402818>Matthew 28:18, 19, 20. <422451>Luke 24:51. <440111>Acts 1:11 & 5:30, 31. <431936>John

19:36. <451417>Romans 14:17.) Christ being riser from the|dead, ascended into

heaven, sat on the right hand of God|the Father, having all power in heaven

and earth, given|unto him, he doth spiritually govern his Church, exerci-|sing

his powers (<410127>Mark 1:27. <580102>Hebrews 1:24. <181607>Job 16:7, 15.) over all

Angels and Men, good and bad,|to the preservation and salvation of the elect to

the over-|ruling and destruction of his enemies, which are Reprobates,

(<430526>John 5:26, 27. <450506>Romans 5:6, 7, 8 & 14:17. <480522>Galatians 5:22, 23.

<430204>John 2:4, 13.) communicating and applying the benefits,|vertue, and fruit of

his Prophesie and Priesthood to his|elect, namely, to the subduing and taking

away of their|sinnes, to their justification and adoption of Sonnes, re-

|generation, sanctification, preservation and strengthe-|ning in all their

conflicts against Satan, the World, the|Flesh, and the temptations of them,

continually dwelling|in, governing and keeping their hearts in faith and

filiall|feare by his Spirit, which having given (<431301>John 13:1 & 10:28, 29 &

14:16, 17. <451129>Romans 11:29. <195110>Psalm 51:10, 11. <183329>Job 33:29, 30; <471207>2

Corinthians 12:7, 9.) it, he never takes|away from them, but by it still begets

and nourisheth in|them faith, repentance, love, joy, hope, and all heaven-|ly

light in the soule unto immortality, notwithstanding|through our own unbeliefe,

and the temptations of Satan,|the sensible sight of this light and love be

clouded and|overwhelmed for the time. (Job 1. and 2. chap. <450121>Romans 1:21 &

2:4, 5, 6 & 9:17, 18. <490417>Ephesians 4:17, 18; 2 Peter 2. chap.) And on the

contrary, ruling in the world over his enemies, Satan, and all the vessels

of|wrath, limiting, using, restraining them by his mighty po-|wer, as seems

good in his divine wisdome & justice to the|execution of his determinate

counsell, delivering them|up to a reprobate mind, to be kept through their own

de-|serts, in darknesse and sensuality unto judgement.


This Kingdome shall be then fully perfected when hee|shall the second time

come in glory to reigne amongst|his Saints, and to be admired of all them

which doe be-|leeve, when he shall put downe all rule and authority un-|der his

feet, that the glory of the Father may be full and|perfectly manifested in his

Sonne, and the glory of the|Father and the Sonne in all his members. <461524>1

Corinthians 15:24, 28. <580928>Hebrews 9:28; <530109>2 Thessalonians 1:9, 10; <520415>1

Thessalonians 4:15, 16, 17. <431721>John 17:21, 26.


That Christ Jesus by his death did bring forth salva-|tion and reconciliation

onely for the (<431513>John 15:13. <450832>Romans 8:32, 33, 34. <450511>Romans 5:11. &

3:25.) elect, which were|those which God the Father gave him; & that the

Gospel|which is to be preached to all men as the ground of faith,|is, that

(<181702>Job 17:2 with 6, 37. <401616>Matthew 16:16. <420226>Luke 2:26. <430609>John 6:9 & 7, 3

& 20:31; <620511>1 John 5:11.) Jesus is the Christ, the Sonne of the ever-

blessed|God, filled with the perfection of all heavenly and spi-|rituall

excellencies, and that salvation is onely and alone|to be had through the

beleeving in his Name.


That Faith is the (<490208>Ephesians 2:8. <430629>John 6:29 & 4:10. <500129>Philippians 1:29.

<480522>Galatians 5:22.) gift of God wrought in the hearts|of the elect by the Spirit

of God, whereby they come to|see, know, and beleeve the truth of (<431717>John

17:17. <580411>Hebrews 4:11:12. <430663>John 6:63.) the Scriptures, & not|onely so, but

excellencie of them above all other wri-|tings and things in the world, as they

hold forth the glory|of God in his attributes, the excellency of Christ in

his|nature and offices, and the power of the fulnesse of the|Spirit in its

workings and operations; and thereupon|are inabled to cast the weight of their

soules upon this|truth thus beleeved.


Those that have this pretious faith wrought in them|by the Spirit, can never

finally nor totally fall away; and|though many stormes and floods do arise and

beat against|them, yet they shall never be able to take them off that|foundation

and rock which by faith they are fastened up-|on, but shall be kept by the

power of God to salvation, where they shall enjoy their purchased possession,

they|being formerly engraven upon the palms of Gods hands. <400724>Matthew

7:24, 25. <431301>John 13:1. <600104>1 Peter 1:4, 5, 6. <234913>Isaiah 49:13, 14, 15, 16.


That faith is ordinarily (<451017>Romans 10:17; <460121>1 Corinthians 1:21.) begot by

the preaching of the|Gospel, or word of Christ, without respect to (<450916>Romans

9:16.) any|power or capacitie in the creature, but it is wholly (<450201>Romans 2:1,

2. <261606>Ezekiel 16:6. <450312>Romans 3:12.) pas-|sive, being dead in sinnes and

trespasses, doth beleeve, and|is converted by no lesse power, (<450116>Romans

1:16. <490119>Ephesians 1:19. <510212>Colossians 2:12.) then that which raised|Christ

from the dead.


That the tenders of the Gospel to the conversion of|sinners, (<430314>John 3:14, 15

& 1:12. <235501>Isaiah 55:1. <180703>Job 7:37.) is absolutely free, no way requiring, as

absolute-|ly necessary, any qualifications, preparations, terrors of|the Law, or

preceding Ministry of the Law, but onely|and alone the naked soule, as a (<540115>1

Timothy 1:15. <450405>Romans 4:5. & 5:8.) sinner and ungodly to re-|ceive Christ,

as crucified, dead, and buried, and risen a-|gaine, being made (<440530>Acts 5:30,

31 & 2:36; <460122>1 Corinthians 1:22, 23, 24.) a Prince and a Saviour for such sin-



That the same power that converts to faith in Christ, |the same power carries on

the (<600105>1 Peter 1:5. <471209>2 Corinthians 12:9.) soule still through all du-|ties,

temptations, conflicts, sufferings, and continually|what ever a Christian is, he

is by (<461510>1 Corinthians 15:10.) grace, and by a con-|stant renewed

(<503512>Philippians 2:12, 13. <431505>John 15:5. Galatians 19, 20.) operation from God,

without which he|cannot performe any dutie to God, or undergoe

any|temptations from Satan, the world, or men.


That God the Father, and Sonne, and Spirit, is one with (<520101>1 Thessalonians

1:1. <431410>John 14:10, 20. & 17:21.) all beleevers, in their (<510209>Colossians 2:9,

10. & 1:19. <430117>John 1:17.) fulnesse, in (<432017>John 20:17. <580211>Hebrews 2:11.)

relations, (<510118>Colossians 1:18 <490530>Ephesians 5:30.) as|head and members,

(<490222>Ephesians 2:22; <460316>1 Corinthians 3:16, 17.) as house and inhabitants, as

(<231605>Isaiah 16:5. <471103>2 Corinthians 11:3.) hus-|band and wife, one with him, as

(<480326>Galatians 3:26.) light and love, and one|with him in his inheritance, and in

all his (<431724>John 17:24.) glory; and|that all beleevers by vertue of this union and

onenesse|with God, are the adopted sonnes of God, and heires|with Christ, co-

heires and joynt heires with him of the|inheritance of all the promises of this

life, and that which|is to come.


That those which have union with Christ, are justified|from all their sinnes,

past, (<430107>John 1:7. <581014>Hebrews 10:14 & 9:26; <470519>2 Corinthians 5:19.

<450323>Romans 3:23.) present, and to come, by the|bloud of Christ; which

justification wee conceive to be|a gracious and free (<441338>Acts 13:38, 39.

<450501>Romans 5:1 & 3:25, 30.) acquittance of a guiltie, sinfull crea-|ture, from all

sin by God, through the satisfaction that|Christ hath made by his death; and

this applyed in the|manifestation of it through faith.


That all beleevers are a holy and (<460101>1 Corinthians 1:1. <600209>1 Peter 2:9.)

sanctified people,|and that sanctification is a spirituall grace of the (2

<490104>Ephesians 1:4.) new|Covenant, and effect of the (<620416>1 John 4:16.) love of

God, manifested|to the soule, whereby the beleever is in (<490424>Ephesians 4:24.)

truth and rea-|litie separated, both in soule and body, from all sine and|dead

workes, through the (<500315>Philippians 3:15.) bloud of the everlasting Co-|venant,

whereby he also presseth after a heavenly and Evangelicall perfection, in

obedience to all the Com-|mands (<402820>Matthew 28:20.) which Christ as head

and King in this new Co-|venant has prescribed to him.


All beleevers through the knowledge of (<470519>2 Corinthians 5:19. <450509>Romans

5:9, 10.) that Justi- [Page 12] tification of life given by the Father, and brought

forth|by the bloud of Christ, have this as their great privi-|ledge of that new

(Isaiah 54 10 & 26:12.) Covenant, peace with God, and re-|conciliation,

whereby they that were afarre off, were|brought nigh by (<490213>Ephesians 2:13,

14.) that bloud, and have (as the Scripture|speaks) peace (<500407>Philippians 4:7.)

passing all understanding, yea, joy in God,|through our Lord Jesus Christ, by

(<450510>Romans 5:10, 11.) whom wee have re-|ceived the Atonement.


That all beleevers in the time of this life, are in a con-|tinuall warfare, combate,

and opposition against sinne,|selfe, the world, and the Devill, and liable to all

manner|of afflictions, tribulations, and persecutions, and so|shall continue

untill Christ comes in his Kingdome,|being predestinated and appointed

thereunto; and what-|soever the Saints, any of them doe possesse or enjoy

of|God in this life, is onely by faith. <490610>Ephesians 6:10, 11, 12, 13; <471003>2

Corinthians 10:3. <660209>Revelation 2:9, 10.


That the onely strength by which the Saints are ina-|bled to incounter with all

opposition, and to overcome|all afflictions, temptations, persecutions, and

tryalls, is|onely by Jesus Christ, who is the Captain of their salva-|tion, being

made perfect through sufferings, who hath|ingaged his strength to assist them

in all their afflictions,|and to uphold them under all their temptations, and

to|preserve them by his power to his ever-|lasting Kingdome. <431633>John 16:33.

<580209>Hebrews 2:9, 10. <431505>John 15:5.


That Christ hath here on earth a spirituall Kingdome, which is the Church,

which he hath purchased and re-|deemed to himselfe, as a peculiar inheritance:

which|Church, as it is visible to us, is a company of visible|(<460101>1 Corinthians

1:1. <490101>Ephesians 1:1.) Saints, (<450107>Romans 1:7. <442618>Acts 26:18; <520109>1

Thessalonians 1:9. <470617>2 Corinthians 6:17. <661818>Revelation 18:18.) called &

separated from the world, by the word|and (<440237>Acts 2:37 with <441037>Acts 10:37.)

Spirit of God, to the visible profession of the faith|of the Gospel, being

baptized into that faith, and joyned|to the Lord, and each other, by mutuall

agreement, in|the practical injoyment of the (<451010>Romans 10:10. <442021>Acts 20:21.

<401819>Matthew 18:19, 20. <440242>Acts 2:42; <600205>1 Peter 2:5.) Ordinances,

commanded|by Christ their head and King.


To this Church he hath (<402802>Matthew 28:28, 19, 20; <470618>2 Corinthians 6:18.)

made his promises, and gi-|ven the signes of his Covenant, presence, love,

blessing,|and protection: here are the fountains and springs of his|heavenly

grace continually flowing forth; (<230816>Isaiah 8:16. <540315>1 Timothy 3:15. & 4:16.

& 6:3, 5. <440241>Acts 2:41, 47 <220412>Song of Solomon 4:12. <480610>Galatians 6:10.

<490219>Ephesians 2:19.) thither ought|all men to come, of all estates, that

acknowledge him to|be their Prophet, Priest, and King, to be in-rolled

amongst|his houshold servants, to be under his heavenly conduct|and

government, to lead their lives in his walled sheep-|fold and watered garden, to

have communion here with|the Saints, that they may be made to be partakers

of their |inheritance in the Kingdom of God.


And all his servants are called thither, to present their|bodies and soules, and to

bring their gifts God hath gi-|ven them; so being come, they are here by

himselfe be-|stowed in their severall order, peculiar place, due use, be-|ing fitly

compact and knit together, according to the ef-|fectuall working of every part,

to the edification of it|selfe in love. <461206>1 Corinthians 12:6, 7, 12, 18.

<451204>Romans 12:4, 5, 6; <600410>1 Peter 4:10. <490416>Ephesians 4:16. <510205>Colossians 2:5,

6, 19; <461212>1 Corinthians 12:12 to the end.


That being thus joyned, every Church has (<440102>Acts 1:2. & 6:3. with 15:22, 25;

<461603>1 Corinthians 16:3.) power gi-|ven them from Christ for their better well-

being, to|choose to themselves meet persons into the office of|(<451207>Romans

12:7, 8. & 16:1. <461208>1 Corinthians 12:8, 28; 1 Timothy 3. <581307>Hebrews 13:7.

<600501>1 Peter 5:1, 2, 3.) Pastors, Teachers Elders, Deacons, being qualified ac-

|cording to the Word, as those which Christ has appoin-|ted in his Testament,

for the feeding, governing, serving,|and building up of his Church, and that

none other have|power to impose them, either these or any other.


That the Ministers aforesaid, lawfully called by the|Church, where they are to

administer, ought to conti-|nue in their calling, according to Gods Ordinance,

and|carefully to feed the flock of Christ committed to them,|not for filthy lucre,

but of a ready mind. <580504>Hebrews 5:4. <440423>Acts 4:23; <540414>1 Timothy 4:14.

<431003>John 10:3, 4. <442028>Acts 20:28. <451207>Romans 12:7, 8. <581307>Hebrews 13:7, 17.


That the due maintenance of the Officers aforesaid,|should be the free and

voluntary communication of the|Church, that according to Christs Ordinance,

they that|preach the Gospel, should live on the Gospel and not by|constraint to

be compelled from the people by a forced|Law. <460907>1 Corinthians 9:7, 14.

<480606>Galatians 6:6. <520513>1 Thessalonians 5:13; <540517>1 Timothy 5:17, 18.

<500415>Philippians 4:15, 16.


That Baptisme is an Ordinance of the new Testament,|given by Christ, to be

dispensed onely upon persons professing faith, or that are Disciples, or taught,

who upon|a (<402818>Matthew 28:18, 19. <411616>Mark 16:16. <440237>Acts 2:37, 38 & 8:36,

37, 38 & 18:8.) profession of faith, ought to be baptized.

The word Baptize, signifying to dip under water, yet so as with convenient

garments both upon the administrator and subject, with all modestie.


The way and manner of the (<400316>Matthew 3:16. <430323>John 3:23. <440838>Acts 8:38.)

dispensing of this Ordi-|nance the Scripture holds out to be dipping or plung-

|ing the whole body under water: it being a signe, must an-|swer the thing

signified, which are these: first, the (<660105>Revelation 1:5 & 7:14. with

<581022>Hebrews 10:22.) wash-|ing the whole soule in the bloud of Christ:

Secondly,|that interest the Saints have in the (<450603>Romans 6:3, 4, 5.) death,

buriall, and re-|surrection; thirdly, together with a (<461528>1 Corinthians 15:28,

29.) confirmation of our|faith, that as certainly as the body is buried under

water, and riseth againe, so certainly shall the bodies of the|Saints be raised by

the power of Christ, in the day of the|resurrection, to reigne with Christ.


The persons designed by Christ, to dispense this Or-|dinance, the (<230816>Isaiah

8:16. <402816>Matthew 28:16, 17, 18, 19. <430401>John 4:1, 2. <442007>Acts 20:7.

<402626>Matthew 26:26.) Scriptures hold forth to be a preaching|Disciple, it being

no where tyed to a particular Church,|Officer, or person extraordinarily sent,

the Commission|injoyning the administration, being given to them under|no

other consideration, but as considered Disciples.


Christ has likewise given power to his whole Church|to receive in and cast out,

by way of Excommunication,|any member; and this power is given to every

particular|Congregation, and not one particular person, either|member or

Officer, but the whole. <440247>Acts 2:47. <451602>Romans 16:2. <401817>Matthew 18:17;

<460504>1 Corinthians 5:4. <470206>2 Corinthians 2:6, 7, 8.


And every particular member of each Church, how|excellent, great, or learned

soever, ought to be subject to|this censure and judgement of Christ; and the

Church|ought with great care and tendernesse, with due advice|to proceed

against her members. <401816>Matthew 18:16, 17, 18. <441102>Acts 11:2, 3; <540502>1

Timothy 5:29, 20, 21.


And as Christ for the (<442027>Acts 20:27, 28. <581317>Hebrews 13:17, 24. <402425>Matthew

24:25:<520514>1 Thessalonians 5:14.) keeping of this Church in holy|and orderly

Communion, placeth some speciall men|over the Church, who by their office

are to governe, o-|versee, visit, watch; so likewise for the better

keeping|thereof in all places, by the members, he hath given (<411334>Mark 13:34,

37. <480601>Galatians 6:1. <520511>1 Thessalonians 5:11. <650103>Jude 1:3, 20. <581034>Hebrews

10:34, 35. & 12:15.) au-|thoritie, and laid dutie upon all, to watch over one



That also such to whom God hath given gifts, being|tryed in the Church, may

and ought by the appointment|of the Congregation, to prophesie, according to

the pro-|portion of faith, and so teach publickly the Word of|God, for the

edification, exhortation, and comfort of|the Church. 1 Corinthians 14.

<451206>Romans 12:6. <600410>1 Peter 4:10, 11; <461207>1 Corinthians 12:7. <520517>1

Thessalonians 5:17, 18, 19.


Thus being rightly gathered, established, and still pro-|ceeding in Christian

communion, and obedience of the|Gospel of Christ, none ought to separate for

faults and|corruptions, which may, and as long as the Church con-|sists of men

subject to failings, will fall out and arise a-|mongst them, even in true

constituted Churches, untill|they have in due order sought redresse thereof.

Rev. 2. & 3, <441522>Acts 15:22; <460110>1 Corinthians 1:10. <490216>Ephesians 2:16. &

3:15, 16. <581025>Hebrews 10:25. <650115>Jude 1:15. <401817>Matthew 18:17; <460504>1

Corinthians 5:4, 5.


And although the particular Congregations be distinct|and severall Bodies,

every one a compact and knit Ci-|tie in it selfe; yet are they all to walk by one

and the same|Rule, and by all meanes convenient to have the counsell and help

one of another in all needfull affaires of the|Church, as members of one body

in the common faith I under Christ their onely head. <460417>1 Corinthians 4:17, &

14:33, 36. & 6:1. <402820>Matthew 28:20; <540315>1 Timothy 3:15. & 6:13, 14.

<662218>Revelation 22:18, 19. <510206>Colossians 2:6, 19, & 4:16.


That a civill Magistracie is an ordinance of God set up|by God for the

punishment of evill doers, and for the|praise of them that doe well; and that in

all lawfull things|commanded by them, subjection ought to be given by us|in

the Lord: and that we are to make supplication and|prayer for Kings, and all

that are in authority, that under|them we may live a peace-able and quiet life in

all godliness|and honesty. <451301>Romans 13:1, 2, 3, 4; <600213>1 Peter 2:13, 14; <540202>1

Timothy 2:2.


The supreme Magistracie of this Kingdome we beleeve|to be the King and

Parliament freely chosen by the King-|dome, and that in all those civill Lawes

which have been|acted by them, or for the present is or shall be ordained,|we

are bound to yeeld subjection and obedience unto in|the Lord, as conceiving

our selves bound to defend both|the persons of those thus chosen, and all civill

Lawes|made by them, with our persons, liberties, and estates, with|all that is

called ours, although we should suffer never so|much from them in not actively

submitting to some Ec-|clesiasticall Lawes, which might be conceived by them

to be their duties to establish which we for the present could|not see, nor our

consciences could submit unto; yet are|we bound to yeeld our persons to their



And if God should provide such a mercie for us, as to|incline the Magistrates

hearts so far to tender our con-|sciences, as that we might bee protected by

them from|wrong, injury, oppression and molestation, which long we|formerly

have groaned under by the tyranny and oppres-|sion of the Prelaticall

Hierarchy, which God through|mercy hath made this present King and

Parliament won-|derfull honourable, as an instrument in his hand, to

throw|downe; and we thereby have had some breathing time,|we shall, we

hope, look at it as a mercy beyon our expe-|ctation, and conceive our selves

further engaged for ever|to blesse God for it. <540102>1 Timothy 1:2, 3, 4. <19C601>Psalm

126:1. <440931>Acts 9:31.


But if God with-hold the Magistrates allowance and|furtherance herein;

(<440240>Acts 2:40, 41. & 4:19, & 5:28, 29, 41. & 20:23; <520303>1 Thessalonians 3:3.

<500127>Philippians 1:27, 28, 29. <270316>Daniel 3:16, 17. & 6:7, 10, 22, 23.) yet we

must not-withstanding pro-|ceed together in Christian communion, not daring

to give|place to suspend our practice, but to walk in obedience to|Christ in the

profession and holding forth this faith be-|fore mentioned, even in the midst of

all trialls and aflli-|ctions, not accounting our goods, lands, wives,

children,|fathers, mothers, brethren, sisters, yea, and our own lives|dear unto us

so we may finish our course with joy: re-|membering alwayes we ought to

(<402818>Matthew 28:18, 1:9, 20; <540613>1 Timothy 6:13, 14, 15. <451201>Romans 12:1, 8;

<461437>1 Corinthians 14:37; <550407>2 Timothy 4:7, 8. <660210>Revelation 2:10.

<480204>Galatians 2:4, 5.) obey God rather then|men, and grounding upon the

commandement, commissi-|on and promise of our Lord and master Jesus

Christ, who as he hath all power in heaven and earth, so also hath pro-|mised,

if we keep his commandements which he hath gi-|ven us, to be with us to the

end of the world: and when we|have finished our course, and kept the faith, to

give us the|crowne of righteousnesse, which is laid up for all that|love his

appearing, and to whom we must give an account|of all our actions, no man

being able to discharge us of|the same.


And likewise unto all men is to be given whatsoever is|their due; tributes,

customes, and all such lawful duties,|ought willingly to bee by us paid and

performed, our|lands, goods, and bodies, to submit to the Magistrate in|the

Lord and the Magistrate every way to bee acknow-|ledged, reverenced, and

obeyed, according to godlinesse;|not because of wrath onely but for conscience

sake. And|finally, all men so to be esteemed and regarded, as is due Land meet

for their place, age, estate and condition. <451305>Romans 13:5, 6, 7. <402221>Matthew

22:21. Titus 3; <600213>1 Peter 2:13. <490521>Ephesians 5:21, 22. & 6:7, 9; <600505>1 Peter


52 [SIC].

And thus wee desire to give unto God that which is|Gods, and unto Cesar that

which is Cesars, and unto all|men that which belongeth unto them,

endevouring our|selves to have alwayes wayes a cleare conscience void of

offence towards God, and towards man. And if any take this that|we have said,

to be heresie, then doe wee with the Apostle|freely confesse, that after the way

which they call heresie,|worship we the God of our Fathers, beleeving all

things|which are written in the Law and in the Prophets and A-|postles,

desiring from our soules to disclaime all heresies [Page 20] and opinions which

are not after Christ, and to be sted-|fast, unmoveable, alwayes abounding in the

worke of the|Lord, as knowing our labour shall not be in vain in the|Lord.

<402221>Matthew 22:21. <442414>Acts 24:14, 15, 16. <430528>John 5:28; <470417>2 Corinthians

4:17; <540603>1 Timothy 6:3, 4, 5; <461558>1 Corinthians 15:58, 59. <460124>1 Corinthians


Not that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of|your joy: for by

faith we stand.