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 A place to come and relax, browse, and discuss.This is simply our information website, where you can find bits and pieces on many different topics. We are not being definitive here but providing you with information from different points of view so that you will get a better idea of what is involved with a given subject. The views represented in these pages may not necessarily reflect our biblical views. We include them so you get an idea of what you are facing when you investigate a topic.

Remember, if a person's point of view disagrees with the Bible, then it is the person who is wrong, not the Bible. This website stands with God and the Bible, we are not Progressive Christians, or any other alternative to Bible believing. We are creationists who believe God over secular science and its alternative theories. You can read more about our beliefs on our 'about us' page.

How it works is very simple: Just click on the button you want and scroll down. Each section contains many articles, some up to and possibly over 20.  There is no particular order to those articles so you need to make sure you scan the whole page before leaving it in order not to miss any good information.


Our copyright is very simple-- For our work just simply cite www.dakotascba.com or www.theologyarchaeology.wordpress.com. We are very liberal with out content. The content belonging to other sources you need to make sure you cite them correctly, according to their rules and requests.


One word of caution, how our pages look on your monitor is up to your computer. We have designed the pages according to how it looks on our computer/monitor so what may appear to be a mistake may not be.We hope you enjoy the material contained on this website and that you grow in your faith because of it. If you want to ask us a question or three, or send us a comment then our contact information is on our 'about us' page.

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